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7 hours ago

Easy walk, completely flat. It just rained so the river is flowing, there is currently no way to cross. I walked down trying to find a path but to no avail. The trail is in fact closed to access the other side, I would try again in a month or so.

It was pretty crowded but it was a Sunday. Lots of horses and mountain bikers.

I love this trail. always enjoy doing it solo.

Love this trail and so do my dogs!

Beautiful park. Well maintained trail and multiple path options. lots of traffic, kids, and dogs, and everyone I saw was friendly

I enjoy the hills and the views. Dogs allowed on leash, always a plus.

Love this hike!, but it wasn't until I was leaving that I was able to find the actual trail I was supposed to be on when going to the waterfall & punchbowl. Trail starts easy enough, then you get to a point, and this is Important!, where the trail seems to split, KEEP LEFT and look for a large boulder with colorful markings. You'll see a bunch of downed trees, go over them there isn't many and you'll see the trail continues. I posted pics of what you need to be looking for. Going this way does stray away from the creek, you can still hear the creek though, but so much faster. I got there originally trying to follow colored markings and rocky hiking through the riverbed, it took forever. Had it not been for finding the correct trail I probably wouldn't have come back. That being said, scenery is great, lots of areas that I imagine during the Summer months would be fun to hang out along the Santa Paula creek. Next will be another split where the trail looks it follows along the creek or you head up along the mountain side. Either is correct, more of a personal choice, I went up, great views looking down over the valley and you do reach 2 camps before the waterfall/ punchbowl, from this trail you see the waterfall from the camp nearest the edge. I can't speak for the creek route, but hear its better to do this route when its hot. I will also add that there are 2 times on the mountain route that are a bit cumbersome. A steep, rocky gully and exiting the trail right onto the creek, it's steep & narrow too. Once there, lots of exploring and water to play in!

I have hit this trail over 10 times and every time have made it to the bowls, even the hidden ones way up top in the back of the main ones. The arrows are very difficult to try and follow but become helpful if you are lost. All I can say is that if you follow the stream and keep an eye out for those helpful arrows, you'll have a blast! It eventually ends up at a split and you just want to make sure you stay to the right side once you get to that point, if you don't see the bowls after about 2 hours, double check with people you see or check a map!

Love that you get a great sense of the valley layout and have views for most of the hike. Bonus: options to pickup other trails if you want more exertion.

Nice views and trail. Good for fast paced hike or running.

Beautiful path that offers variety of scenery! This one will become a regular hike!

Love this local trail. Great for kids and adults.

Follow the arrows, they said.
This works until the last 1/3 when it gets almost comical. Hard to find the arrows if you stay low/creekside. When the trail splits, I recommend you take the high road. All the climbing over and around rocks probably added an hour to the hike.
Feels like you’re a million miles away from town, so worth the long afternoon!

loved it u break in a sweat. and has great views

Sweet place to relax next to the fall

Good trails, lots of options for different routes.

Beautiful late day walk with my dog- Topa! Couldn't keep out of the water. She had a blast!

1 month ago

This is a great trail that gives you some hills! It’s as hard as you want it to be.

Beautiful hike I have done it many times and loved each time amazing views, a must hike!

great trail for all! not overcrowded but lots of pups!

mountain biking
1 month ago

Lots of ups and downs. End to end about 25 minutes at a easy pace. Watch out for hikers.

Perfect for a quick evening hike. We left at 4:30pm and was back in our car by 5:30. This included stopping for pictures.

Easy trail to hike. Very fine road. However very crowded

Dusty in dry weather, but a good workout, great views and lots of sky overhead.

After reading the reviews I was prepared to see a lot of trash and graffiti everywhere and tons of people but I didn’t encounter much of that. People must be picking up after themselves!

Love this hike, it’s really fun for families with little kids bc it’s not too long and waters are fun to splash and swim in. Usually it’s got a nice crowd but plenty of space to spread out. Direct sunlight for most of the hike so bring water and a hat. Go during spring for the wildflowers.

2 months ago

Fun stuff for the boys, parents and dogs. Took our Trail Life Troop 281 out on an adventure

You can have an easy to intense work out on this trail. I love this park because I have many options to change up the trails and get a good work out in for the day.

Nice views, can be hot and dry, good idea to take water and a hat.

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