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Great quick little sunrise hike!

14 days ago

Great trail for families. Easy and fun for the kids

15 days ago

This is one of my favorite hikes in Red Rock due to the views of the White Rocks hills and the foundations of 3 old homesteads. If you tread lightly, there is wild life to be seen especially at dusk and dawn.

It is a slight incline all the way up the trail and the rocks on the rail take your attention away from the views. Lots of shade and during peak heat, these provide some relief from the high temperatures. There is another trail the parallels La Madre Springs Trail for a while, White Rock Loop trail; some people get this trail confused with La Madre.

During the cold season, you can find snow and ice: weird in the desert to see cacti surrounded by melting snow. During warmer times, you can see all kinds of insects at the spring: Bumble Bees, Honey Bees, Dragonflies, Butterflies and wasps; The large, black wasps are called Tarantula Hawks and have the second most painful sting of all insects (see my link to the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lITrR1t-v5Q ). For some people, this display of insect life is unremarkable; people who hike the dessert see this as an amazing oasis of life.

If you follow the stream that feeds the dam, you will find all those insects plus humming birds. There is a trail that roughly follows the stream that leads to a “Miners Cabin” along with two exploratory mines. The Miners Cabin Trail is detailed elsewhere on this site.


My family and I did this trail today. There’s a pretty steep incline at first to get to the trail, and then several area you have to climb over rocks or jump down. The trail is not marked very well at all, but when you go through the double tunnels, just look to your right for a subtle trail up to the River Mountain Loop. Otherwise you’re just doing an out and back through the slots. We saw one family with a dog, and one family with a small child about 3 or 4 but my husband and I both agreed that this was a little bit more difficult than “easy” as it’s rated. We did enjoy it, and there was some awesome scenery.

1 month ago

Super easy, family friendly. Not much to look at but worth a stop at least once.

Didn’t see any lake but the canyons looked cool. The loop was a little confusing and the trail was definitely longer than 3 miles. I would recommend turning around when you see the second tunnel

1 month ago

Fun out and back with small boulder scramble

It’s a steady uphill climb that’s a good workout. Great quick hike to get the blood flowing. I didn’t think it was “easy” by any means.

1 month ago

It’s full of scrambling once you get in the canyon. Not the best for trail running but I’d do it again if I wanted that type of vibe.

I love it !
It’s the best trail
Trying it again this Thursday

The end left me wondering why that was the end. At the halfway point there is a spur up the little hill which might end with more satisfaction

The other best hike in Red Rock! Make sure to go in March or April when the snow melts. It's not a hard trail by any means unless you want to climb up to the pool where the waterfall goes in.

1 month ago

The best time is near sunset because there’s less traffic and it’s cooler. You get to enjoy a lot of nature sounds.

Did run into some young kids smoking pot, but got paranoid and left shortly after

Loved it

2 months ago

Make sure you keep going until your reach the remnants of a camp (structure and fire ring). Nice views along the way. Bring lots of water.

Very cool slots, relatively easy hike, and great for dogs too. Was unable to locate the branch for full loop of the trail, but still made a great out and back

not much of a spring was visible. may just be the time of the year but regardless super fun and moderate hike.

looked amazing in pics but did not hike $25 entry

Fun easy little hike that's pathway leads to our community. Nice view at top! Dog friendly

2 months ago

Was an easily accessible trail, moderate is accurate because of the high winds and narrow trail with loose rock.

Great hike!!! Hiked up and all around the mountain. Great feeling to reach the top of the mountain!!! The hike up was a little treacherous and steep for me, but I have not hiked since June. For anyone in better shape it would be a breeze. Overall great hike!!!!!

Good trail for hiking, but not suitable for running (loose gravel and large rocks).

The canyons were awesome. Will definitely hike again.

Amazing trail. Super easy, and so picturesque.

Not the best but not horrible. Be prepared for a mile long climb along a narrow, rocky path. The views are good but fairly fixed. Be on the lookout for the trail’s only marker which is located about 250 yards from the parking lot. Miss this and you will be headed out on White Rock Loop.

Awesome hike. Did run into a rattle snake though. Be safe & be aware of your surroundings.

Did this amazing and easy hike some years back i think it was 2013-2014. Back than the grapes vines were young and new planted. Did not get to see the full flow waterfall but the spring water was refreshing. Filled my water bottle and no filters back than. Gotta start again.

Nice and short for smaller kids and dogs

2 months ago

Low altitude desert hiking. Nice little trail. Nice reward at the top.

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