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18 hours ago

enjoyed this hike today. the longer leg is all downhill on the way out, so the way back gets your heart pumping. it’s a well maintained, wide dirt path; less like a trail and more like a service road. almost no shade except for a few large trees that would make for nice picnic spots. not technical or challenging at all, but the views are pretty stunning.

2 days ago

i’d go for a quick run & nice views. highly popular for kids, dogs, families. as easy/hard as you want to make it. there’s an off-leash area for dogs which is pretty nice.

3 days ago

definitely need hiking boots. when the reviews say rocky, they mean it's literally 3.5hrs of traverseing a continuous pile of loose rocks.

Really great views, relaxing hike with the dog. Limited parking, but trail wasn’t too crowded. No shade. Trail map showed a loop we couldn’t find, but maybe the trail washed out or something.

love this hike

I guess it was alright? wouldn't mind going again.

It's a pleasant little walk, if you don't mind a lot of people. There are some challenging trails leading down the cliff from the bluffs, but since the ground was wet from recent rains, and since I had my 5 month old puppy, I did not consider doing them. One guy told me the surfers wear soccer cleats when it's slippery to go down the steep hills. Nice ocean views, particularly of the start of the Shipwreck Trail.

I did this hike before the fires and really loved it

This is a nice hike but there sure was a lot of people hiking that day!!

19 days ago

Closed. Fire.

20 days ago

Great hike going through west trail, and east trail. Also, good for jogging, and running.

Loved this trail. Nice walk by the lake with my girl and a nice workout once you reach the hill trail.

23 days ago

Nice views and an easy trail to hike.

Best view of LA

Very short and easy, and up to your choice to do dirt path back and forth, or a combo of dirt path + paved road. The only “hard part” was the big steps (giant wood slats insert into the dirt), it was kind of steep but if you take your time it would be fine, and that part was short anyway.

Many people and a lot of dogs of all kinds came with their master/walker. The dog show was the highlight and it’s rather entertaining than working out.


Nice short hike with cool views of the ocean. The trail is uphill for half the route and then downhill on the way back. The trail was difficult to follow toward the end and because of that I felt it ended up being a bit shorter than the 2.3 miles I expected. Easy hike to get done if you’re looking for something short and quick.

1 month ago

Pretty views of the city, but extremely dry most of the year

1 month ago

Great views when you get to the end. Easy hike with some uphill walking on the way back. I took my 5 year old and he loved it and kept up the whole way. Definitely a good starter trail for novices and young ones.

1 month ago

I'm gonna disagree with whoever wrote the trail description. Wearing road running shoes will not give you the traction you need on the steeper sections. Trail surface is heavily compacted from heavy usage. My road running shoes were not giving me enough traction. Trail running shoes or light hikers will do a lot better. I got lucky and found an open parking space at the upper end of Fuller Ave. Made my day

Hikes for all tastes and ages: you can walk around a small pond, around a larger lake, or go all the way to a top of the hill to the south.

A good morning workout!

1 month ago

Got there at 6am on the money. Just me and a few other people. Not a bad hike! Can’t wait to do this again! But yeah get there early was leaving around 8ish and it was starting to get packed!! Still worth the wait. The views were amazing!

too many people.

fun, finally gets steep towards the top.

The Mulholland side of this hike is my favourite! I love being able to see the ocean from the top :)

I love this hike!

1 month ago

Very beautiful sites and paved trail on the easy route. Very steep entrance into the trails.

Great views and a nice incline. Extremely crowded.

Don't come here if you want a mtb ride they aren't permitted here but nice for views

Nice easy hike on a quiet Sunday. Great if you like a little bit of history (see the ruins) and small waterfalls.

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