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Great hike. Will definitely do again when the water is lower.

5 days ago

Really nice! Easy parking and quick to get on the trail. I did this hike alone and felt very safe. It’s moderately trafficked but not too busy. At each of the overlooks I had the area to myself. So pretty and not too challenging.

Always enjoyable. This is turning into a default area for us.

Went when it was foggy so not much to see, but moderate climb with a few switchbacks to make your way up. Path was rocky so watch your step, but our dog was fine! Will definitely be going back to see the view!

18 days ago

Awesome!!! Yes... there is some difficulty involved - steep climbs, rocks and stairs BUT the falls are just incredible. Such awesome views.
WATCH YOUR KIDS! It can be extremely dangerous for any little one that you have difficulty keeping under control.

Long and at times fairly steep but well worth it. Great views!

19 days ago

Amazing place to hang out or hike. There are so many different viewpoints and trails here in this area that you can see something different everytime. My favorite trail is the one leading down to the bottom of the falls. Its a tough little hike, but worth it for sure. Love this place.

19 days ago

One of my all time favorite hikes. This waterfall is absolutely amazing!!! Worth every step. If you are thinking of doing this trail. DO IT!!

Great hike, well maintained, excellent views, and not too busy. Better views at the north summit than the south imo.

Nice quick hike in Feb.
great views from atop.

The hike was fun but my friends and I brushed against a plant called Giant Hogweed. I did a ton of research because I got 3rd degree burns from this plant across my half of my shin. I would advise to AVOID this trail or be extremely careful. Someone needs to go out there and take care of this plant. I'm scarred to this day and still sensitive when I put my socks on. The pain was unbearable, stuck indoors for 2 weeks straight. Blisters the size of a baseball on my leg. And this location is the only place in the area that this stuff has been reported. I would have reported it but I don't know where I brushed against the plant. All I know is that I was hiking on this trail with my friends and I noticed weird burns on my legs later that night. Two days later my leg was covered in tiny EXTREMELY painful blisters. By day 6 my entire leg was purple and blue and swollen I had no idea what had happened and I had to visit 6 different doctors. It was 14 days before I came outside for the first time. Took 3 months to get rid of the blisters. I am scared and sensitive to this day. PLEASE AVOID THIS TRAIL!!!!!!!!!!

Awesome easy trail!

1 month ago

Wonderful, not too difficult hike! Completed in mid February so the trail was quite icy, and the sky foggy, but other than that it was splendid.

trail was icy but it was beautiful and it was foggy so we didn't see the view but so worth it.

Crabtree falls is the hidden gem of blue ridge parkway. It is one of the most beautiful waterfalls I have ever seen. It is less than three miles all together and is dog friendly. The hike is slightly more challenging when the rocky trail is wet, but still easy for a “strenuous” trail.

Love doing this trail starting at 105 or the brp then going up and to the bridge then back down

Best views for the minimal effort required to get there. Good exploring opportunities on the “table top.” Only one mile up, fairly steep, but manageable for most folks and pets alike. 360 degree views await at the top. Trailhead parking offers a launch point for a good hike to short-off too. Saw some great camping spots, but haven’t camped here. Also, not a climber, but some good rock faces for climbing/repelling: May have to compete with Outward Bound for a good spot though. Highly traveled, watch for dog poop.

This is an awesome trail! The views of the waterfalls are amazing and it is moderately challenging. Definitely not 1.2 miles on the loop though. It’s closer to 2.5 miles if you go all the way around. The Lower falls creek crossing is marked with orange ribbon tape if you are coming from the upper falls direction. The crossings were difficult because everything was frozen or covered in ice (we came right after a big snowfall) so we had to rock jump and slip-slide our way across (getting very wet in the process). One of our favorite hikes and definitely worth coming back to!

I hiked this in October 2017.. I am also afraid heights. I was ok with the climb and elevation just rest if you need to but the ladders were a big challenge for me considering they are on the edge of the mountain. but I am so glad I did it. It is beautiful at the top . McRaes peak and attic window are amazing views.. lots of great hiking here.

Definitely worth the hike. Pretty easy and breathtaking

One of the most rewarding trails I’ve hiked. I’m absolutely terrified of heights, and wanted a challenge. This trail didn’t disappoint! The pictures of the ladders don’t do them justice, they’re straight up and down at points- a few in a row with only a tiny ledge to stand on in between and a straight drop down. Not for the faint of heart. I saw a few people try to attempt this with dogs, would not recommend doing that. Beautiful views, would go back in a heartbeat.

Hard and rewarding hike. It keeps things interesting with the ladders and cables, definitely would not recommend to someone who is not experienced.

2 months ago

Easy trail, park in the gravel lot and go in from there. There are 3 trailheads right there.

One of my favorites in the high country. Really fun trail with stunning views. Generally like to connect this with Profile and treat it as a point-to-point, but traveling between the two points is tricky.

Awesome does not describe the hike. Not your average age hike.

One of the most rewarding hikes I've ever done. It's a tough one (especially on a windy day! There were times when we considered going back because we felt like we were about to get blown off the mountain into the fog below) and we didn't even get to see the views because of the fog. That's mountain weather though--the forecast called for sunny clear skies! When we finished this hike, I felt proud. I highly recommend this for anyone in or around North Carolina, but only if you're at least somewhat experienced.

3 months ago

I went here to get a sunset hike and it was so beautiful. The trail is well-maintained and it doesn’t disrupt the forest much at all. Both views at the top are stunning, but I watched the sunset from the South View and it absolutely blew me away. Even though I went when the trees were bare it was awesome. I highly recommend!!

3 months ago

This is a great hike with with nice views and a beautiful waterfall. The trail is well marked and even though it is classified as moderate most would have to consider it easy. You can access it off the parkway and the trail head is obvious. I chose to do the hike counter clockwise but I think ether way is going to be about equal. The only challenging part going counter clockwise was hundred yards or so right after the falls. There are definitely plenty of rocks and roots to navigate through out the hike so proper shoes are a must. I saw no one else on the trail even though it was a gorgeous December day. I highly recommend this hike, it’s less than 3 miles to complete the loop and it can be accomplished at a fast pace. You can step right up to the falls and get some awesome photos.

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