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14Jul18 Joe from Montana!! You left your dog bag in our car!

Excellent hike with an amazing view at the top on a clear day!! Took me 2 hours and 45 minutes up with my dog needing breaks from the heat toward the top. The old trail up was pleasantly difficult and hard to find the trail toward the top. Diamond markers helps keep you on track thank goodness. I took the new trail down with many switch backs. That portion alone was 5.3 miles. I think this hike is longer than what is stated but wonderful none the less.

3 days ago

One of my favs! Heavy duty hike in full sun. If you're looking for a butt burner / vomit inducer start on Burma Road to Summit Trail, hiking up to First Kiss, then working the backside of Misery Ridge and ending at the Canyon Trail. Have fun and watch out for rattlesnakes, saw one a few weekends ago on the trail.

it was a great trail for beginners and going counterclockwise has better views of the mountain and overall was amazing

One of the best views I have seen so far. In around 120 degree , we can see 5 mountains, and if weather and luck permits, we can see sisters mountain too.
It was like a mountain view overload. Definitely recommend to anyone who wants to have a spectacular view of oregon/washington mountains.

Wow, what a workout! The view was amazing!
Old trail up, Old trail down, toes haven’t forgiven me yet. Hardest trail I ever hiked.

trail running
5 days ago

I went up the new trail and down the old trail. I packed light and alternated between jogging and “striding out“ on the steep sections. It took me 1 hour 40 minutes to the top. Here’s what I learned:

Top 10 tips hikers need to know for Mailbox Peak:

1. Parking is a nightmare. Instead of battling for a parking space, park 10 mins down the road at Twin Falls Middle School. Bring $2.75 (each way, so $5.50 total) or your Orca card to pay the fare. There is a sandwich board where to stand for the shuttle, which comes ever 10-15 minutes. You can’t miss it, and it beats the hassle of parking.

Note: there are pit toilets at the parking lot once you get dropped off from the shuttle and you walk uphill. Please close the lid of the toilet, guys.

2. Once dropped off by the shuttle, walk up the paved hill until you get to a gate across a gravel road (on your left). Just look for the big gate/bar across the road... That is the start of the trail. Follow this gravel road uphill until you get to the trailhead. (You’ll see a sign) Head left, and walk uphill until you get to the top!

Note: these directions are for the “new trail.“ If you want the “old trail,” keep going up this gravel road until you come to another sign on your left that indicates Mailbox Peak. Head left and up!

3. Most important tip: bring water. Seriously bring LOTS of water. There are no creeks, streams, or lakes. I jogged/fast-walked the entire thing, so I wasn’t hiking long, so I thought I could get away with just 2 liters. I STILL ran out of water 1/2 way down. Sure I survived, but I felt pretty gross driving back. Recommendation: bring a gallon of water. Yes it’s an obscene amount, but you will thank me. You will have a difficult time choking down that much water, so sprinkle some Kool-Aid powder or power aid mixture to give you an incentive to drink it.

4. Mailbox at the top: Bring a sticker for the mailbox. Don’t be that guy who puts food in the mailbox. That’s why there are flies everywhere—from the person that day who put a box of raisins to cook in the mailbox.

5. Old trail? Or new trail? Unless you are in marathon running shape, do NOT take the old trail up OR down. The old trail is very technical with lots of roots. Seriously you can’t walk 12 inches without getting your foot caught on a root, which is exhausting (or challenging!).

Recommendation: take the “new trail.” The volunteers who put the new trail together did an absolutely INCREDIBLE job with it. It’s smooth, rolling, and easy to pass people (double wide!). You will thank me! But if you choose the old trail, unless you run Spartan races continuously, you will tell yourself “We should’ve listened to that review on AllTrails.”)

6. Sunscreen, yes or no? Virtually the entire trail is shaded, which is perfect for summer hiking. Up until the last part, when you hop out onto the exposed rock, only then do you start to bake. Recommendation: right before you come out of the trees, slather up. Seriously the sun is 27,000,000°F and your dreams of your “light sunburn turning into a tan” is only an illusion.

7. Beer at the top? Yes, getting to the summit is exhilarating, but celebrating by drinking a diuretic is the last thing you want to do to your body. Remember, when you’re at the top you are only 50% done with the hike. 90% of mountaineering accidents happen on the way DOWN, when fatigue is setting in and gravity is pulling you down. You need to be on your A-game going downhill, not buzzed. Save the beer for when you get home, and even then re-hydrate. If you insist on sipping a beer at the top, just know there are a lot of people laughing at your pretentious hipster self.

8. 10 Essentials: bring them. From a first aid kit (including mole skin) to a flashlight. The only thing: bug repellent isn’t really necessary. There is no standing water nearby, and odds are when you are sitting up on the summit, away from the mailbox, there will be a slight breeze to keep the bugs away.

Tip: trekking poles will save your knees if you are hiking. Running? They will get in the way.

9. Save cell phone battery life: Using the All Trails app to record your hike, right after you press “record“ (at the start of your hike of course) switch your phone into airplane mode. This will save your battery and it will still be tracking your GPS signal. Tested on a very well-used battery on an iPhone 6s, and still had 80% battery life after the entire hike.

10. Dogs: there are quite a few. I love seeing them. But please if you’re a dog owner, bring bags for the dog poo and pack it out. Don’t kick the poop off the trail into the bushes... I know it’s “natural“ and there are a lot of animals that poop in the woods, but we can still smell it fermenting—especially after 100 dogs/day go on the trail. Plus dog poop has a very distinct odor that tends to ruin the moment. And of course, lots of water for doggo!

This is a fantastic hike that every WA hiker must go on.

-Beau Chevassus

6 days ago

Pretty tough trail but definitely worth the hike! Lots of stuff to see, unless it gets cloudy… but the sooner you get there, the less people you come across up on top. My girlfriend and me and 2 dogs have hiked this trail 5 times now and it’s normally super windy and rainy up top. There was a heavy downpour and crazy winds last time we got there and when we were approaching summit (there is this 3-way intersection) there was a group of about 8 stupid people blocking the trails on all 3 directions!!!!! And I told them repeatedly ‘excuse us, we’re coming through’ about 4 times and they ignored us… so we just zig-zagged our way through and I slipped and I hit my knee really hard on a rock AND almost rolled down the top of the mountain because I was trying to avoid stepping on someone’s backpack and these f*cking idiots didn’t even say sorry or anything, so I was furious but I stayed quiet… BUT if it had been my girlfriend that slipped and hurt herself instead of me I would have done something stupid, I’m sure! However, this older hiking couple (who were also waiting for these idiots to get out the way) saw everything and they went off on these idiots blocking the trail and told them to either move their stuff or don’t hike this sort of trails again bc they’re being incosiderate of other hikers. But anyway, I wouldn’t let this deter me from hiking Dog Mountain again it is a beautiful place. Also, on our last hike, I saw more litter than all the other times we’ve done this trail — we tried picking up as much as we could on our way down… PLEASE CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELVES AND YOUR DOGS AND TAKE THEIR SH*T BAGS DOWN WITH YOU DON’T JUST TOSS THEM ON THE SIDE OF THE TRAIL!!! If you bring something up the trail, bring it back down with you please!!!!!!

Also, make sure you bring tick repellents during spring/summer/autumn months! make sure your dogs have some sort of protection from ticks!!!!!

Listen, I read this and thought oh how nice, a short hike rated as “easy” and decided to go on a 90 degree July day. I also read a review that someone did it in flip flops and that it was fine. I thought “perfect, I’ll wear my sandals and we can spend the day at the water and relax.” WRONG! This trail is narrow and is on the side of a cliff and it’s slippery due to dust from being so dry. This trail is very inclined and even has a set of giant steps. GIANT STEPS AREN’T EASY! The trail even slants sideways at one point and this is where we decided to turn around because of our lack of proper shoes and not being able to pass it without fear of slipping down. We were about 1/4 mile in if that... so the good lord only knows what the rest of your “easy” rated trail entailed. I don’t know who you guys are trying to kid with your reviews. But it’s very frustrating to drive 40 minutes expecting a cake walk and to find mount Everest’s ugly sister.

The water was pretty though, what we saw of it.

7 days ago

Fairly easy hike. A few steep parts. You can get down to water at several places. Falls are amazing and it seems so is the fishing.

8 days ago

This little trail was a delightful find! Located right off the highway, this quick trail has it all...easy access, beautiful views, incline with gentle switchbacks, and a dreamy swimming hole. It was just what we needed on this hot July day.

on Cove Palisades Loop

8 days ago

This is actually the Tam-a-lau trail - not sure why it’s listed as a different hike on here.

Kicked my backside but it was worth it. Steep incline nearly the entire way to the top, but man, that view. Clouds hanging over some of the mountains robbed us of the full view but we'll be back to try again.

Parking is very limited unless you arrive there very early like 6:30 am and the trail is not difficult

7/6/2018 Incredible loop, my son and I hiked in from Berry Patch trailhead to Goat Lake with an overnight at Jordan Basin. The second day we went up to Hawkeye Point in the morning, then trotted the 4 miles back from camp to Berry Patch in the afternoon.

There is still a lot of snow: Goat Lake was still frozen over, with melt along the edges, and the campsites there were still in snow. The way from the Bypass Trail to Goat Lake was about 40-50% over snow, but easily navigable, with many short snow bridges over the numerous runoff streams. The scenery is magnificent as you come out above timberline on the Lily Basin Trail after the Snowgrass veers east to join the PCT. Enough wildflowers were out to provide constant interest. Camp at Jordan Basin was beautiful, with a view south to Mount Adams and water at the doorstep; we were alone except for a solo camper and several marmots. A cold night with a bit of skim ice on the water when we awoke.

The morning hike to Hawkeye (about 1,000 vertical from Jordan) was beautiful, with one long snow ridge (again, easily manageable). From Hawkeye we had a magnificent view taking in Rainier, Adams, the tip of Hood, and Mount St. Helens, only this last shrouded in clouds. Goat Lake is directly below.

The trail back to Berry Patch is a pleasant gradual descent through Jordan Basin and then into forest. Really an extraordinary hike, strenuous but not desperate on the way to Goat Lake.

9 days ago

I was happy to finally to made this hike happen on the 4th of July before work. This hike was absolutely one of my favorites in the gorge and recommend anyone to try it!

We got there early in the morning and there was hardly anyone there; which I hear is very rare to not come across a packed parking lot or have to get a permit to hike the trail. We brought a lunch, a jacket just in case, and made it up there in 3 hours or less.

Beautiful views along the way and the last mile can be a little steep, so get ready for a workout at that point. It was a little windy out there when we went, so I also recommend a jacket or something warm. The hike down is super easy and there are two ways to choose going up or down the path.

This is a great hike, amazing views at the top. It is very rocky, and could be hard on your dogs feet, so I recommend putting boots on their feet or leaving them at home.

10 days ago

Lovely trail, pulls at the start. I was in a cloud at the top so missed the views-I’ll try again later this summer. Pretty wildflowers.

One of the best trails in the area, beautiful 360 degree view. Last starch is pretty hard. It is more than 13 miles loop but not sure why it says 8.2 miles.

It is good challenging trail.

great little quick hike, good grade

amazing trail, but bring water, lots of water. I started at 2PM and it was like walking in an oven.

11 days ago

Great trail with beautiful views! Great for family with older kids (8+ years)

May be hard, but the view is totally worth it :) Will be doing again at some point and taking the other trails!

Great moderate hike with consistent incline. The wildflowers make me think I was in a western movie the entire time. The view is spectacular once you get on top.

on Steelhead Falls

13 days ago

One of the best waterfalls I’ve seen. Maybe because I’m biased and love central Oregon so much, though! The water is so green / light blue. Fun spot to jump off rocks :)

Hard!! need good shoe

13 days ago

Great trail. The wild flowers are a wonderful reward for all the hard work to get to the top of the mountain. Amazing views.

Compared to the Ed’s trail loop, this one is very steep and in the trees a lot without the speculator view. View at the top of the mountain is so gorgeous and would worth it and any car can access this TH. I don’t have a truck so didn’t have a choice this time but if I come with a friend with truck, I’ll start at the other TH. That being said, lots paint brush and fox grove are blooming in the open area and it was very pretty. How quiet it is also a bonus point for me

Hit this trail on a hot day it was perfect. The trail is easy with great views and the cliff jumping was awesome!!

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