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Went up Cholla side & down Echo side. Thought the Cholla side was more difficult. Definitely a fun hike but not for the faint of heart.

One of favorite! Beautiful views, great work out!!

Awesome trail! Very busy though.

Definitely an ankle twister! I’d recommend wearing good boots because it’s quite rocky terrain when you’re not on the steps. The views at the summit are worth it, especially if you climb up a bit more and face camelback. I arrived around 7:30am on a Tuesday morning to avoid the crowds which worked. Parked in the first lot (which was still almost full) and started on the alternate summit trail across the street. Only came across a handful of hikers on the way up and had the summit to myself for a while before heading down, where lots of folks seemed to start around 9am. A hiking pole might have been nice too :)

3 days ago

We ended up starting from the Kraft Mtn parking lot on the advice of friends and scrambling over the red rocks to join this trail, then coming back on the trail as marked on all trails, wrapping around the red rocks and back to our car. Really loved that route as the rock scramble part was gorgeous and fun. The rest of the trail is lovely too, winds through a canyon with ever changing colorful rock formations. Went in January and it was hot- bring plenty of water.

I went with a Facebook group (Hiking with Friends). It was a very large group and we did not do the Mount Lee loop. We only did the out-and-back portion to the Wisdom Tree and Cahuenga Peak to the Hollywood Sign. We began from Lake Hollywood at 3052. This hike was short 3.5 miles or so) and a bit steep and you go over tons of rocks so it’s definitely not for beginners. The view is amazing once you get to the peak and the sign. It was a clear day today and it wasn’t too hot. I’ll go back and do it alone next time. The trail is very clear and pretty popular. Lots of people were there today.

no shade
3 days ago

Santa was at the top near Christmas time with a tree he brought up. Google it and you can read the news article.
Helpful to note:
Parking is difficult. Uber drivers can’t drop you off right at the trail head but you can’t park right at the trailhead either. An Uber can still drop you off close and you can walk down the street to the trail head with no problem.
Toward the top I used my hands to help myself up the rocks. It wasn’t just a steep walk.
Look for the blue dots painted on the rocks to see the path. There’s also a lot of people on the trail you can just follow.
It’s great for experienced hikers. It felt really short but really steep to me.

great nighttime hike.

Love this trail in all seasons. Snow packed and muddy. I hiked in boots with good tread.

4 days ago

This loop is not 4 miles, it’s more like 5.5! It was a great trail and I highly recommend it but if you were hoping for only 4 miles, you’ll be sad! Winter time is great, saw lots of waterfalls and not a lot of people out for a Saturday.

Good hike but always busy on the weekends

Stough Canyon was closed due to mudslides, so I opted for its neighbor, Vital Link Trail. 3.2 mi doesn’t seem like a lot, until you’re a half mile in and realize the entire trail is basically a vertical climb (1,699 ft gain). The views make it totally worth the climb and you can bag a mini “peak” in under 2 hrs. There is a bit of erosion on the trail and definitely some sketchy spots due to rain. But a great little, quick butt-kicker of a hike!

Overall: The trail was a great challenge that required some equipment-less light rock climbing towards the end. The view included was great to see especially because you could see the tips of other popular hikes. Lots of beautiful wildflowers and other shrubbery.

The hike: The weather was at a high 60 degrees, low 70s with light clouds. The climb in the beginning is clean and inviting. It doesn’t take long to have a good view of western Phoenix. There are various opportunities for beautiful pictures with a vast backdrop. There are many rest stops through the hike. The last 20-30 minutes of the hike is the toughest. It may require some light rock climbing. It took about 85 minutes to get to the top with many breaks in between. Needless to say it was worth it. It’s a very popular hike so foot traffic is abundant but the people are pleasant.

The view: Just like many hikes the view gives a 360 degree view of the city. This view is especially worthwhile because you are above other peaks so the level of accomplishment you get reaching the top is all the better. Many places to hang out and relax and soak up the view or meditate. It is busy so don’t expect to ever be the only one up there.

I think it’s doable for most average fit people. If possible Uber to Echo Trailhead an finish through Cholla, way less bouldering on way down. Go early if possible.

A new favorite of mine!

This hike was enjoyable. Long, challenging, and good views from the top.

Piestewa however is not a place I see myself returning to very often. There are so many people that hike it and a lot of those people lack etiquette.

With that being said, it is very well maintained.

Nice views from the top. Stairs pretty much the whole way there. I would prefer the loop if you want to see scenery but the peak if you want to see far.

no shade
8 days ago

It’s a nice short hike, pretty busy and lots of tourists. Great view. Pretty steep but not that long.

Short and easy for the experienced hiker, but diverse rock scrambles offer stimulation for everyone. A great ascent for being so close to town. Lots of traffic means plenty of friendly interactions, be patient and remember right of way rules! Early January hike meant cool temps, take that into consideration when I say it only requires .5 liters of water.

The top is amazing. Because the peak is so steep the trail is very windy so it takes quite awhile to get there, but definitely worth it. There are a lot of lookout points along the way.

I hit this trail around 1:30 on Saturday afternoon, fresh snow from the day before made for a beautiful and peaceful hike! I had my snowshoes with but did not need them. took around 1 1/2hrs at a casual pace, with a few minor detours.

Terrible parking, very busy trail and a lot of people don’t pay attention which makes some areas dangerous. I prefer echo.

I did this route as an easy-ish trail run, hiking uphills and running flats and downhills easy. My mileage was showing 12 miles and it took me 2 hours and 26 minutes going counter clockwise. Lots of traffic on the last 1.5 miles up to skull rock. A lot of overgrowth on the first half of the loop, at times making me wonder if I was on a game trail vs a real trail. Singletrack trail for most areas with some other fire roads mixed in. Wished I would have worn pants and long sleeves, may have had a small poison oak reaction

Did this during a wind storm on 7 December 2018. Reversing the route gave a much steeper ascent and is not recommend. Some of the trail is still beautiful, some waterfalls are amazing, but the essential beauty of several segments was lost to the fire.

This hike will bring you so many beautiful views! Totally worth the climb to the top!

This is a trail with great views around most turns. It is rocky and fairly steep in places but it also levels off occasionally which I found helpful. Hard to believe it’s as crowded as it is with the elevation gain but it is right IN a large metropolitan area so I’m not terribly surprised. Coming from MT I didn’t struggle as much as my mother who came from sea level did but it’s definitely a bring plenty of water and be ready to be in the full sun hike. The views at the top are worth it.

Did this trail this morning , definitely not a beginner hike for the faint of heart. Worth the view once you get to the top

Accidentally took the blue trail and 6 miles became 11. Still a great hike on a well marked trail.

A well-marked, super challenging trail. Very heavily trafficked by hikers and trail runners of all skill levels.

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