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Intense but worth it with the views at the top!

Great workout.
Be prepared with water, correct shoes, etc.
Easy place to get hurt if you’re not careful.
Not for the out of shape person.

Pretty straight forward most part ... I really like this place it's beautiful!

great hike! my 5 year old and I enjoyed it.

First hike ever and it was great. Had plenty of water and took multiple breaks. We completed this with three kids the youngest being 5.

Great hike today. Not overly crowded. started right at 5pm. perfect weather and great view!

As stated, nice inclined walk for "urban hiking". It's covered in garbage at the top.

Extreme in every sense of the word. They label this hike not as difficult, but extremely difficult on the trail sign which is accurate. Harder technically than the grand canyon (I've hiked from the rim to the river and back in a day), but this hike is much shorter which makes it not as exhausting. I brought hiking poles and couldn't use them on multiple sections because it is so vertical that you must climb. They did help a ton though when I could use them, especially on the way down. I started this hike at 4pm with the weather clear and in the 70's, and it took me 45 minutes to get up, and over an hour and 15 minutes to get down. Going down was much harder and I did fall a few times (one major wipe out), because it is so much harder going down a nearly vertical trail. I was wearing very good hiking specific shoes (Altra trail shoes) , had a 2L water backpack, and hiking poles, along with a lot of hiking experience, and this kicked my butt. I was not expecting something so extremely difficult in the middle of Phoenix. Do not attempt this hike if you are unprepared, or if it is extremely hot outside. Parking was not an issue at the time I went, and there were 3 rangers at he bottom of the trail prepared to answer questions and help out.

Difficult but so great

For reference we got there at 6:30 a.m. on a Saturday and there were only a few parking spots left. Loved the hike despite the large crowd.

For lots of breaks and someone out of shape, 3 hours round trip. Definitely something I have to do at least once a year. If parking wasn’t so difficult, I would go every weekend! We went around 11:30 on a Thursday and it was crowded.

Great hike with several challenges. Parking fills up so get there early.

I'M EXHAUSTED! An hour trek to the top with water breaks. A complete work out with lots of sweat included, and I still have to go back down to the trailhead. Well worth it.

Hiked this trail with a few friends. Started hike around 8 am to avoid hot sun and to get a parking spot at the base of the mountain. Trail was well travelled with numerous challenging sections. Our first time, it took us about 2 hours. Great views from the top and well worth the climb. Good footwear is a must and three point contact on the way down helped in avoiding jarring of the knees.

You get to use your arms too as in a lot of parts it’s a scramble uphill. Good shoes and a treking pole can help. The way down offers a nice, alternative challenge to hiking and scrambling up. Great views to marvel at.

short nice hike heavily traffic good for beginers.

short very heavily traffic nice views of Phoenix. good for beginers

Lots of boulder scrambling, plenty of elevation, and fabulous views from the top. You may want to wear gloves because you'll be reaching over quite a few boulders on your way up. Wear sticky soled shoes and be considerate and tolerant - it's crowded, and some hikers are struggling. You may need to park at a nearby shopping center or hotel lot due to very high traffic on this trail.

not a hike just a nice little walk lots of trash at the top :c

Pretty rocky at the top. Beautiful views.
This trail gets very crowded.

Nice trails, but some construction going on, so part of the Big Loop is closed. No big deal... just walked a slightly shorter path.

13 days ago

Best hike for kids

Great workout. Would be 5 stars if not so crowded.

Es una montaña espectacular, todos los fines de semana la subo al lado de mi amigo. Al principio batallábamos mucho, pero después de un tiempo lo encontramos más facil. 100% recomendable.

This was one of the most challenging yet rewarding experiences of my life! I loved it and would definitely do it again. Glove and GREAT hiking shoes are a MUST! Bring lots of water and take lots of pix!

Very challenging, but worth the climb! Wear good soles shoes, bring lots of water! So glad I did it

15 days ago

Awesome awesome awesome trail. Absolutely beautiful terrain. Word of warning-about three minutes after you get to fat mans pass you will come to a big block in the trail, just know that you are going to have to squeeze through a pretty tight gap in the boulder and then slide down a big rock to get to the next part of the trail.

Very challenging trail with excellent views as a reward up top. Much of the ‘trail’ is basically climbing up steep inclines of rocks, so come prepared to use your arms and legs to make the full trek to the top. Not for the casual or unmotivated climber. Good facilities including restroom and water fountains at the trail head. Definitely earns its rating as double black diamond. Best done early in the day as it will get crowded as the morning winds on.

One of the most difficult trails I've been on, but the view is totally worth it. Pace yourself and you'll be fine. Extreme inclines and it is practically rock climbing, so be ready to use your hands and legs to get up the mountain.

Parking gets full quick and the security guards were not helpful at all, very rude in fact, so be prepared to find another parking area. You can't park in the residential area, so I parked at a shopping center nearby and biked from there.

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