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great views

This is nice but heavily travelled with A LOT of people. If you can get to the 'Horse Trail' aka John Muir Trail, you can avoid the long lines going up the Mist Trail. These trails are the 'gateway' to Little Yosemite. Once in Little Yosemite, you can head up Half Dome or Cloud's Rest.

This is nice but heavily travelled with A LOT of people. If you can get to the 'Horse Trail' aka John Muir Trail, you can avoid the long lines going up the Mist Trail. These trails are the 'gateway' to Little Yosemite. Once in Little Yosemite, you can head up Half Dome or Cloud's Rest.

on Tomales Point Trail

1 day ago

Windy but beautiful. Saw a herd of elks before the sunset. Stunning views. Easy hike except the wind.

Really great trail. Just enough challenge. Water level very nice right now. Highly recommended!

Very good trail. Went on a Saturday so was pretty busy but pretty wide paths most the way so was nice. Lots of dogs on the trail when we went. Pretty good sized uphill climb. I wouldn’t say the trail was very hard overall. It is also very shaded.

2 days ago

This trail circumvents Jenkinson Lake so there isn’t much altitude gain but lots of up and down along the edge. You can cut down to the water from lots of places. We did the loop in ~4 hours after taking a shortcut across the lakebed (after the first rains) but it may not have saved any time after fishing out a tennis shoe stuck in the creek bed we had to jump across. Part of the trail winds through campsites which can make it hard to follow and not as serenely scenic as the first half but nice.

2 days ago

This is one of our favorite trails in the area. First time we’ve gone in winter. It looks so much different! I highly recommend you go in different seasons. The trail was wet with mud in some places but definitely passable. There were a couple trees over the trail that were easily traversed as well. The trail does get a little narrow next to the creek leading to the river in a couple places so watch your step.

My 12yo & 9yo easily handled it with 10 pound backpacks on. Unfortunately I didn’t plan appropriately and we had to turn back just before reaching the kilns because of time to dusk. We reached the parking lot 7 minutes before sunset. Will be going again soon.

Off Highway 49, leads to several trails. We ended up taking the one down to the river/railroad tracks. Good mix of incline/decline.

Trail is wonderful but the vandalism sucks. Had my car window smashed today in the parking lot which was mostly full by the time we left at 11:30am on a Sunday.

Did this hike in mid December and it was great- some icy patches along the way at the time but navigable in hiking shoes alone. Beautiful view from the top of the falls!

This trail is very basic for anyone in the Sacramento area. The dam is very pretty and one can get some good pictures there. Very popular trail. Half in shade half in sun.

Wonderful trail to hike if a bit muddy and slippery in some spots. However, be careful about parking. Three cars, including mine, were broken into.

Great Hike. Saw two coyotes, elk and deer. Bathrooms were closed when I went due to the government shutdown. Hardly any trees on this hike but amazing views.

Hiked this trail today. A little mud, but very easy to navigate. Had a blast.

10 days ago

Did this on Jan 12, 2019. Beautiful views of ocean and also wildlife— lots of elk quite close by along the trail, and lots of birding opportunities. Incline is not too bad as well. Got to tomales point trailhead parking lot around 10:45 and the small parking lot was full but there’s grass area right next to it that is used as overflow. By the time we left (around 3:45), there were double the amount of cars.

Perfect for bird watching!

11 days ago

Super short but with some good ups.. especially in the snow. It seems fairly popular on the weekends but not obnoxious. The lake is frozen - people were walking all the way out to the island with no issue today.

Loved seeing the elk and pretty flat - my 9 year old was able to complete the hike!

bird watching
11 days ago

Just a beautiful day. Sunny, clear. Geese, ducks, hawks and an otter. I can only imagine in the spring with all the oak trees as a shade canopy.

Nice hike for those who want lots of wildlife and ocean scenery. Started before sunrise and by the time I was back the lot was very full. Recommend getting there early.

Completed on 1/11/18. This hike was definetly a low-effort, high-reward kind of trek. There were a ton of incredible views, from Lake Tahoe to mountain peaks to frozen Eagle Lake. A little sketchy in a couple of spots, but definitely doable with some snowshoes and poles. Highly suggested! Didn't see anyone on the way up and only a few hikers on the way down.

Certainly not a challenging hike but it winds through foliage and takes you eventually to the wetlands where we saw many species of ducks and other birds. Quite lovely.

Nice hike! Some larger puddles after the rain, but nothing that couldn’t be avoided. Thoroughly enjoyed this trail.

Great hike. It is neat to see the Elk herds. Worth the trip.

We went up to Nevada falls via the Mist Trail and then looped back down the John Muir switchbacks. If you like to hike you must do this - it’s beautiful and rewarding. I love this hike. We went when the falls were just thundering and we were soaked so be prepared for that possibility depending on how Vernal falls is running. If you’re in Yosemite and have not done this hike just do it you will not regret it! Spectacular views.

17 days ago

Another hike that took place before this app?website was up and running. I loved this experience. it was great for higher elevation training since you stay well above 8 grand the entire time. I remember stunning views of Lake Tahoe, Washoe Valley and a glimmer of Reno. Well worth the effort!

JM trail was closed so we couldn't do the loop in mid october. Ended up doing out and back on the mist, still a great hike. Definitely one of the more popular trails in the valley, so be prepared for lots of traffic on trail.


Beautiful! :)

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