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9 days ago

Cute hike! There were a few nice views that broke up the hike nicely. We ran into a lot of fat bikers along the way. They pack the snow down nicely so you don’t really need snowshoes at the moment. It was well marked and fun to navigate at each map post. This hike was on the easy side of moderate, not too much uphill climbing but the length might make it more challenging for some. We were able to do it in less than 4 hours with some breaks.

Some of the parts of the trail were closed so it was up and down the same path to the mini lakes at top.

16 days ago

Many trails to choose from. Big park. You can spend hours walking around. Nice views. It is also a dog park. People also ride their bikes around.

18 days ago

Great trail!

Wow! Amazing reward at the top!

Gorgeous view!! Nice easy trail :)

Nov 11 2018
Beautiful winter hike. Easy trail was very easy. Probably good with a stroller.
More difficult was full of tree roots and rocks under the little snow. Closer to the top of more difficult trail you need crampons. It was pure ice due to the overflow.
From the lakes, the hike up the stairs has a nice lookout. At the very top you can cross the road for a nice mountain and lake view.
Outhouse on site.

Went on Nov 12th. Sunny. Temp -5. Trail spilt into more difficult and east. More difficult has lots of frozen icy surface which are extramely spiliry. lots of beautiful forest view and sunny mountain view. Trail beyond water fall is covered in frozen ice. Spikes are recommended for that part of the trail.
Grassi lakes at the end of the trail is very beautiful and not frozen so you still see the beautiful color of the water.
I would go back in summer again.

30 days ago

Fun hike! Trail was well marked. Did it Nov 13, 2018 (counter-clockwise) and didn’t need our Yak Trax. Went early in the morning and only saw a couple of bikers and one other hiker.

30 days ago

Pretty walk - great for morning strolls or jogs!

Enjoyable easy hike :)
Went 3 weeks a go a bit slippery in some spots but other then that a good fun hike.

Enjoyable easy hike :)
Went 3 weeks a go a bit slippery in some spots but other then that a good fun hike.

Enjoyable easy hike :)
Went 3 weeks a go a bit slippery in some spots but other then that a good fun hike.

Not recommended for the harder side in the winter unless you have good shoe spikes. Great views and a pleasant trail when recovering from a hard trail. Lots of traffic even in winter and much better than Quarry Lake all around.

We did this hike on November 3rd. It was beautiful. Hardly any snow.

Hike was awesome! Easy trail for sure! Highly recommend it, lots to see for sure!

1 month ago

This is a great area in Calgary. Lots of trail ribboning and it’s easy to lose your way if unfamiliar with the terrain. If you’re walking your dogs off-leash be careful of coyotes and deer. One will attack your pup and the other will make your dog chase it until it’s lost. Both scenarios have happened to me. My 2 Samoyeds were attacked by 4 coyotes- unsuccessfully. And I lost another for 4 hours when he bolted after a deer in the off leash area. This despite excellent training and recall. You never can tell. In any event we still love this area but remain vigilant when walking our “boys”.
Views are spectacular on clear days. No two visits are the same. Do yourself a favour and check it out. Don’t be a trail-pig. Pack out what you take in and pick up after your pet.

Easy. Beautiful. Worth the view

We do this loop with our dogs almost daily. It’s a great little getaway within the city but gets very busy on nice weekends. Has it’s fair share of trail-pigs who don’t pick up after their dogs or leave garbage laying around after picnics. City of Calgary does a great job of trying to keep it clean though. Track-set for cross country skiers in the winter. A local favourite

Beautiful place really easy hike but it was close to walk aground the lake or get to the other lakes, I posted a photo of it.
(I jumped the “fence” and walked a little bit up)

Great walk if you find yourself downtown Calgary and need a short break from the urban scene.

Went there yesterday looking for a nice easy hike as I'd just had my wisdom teeth out. It's ok, but you still feel very close to civilisation with the construction at the top, the exposed pipes and powerlines.

The easy way up is a steady incline, but a nice wide path. The hard way is flatter for the most part, and narrower. But you have to do some rocky steps at the end and step through some very shallow running streams. I prefered the hard way considerably.

The waterfall is running well.

Nice and easy hike. Has a beautiful panoramic view. However, around the lake there is a tape, so you cannot come very close or go to further to see other lakes. It's still worth seeing! The lake is beautiful.

1 month ago

Great walk but do not try and follow this trail as it’s difficult to follow. Just use points of reference for reference, the mountains, and the airport and you’ll have a great hike.

Ran this in an event. It was nice. But it’s a paved path.

Great little hike close to town.

Currently the trails around both lakes are still closed at the top due to road construction above, but it's still a worthy short climb for a great view.

'Easy' and 'More Difficult' routes are clearly marked. Choose more difficult for a hiking trail that comes to a beautiful waterfall. Trail is currently clear of ice/snow.

Easy is a wider, all-gravel path. Ice for the top 1/3 of the trail, but nothing too worrisome if you're careful.

Great little hike...slippery at the top with hard packed snow...beautiful scenery...recommend taking more difficult way up and road down... would go again.

1 month ago

Nice escape from the city, in the city.
Wagon/stroller friendly.
Will definitely be back.

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