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Not to be missed on a trip to the park. A major stop for the tour busses so if you can go earlier. It isn’t lit before 10 am so bring a light, even the light on your phone will work. Follow the tube through to the other side and the trail will loop back.

Perfect Sunday hike, a light rain and some muddy spots. But it is all well worth it when you get to the falls. Absolutely breathtaking! !

Went down this trail just for the snorkel trip. Nothing to really look at on the way down except about 3/4 of the way down. The trail starts to open up and you can see a pretty good view of the ocean. The shoes I wore were my tech-amphibian 3. Definitely bring water and sunscreen. Take your snorkel gear for sure! Lots of beautiful fish and the water it totally calm (5/5 starts for the snorkeling).

Very Nice and worth the effort. Bring a lot of water and do it as early as possible.

This was a wonderful hike. We went with our 7 and 10 year old children. They loved the time spent hiking and snorkeling. The water was clear and we saw many different types of fish.

Really beautiful scenery on what I would consider brand new earth land (I. The grand scheme of things)

Great views, easy hike, beautiful roaring waterfall

I would suggest doing this early in the morning in the summer. I hiked this mid day and wish I had made it earlier. I hiked Tam-a-lau trail at Lake Billy Chinook before hiking this particular trail, so I arrived later than I wanted. The views are amazing! We brought binoculars with us and was able to watch a lot of rock climbers. There were 2 people in the mouth of monkey face! It was somewhat busy, but never seemed too crowded. Would like to do this one again!

If you hike the loop, eventually the trail splits. Someone has placed logs across the trail you should NOT take.

Beautiful trail! And it was nice to see al the new growth being planted!

Amazing! Take snorkel gear!

Really nice walk to fascinating ancient drawings in lava.

16 days ago

This is legitimately the most beautiful waterfall I have ever seen. We went up here yesterday and it was such a lovely day and it was early enough in the season that it wasn't near as crowded as the other time I came here last summer, which was perfect. Highly recommend this to everyone!!!

Great hike with the family. Beautiful scenery the entire route

nature trips
17 days ago

Cool hike- petroglyphs are neat. Nice hike with kids.

17 days ago

Nice and well maintained trail through interesting landscape. Did with 2 young kids.

nature trips
17 days ago

Nice walk- short but cool if you’ve never been to a lava tube before. Great with kids!

Not too long of a hike for a family. We stopped halfway to have lunch next to the river. The views were gorgeous and don't regret doing the hike. Both our kids (9yr. & 13yr.) really enjoyed it.

Great first hike of the year. Dog friendly. Not too muddy when wet. A bit of snow remaining.

Nice trail 45 min from Portland. We got an early start on a Saturday and while there were a lot of motorcycles and shooters in the area, we had the hiking trails to ourselves.

This is a great loop for runners looking for something more challenging than Forest Park. Mostly runnable with some challenging power hikes. The loop distance makes keeping supplies in your car and running multi-loops an option for long-mileage days.

Tack a visit through the lava tube onto the Kilauea Iki hike. If you have never seen a lava tube before, it is worth seeing it to get a glimpse of the sheer size and magnitude of what goes on underground in a volcano.

Hiked down to the monument with a small backpack and snorkled in the bay. Absolutely beautiful coral reef. Entered the water via a small ladder in front of the monument. The hardest part of the trip was finding parking at the top of the trail. Total time, including an hour of snorkeling, was 3 hours.

My wife and I hiked this today. Started somewhat early in the morning and took 45 min down with me carrying a 50 lb backpack with water and snorkling gear which I would rate as a easy hike down over lava rock both loose and hard and limited shade. Got to the bottom marker "8" and found a small beach with a few kayaks sitting around. Found out the way to the monument is to take a left at mile marker 8 which takes you to the captain cook monument. There is a ladder into the water close by which puts you in 5 ft deep water on top of the coral. by 10:00 I counted 13 charter tours and 1 sail boat in the bay with close to 100 people in the bay. The snorkling is great with coral reef surrounding the whole bay. The hike out on the other hand was a different story., mind you we were at a break neck speed. I found myself gasping for breath at times with my pack on and ended up drinking multiple litres of water and stopping multiple times. All in all it took 55 min to get up. Many people on the walk out didn't have water so make sure you bring some with your snorkling gear.

Tried to make it out here today. First, we drove past the trailhead, we thought it might have been the trailhead cause we drove over railroad tracks but our Google Maps told us to keep going. We only went a bit further though before it started to snow so we turned around and went back to where we'd crossed the tracks to give it a try. However, when we got out of the car there was audible gunfire from nearby. Turns out the trails runs parallel to an area where people like to practice shooting, even though there we signs that said "no shooting" (but they had bullet holes in them...) Anyways, we opted not to try since we weren't sure it was the correct trail head and the proximity of the gun range to the trail seemed too dangerous for our comfort. Once home I confirmed that the area with the gun range was the trailhead so we may go back later in the year when it isn't snowing.

Great hike overall. The vistas were awesome. Started with the Misery Trail first then came down on the backside through Mesa Verde Trail and followed along the River Trail to finish off the hike.

Cool, easy out and back. Impossible to get lost since you just follow the railroad. Trail is becoming overgrown which is beautiful imo. Very cool old railroad structures. Careful on the bridges and in the tunnels.

I only saw two other hikers, but it was a Monday morning. There were a few muddy obstacles but were easily overcome with proper waking sticks. I would like to try this hike again mid summer. There were a few patches of snow , mostly off the sides of the trail. The trail did cross the motorized roads a few times and could hear the atv as well. It took me about 4 hours with plenty of stops between. The falls were well worth the trip!

Amazing...pick a blue sky-day and enjoy the vulcanic history! Loved it

1 month ago

3/3/18 11am-3:30pm Clear Sky, No wind, 35°
Parked on Meadow Creek Rd., as the access road up to the trailhead was covered with about 5-6” of snow. Snowshoed about 2.5 miles up to the trailhead, though very doable in boots.
Hid the snowshoes at the trailhead and proceeded to the lower falls via trail 152A. Trail was easy to follow and in good condition; mostly boot-packed path, not too slippery.
Climbed up the connector trail (152) to the upper falls loop following a set of boot tracks. Snow was a little deep for boots toward the top of the trek to the upper falls viewpoint (though not to the end of the trail), about a foot and a half in places. Intended to follow the upper falls loop back to the trailhead, but decided against it since there were no tracks to follow and we were running short on time.
Traveled back down to trail 152A and made our way back to the car.
About 9.5 miles round trip from car, to lower falls, to upper falls, and back to car. Walk from Meadow Creek Rd. to the trailhead ads 5 miles (round trip) and about 400ft of elevation gain. Definitely recommend waterproof boots, gators, and poles for those not sure of footing. Snowshoes recommended depending on snow conditions.

Overall, gorgeous hike with blue sky’s, no wind, and a comfortable 35°. The falls is beautiful in the winter

so it only lost a star because it is covered in a foot of snow at the moment, making for a tougher trek. beautiful though. I'll definitely go back. we made it 2.5mi in to the first tunnel but turned back because of snow. I HAVE to go back to see the bridges.

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