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17 hours ago

Great 2-hour hike! Went on a Wednesday at around 1400 and saw only about a dozen or so other hikers/runners. Mostly dry, minimal mud, lots of shade and tree cover. Definitely coming back to do it again before I fly home!

Hiked January 2019,
This was a great trail. It started off a little sketchy just because you have to enter the trail in the back of government property complete with construction workers and warning signs telling you not to enter. There are probably a number of ways to reach the top, but I’m sure if you follow the actual river coming from the water fall you won’t miss it.
It’s pretty dog friendly and off of the beaten path so it makes good for a cool evening stroll.

Nice afternoon hike. I wouldn't rate it hard, rather moderate. The view from the top was great!

2 days ago

Nice, well maintained trail but very muddy towards the end. Recommend clocking your milage because you can walk for over a mile and not see anyone. Also, recommend not starting later than 4 pm as there are places the trail gets very dark due to the wooded areas

Well that was fun! I hiked it with my parents (50s) me (30yo). It’s officially their first Hawaii hike in the books! It was both challenging but doable. It’s definitely muddy, I don’t know why we even bothered trying to avoid the mud on the first half of the hike... getting covered is pretty inevitable, haha. We did go on a cloudy day though. So we didn’t get to see that incredible 360° view from the top, it was just misty. But it was very green and lush and had incredible views on the way up!! This one was a great one!

3 days ago

This was a challenging hike for me, but in a great way. It was my first “long” hike. It is more than four miles though for sure. My fitness watch registered 6.8.
The trail is very clear, and at some places narrow and steep, and if it has been raining the mud is something fierce. The views at certain spots are phenomenal. Bring lots of water and maybe a snack because like I said, it’s a long one. It took my inexperienced self around three and a half hours total. As others have mentioned PARK NEAR THE CAMPGROUNDS PARKING LOT. The incline from the exit of the trail up to the higher parking area is STEEP and not great after a 6-7 mile trek.

4 days ago

This trail is a very nice loop trail. It is, overall a good beginner trail. I definately recommend parking in the lower parking lot near the campgrounds, especially if you bring small kids. The loop ends there. If you park at the trailhead, you will have to walk up a steep section of road after you come off the trail to get back to your vehicle. the scenery is awesome. The tree canopy provides shade through almost the entire trail. Check the weather before you go, as the trail gets pretty muddy after a rain. This creates a more treacherous walk in certain areas. Overall, We loved this trail and will surely do it again.

4 days ago

1/12/2019-Started hiking around 0815 and came across 17 groups/solo hikers. Lots of people were out and about so a good portion of the parking stalls were filled. Weather was overcast but the ground was relatively dry and there was a nice breeze going through. The view of H3 was nice as always!

such a great hike! took my boyfriend and I about 3.5 hours, with time to relax at the top. recommend wearing good hikers for grip as it can get slippery with the rain. when we got to the top it was too cloudy to see the view but the whole way up and down the view is amazing.

6 days ago

This Trail is very much a lie. We parked at the top parking lot (I recommend parking at the bottom one, trust me you will see why at the end of my review) and it was an amazing trail! It was well maintained and I went with a friend that talked to me about local legends about Ohia Lehua and then menehune and then we found out about the plane that crashed and we were pretty determined to find it. About 3/4th of the way we hit the mud. At first it was just a little bit and wasn't too bad...and then it became sludge. the suction mud. and then we hit a creek that had SO MUCH MUD!!! but we made it across thanks to a rope that was up to help cross. we made it to the road and then we realized it was STRAIGHT UPHILL climb to the parking lot (hence my, park at the lower lot). This 4.2 mile is a lie, I put my watch on and we were at closer to 6.4 and that's with not going up the last hill cause it was too much of an incline. While I waited for my friend to come and pick me up in the car cause I could not make it, I was speaking with a local and they stated that rained the night before....go figure. so before going check the weather and be prepared to bring an extra pair of clothes if it did just rain. However, after all of that, I would go again in a heartbeat. Loved the shade and loved the legends from the area.

Great hike but very muddy- wear shoes you don’t care about! Like most ridge hikes on Oahu it was clouded over at the top, but beautiful views on the way up. If you don’t feel comfortable climbing the top part with the ropes your views and hike won’t be compromised.

Well-groomed trail with a nice waterfall at the end. Trail gets a little slick during rain.
Mosquitos weren’t as bad as other reviews lead me to believe.

Make sure you do this hike on a clear day!!! For one, I'm told the views are fantastic, I'm super bummed that I spent the whole time in a dense fog. Two, we did it in heavy rain and mud and it was fairly stressful, and I consider myself a pretty able-bodied, experienced hiker. It was a lot of fun, but for inexperienced hikers this could be tough, especially in poor weather. Definitely recommend this trail!

Excellent ridge hike - I did this hike alone in October. It took about 4 hours up and back. It was a little muddy, but nothing I really felt unsafe with.
It felt like the summit was really fair away, especially once I was on the trail. Unfortunately the views from the summit were lost to the clouds for me, but the views along the ridge were still well worth it.

Overall a great morning hike!

Long and the last mile (maybe less) was down in the valley and muddy! Will do this again, but will turn around and skip the muddy ending.

Beautiful trail, easy walks. Will definitely take my family here.

10 days ago

Gorgeous view of the Windward side.
I would say this hike is comparable in difficulty to Kuliouou and Hawaii Loa ridge trails, not sure why it’s rated Moderate other than it is a bit shorter.
But great workout and awesome views the whole way. Favorite hike!

If you are inexperienced this will be very challenging but doable. There are parts that are very steep and are incredibly challenging but so very much worth the work to get to the top. Once you see the view from the top it is worth all the sweat and hard work! This is definitely one of the best trails on the Island!

Easy to get off the trail as there’s is many other trails. One trail lead us to a spot where you could see the falls and a beautiful Mountain View. Trail is muddy and good hiking boots are advised. Once at the falls take a dip in the pool below.

11 days ago

Nice view from the top. In my opinion the second pillbox has a much better view. The first Pillbox has more space in the bunker though. Great photos and great place to watch the sunset from.

Great hike!

Great, well-groomed loop suitable for both runners and walkers. Manageable for even a third-trimester pregnant woman.

12 days ago

really easy hike, great for kids. make sure to have nothing valuable in your vehicle, I came out to 2 looky-lous.

12 days ago

Decent trail...VERY Muddy at the beginning going up - that said - super sketchy going down!! The Pillbox has a Pretty View of the Ocean but Nothing that I think is “Noteworthy”! Definitely NOT a Lanikai Pillbox View which you’d think from the name!! There is suppose to be 2 Pillboxes but only found 1. The AllTrails App is a MUST for this outing because there are SO many other trails!!! All woods!! So have Bug Spray on!! I had kids ages 9,7,6,3 (baby wore 3yrold) and they enjoyed it but said at the end it was kinda boring because there wasn’t a Spectacular View at the end!!! Definitely NOT worth an Hour drive (Coming from Kailua)!! Lanikai Pillbox Hike offers MUCH more Viewing!! Although a This would be a Great Nature/Woods Hike!! Very Pretty inside the Woods!!

12 days ago

Great hop, skip, and jump away from bustling Honolulu. Feels as though you're pretty distant from the city, when you're really only a 5-10 min drive away. Beautiful trail with hardly anyone hiking while we were there at noon on a Friday. Lots of mud and a large stream/Nu'uanu River crossing (impossible not to get wet). Really nice, quick hike.

Good hike that was great for a 7.5 year old boy

13 days ago

We hiked this trail two days after it had rained. I would estimate that 70% of the hike was muddy (sometimes ankle deep), so just something to be aware.
While slick in some spots, the trail wasn’t too challenging, and suitable for even a third-trimester pregnant woman.

Amazing amazing amazing to start 2019! Specially the 360 degrees at the top! One side is Honolulu. The other Kailua beach. But great views from the start till the end. Easier when dry weather of course. out of breath at the stairs ending part. 4 hours taking pix with my girl 22 and my boy 9. Picnic at the top for resting a little while (there is a 3 seats bench) and ready for getting down. An extraordinary trip to share with family and friends. But need to be in decent fitness. Happy new year 2019 to y’all!

14 days ago

Beautiful all the way from the trailhead to the falls overlook. I followed the trail a little further as it reaches into the Maroon Bells Snowmass Wilderness.

Very muddy nearly the entire trail. However, many points of river crossing to rinse and repeat. The trail head seems to have two access points, both leading through very sticky mud and bamboo forest. Looks as though there are very recent pink trail markings to follow. If you go the way of crossing private government property, you will see construction crews and a road. This will still lead you to the trail, but from a different access point. Waterfall had a nice shallow pool and we luckily arrived at a time when only two other couples were present. However, after 15-20 minutes, approximately 20 people arrived.

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