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I guess my one mistake was I didn’t rent any equipment...the water was cold probably in the lower 50s. I couldn’t wait to get out of the water. The rocks have lots of algae on them making them slippery poles would have been helpful. The view was wonderful however.

Did this one today. Not sure how far we went, all I can say is that we went all the way to where we turned around! It was probably about 4 miles in if I had to guess, we stopped after a slip and fall injured the shoulder of someone in our group.

If I ever do this hike again, I wouldn't waste the money on any of the special gear. All you really need is some sturdy boots with ankle support and a walking stick - there were quite a few left at the start of the hike after the river walk before the river entry. The water temp was around 54 degrees here on October 20th, and the high daytime temp was 67 degrees with no chance of rain. River flow seemed rather low and the deepest we got was waist deep water. You will be walking in the river for the majority of this hike, it is inevitable. Plus, there is no where to go to the bathroom, so go before you go and limit your intake.

It was crowded and sort of busy, but the great thing about this hike was that everyone was doing their own thing, and it didn't really seem as busy as it was.

My wife and I highly recommend this trek! Some of the best views in the park. The uphill switchbacks were pretty tough, but well worth it!

Strenuous like the description says but well worth it! We hiked it at 9am on October 19 and started out in jackets and hats but down to t-shirts at the top. Gorgeous trail that has switchbacks and has a small part thru an impressive canyon!

Started around noon on a Wednesday at 60 degrees. I didn’t think it was crazy crowded. Awesome hike! We hiked about 8 Miles total. Took us four hours. The water was cold but not super uncomfortable. I’m a cheapskate so we did not rent special pants or or the boots and we were fine. I did grab a walking stick that someone left behind, I was glad to have that to gage water depth. We’re about 5’ 9” and never had to go much over knee deep in water. Not sure what the water level was though. Wish I had a waterproof phone case. I saw some people that had them hanging around their neck. Would have been easier to take pictures. I’ll definitely do this hike again.

This is a difficult, but beautiful trail. Every switchback provides a new perspective. The view from the top isn't the only great view. Echo Canyon is a bonus.

We hike a lot, and my husband and I said this was one of the best hikes we’ve ever done. Go early to beat the crowds and be prepared to get a leg workout. If you’re in decent shape and going to Zion, I would consider this a “can’t miss”

Did this trail Sept 10th, most amazing hike ever! Rented the boots and socks from Zion Outfitters the night before (they allow this after 3:00 PM) so I could start the next morning at sunrise. I caught the 1st shuttle out of visitor center, it was a full bus. When the shuttle reached the starting point of Temple of Sinawava I gave everyone a 10 minute start knowing that the next shuttle wouldn't arrive for another 15-20 minutes , this put a nice buffer between me and the crowds, for awhile. Definitely spend a few bucks on a dry sack, I lost my footing and went in at about 8.5 mile mark but my camera was dry. You can not visit Zion with out doing this one.

It was raining and the water was about 38 degrees, but it was worth every moment of it. Make sure to have water shoes and hiking pole because the current can get a little rough when it rains. Also, pack lunch and extra clothes in a water bag.

6 days ago

My first hike in this area. Redwoods were beautiful to view. Was disappointed we missed the falls as the signage wasn’t clear. The last half mile or so is on the road. All in all a decent shady walk.

A very difficult hike for me physically and mentally (I don’t like heights) but worth every step to get to the top! Amazing view!

7 days ago

Challenging hike as far as elevation gain/loss but definitely rewarding. Very agreeable trail material making footing easy. Approximately 90% stone/concrete and 10% sand. Pretty much straight up then straight down so anyone with bad knees...be forewarned. The decent is knee-jarring. Highly suggest good shoes or boots if you don’t want your toes cramming against your shoes on the decent. I saw a few with sandals...and subsequently blisters. Take plenty of water and salty snacks, extra if it’s very hot. If you have time, pack a lunch or bigger snack to enjoy at the top. You’ll be hungry. Overall great hike.

trail running
7 days ago

Great trail for running/ hiking since it is paved. Relatively easy hike more than moderate. Great view at the top esp during sunset. Once you get to the top it’s relatively flat. Finding a parking is pretty hard esp in the afternoon. Did saw a tarantula a few times during my hike

Second time here to the narrows and just as beautiful as ever! Make sure you wear the right shoes though and preferably have hiking poles; we passed quite a few people trying to attempt this barefoot with no poles or anything and they looked like they were having a horrible time. It’s worth it to come prepared! :)

Nice paved path to get you to the start of the water. Watch your step in the water and you should be good, take your time, it’s crowded, always!

A must if you are visiting Zion!

8 days ago

It was a pretty easy trail to take and the views at the bottom on the lake are amazing. I went on a Friday and I only came across 5 people the whole time


Favorite hike and national park!

well worth the time. can be tough going up but beautiful the whole time

9 days ago

very easy trail for a relaxing walk by the river. beautiful landscape.

It's a nice stretch and you can see a garden on the rocks and squirrels and mules. Was exciting and mostly used as a trail head to narrows.

My first proper hike up a running river thru beautiful 2000’ tall narrow sandstone canyons that have been formed over millions of years from the Virgin Rivers constant flow down South eventually ending in Lake Powell

gorgeous. if you're there and the weather permits, go for it.

Even on a rainy/ overcast day, the views from the observation point are stunning. Very satisfying to look down at all the congestion on Angles Landing as well :). The slot canton in the middle is really something special- the high walls come soaring above your head, and the stream echos a bit in the canyon. We got lucky and also saw big horn sheep on the trail.

Certainly a strenuous hike- it was 65 and overcast for us, and we were tuckered out after this one!

Great difficult hike switch backs are definitely in place 70-80% of the hike take snacks and plenty of water and back up. Views are gorgeous
At every peek. Went October 1 2018 and overcast day busses drop you off at stops inside national park. Getting in park costs but we bought annual pass and you can use in any national park

A few very steep (but short) hills otherwise a nice rolling hike. Great views, completely in the sun, so wear sunscreen & bring a hat and your water! Paved trail, well maintained, great for strollers but NO dogs allowed. Parking can be a challenge esp in the mornings-8:00am-11:00am, so be patient.

Absolutely incredible view of the valley of Zion. There is no other view like this!!! Views along the side of the hike were also beautiful. Enjoyed this hike the entire way up!

WOW!!!!! The hardest and most rewarding hike I have ever done. Definitely start this hike early in the morning because the initial ascent was a challenge. The slot canyon in the middle of the hike was awesome. I have a slight fear of heights and only had one section which freaked me out a bit but it wasn’t too long. The views are just incredible the entire hike. Highly recommended! Oh and make sure you bring enough water - the sun is very strong once you hit it and you need at least 3 liters of water in my opinion.

I only gave it 5 stars because 6 was not an option

Really great hike, very much up hill with a few level spots. The trail though the canyon was fantastic. You get amazing view pretty much the entire hike. It was a very popular hike with a lot of people, many seemed very unprepared and a little overwhelmed by the climb. Know that this hike is not for the casual hiker, you should be in decent shape and able to carry enough water for a four to six hour hike.

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