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Amazing view at The Living Room! A mostly rocky, narrow trail. I was prepared to have a crowded trail, but I was alone except for a few people. Monday morning at 10:30am. I was able to sit in The Living Room alone for a half hour before anyone showed up. No snakes but lots of bumble bees. I was able to stop and rest as needed on the way up. Definitely a moderate trail. Very fun!

my son took me on this hike. It was a work out for me but I really enjoyed the scenery.

Moderate hike with amazing views of downtown Salt Lake City. Will def do again

fun easy hike with and it's fun to play in the water

1 day ago

Nice falls, was on all fours toward the end.

Beautiful wildflowers, streams and forestry make the hike enjoyable and the lake is fun. There were a few ducks we fed and sweet little side trails throughout. I loved It!

Hiked this mid July and started around noon. Start of trail you are more exposed. Then shade for majority of trail. With a 1 and 2y/o we took our time due to heat. Scenery beautiful and would have appreciated a few more signs.

The wildflowers on this trail are beautiful! The lake itself is a great payoff from this fairly short and sweet hike. This trail is one of the gems of Logan Canyon!

Decent hike to get you in shape for others. I personally enter the path through the scrub oak at the upper saddle and continue to wire mountain.

Fun hike for the family. The walk in has shade and the area near the falls is a great place to sit or walk in the water.

Awesome hike with my kids. Beautiful aspen woods, meadows of wildflowers, and we even sighted a moose right off the trail. A few annoying flies and mosquitoes, but insect repellent worked well. Very peaceful and tranquil up at the lake.
A few slippery sections, so make sure shoes with decent grip (especially for kids) are worn.

The first part was a lot steeper than I expected, even with the tips on these reviews. My 3 year old needed assistance.
The bugs were out in full force and we all got eaten, even with bug spray. The lake was pretty and the wildflowers were amazing, but not sure if I’ll do this one again until the seasons change and it’s a big cooler.

Still one of my favorites. Didn't see any moose this morning sadly. Lots of wildflowers and the trail has grown a lot since I was there a couple weeks ago.

This is kid friendly and my 4 year old just needed a little help making it on the steeper parts. The wildflowers are insane right now—so gorgeous!!

This is a favorite hike for our family. The waterfall is impressive. Try it in the winter if you haven’t! It’s a good workout and a fair climb but my young kids have all been able to do it.

An intermediate hike that's in a great location with great views. I love bringing out of town guests and my dog here, but watch out for snakes.

Usually it's pretty crowded. But a nice, quick, relatively easy hike to do after work with your dog.

Super fun trail! Even saw a friendly moose.

trail running
5 days ago

First little bit would be considered steep/hard, but one past that, you are on a flat path until you reach the lake.
We hiked up to the trees and hung our hammocks and had a nice camp fire going.
There are a lot of mosquitoes that will bite!
We saw 3 moose right before sunset and it was awesome, but one of them was about 8-9 feet away.
Very nice and easy hike after all. We loved it

Beautiful hike! If you go in the morning you can avoid the afternoon/weekend rush, as well as the heat. The trail has plenty of shade half way up.

Absolutely beautiful! It's an easy hike but if it's hot it can be a little difficult going back. It was worth it though. so beautiful! would definitely go back!

Awesome hike!! Easy enough for the little ones ranging from 3 (with a little help) -10 years.

This is a Goldilocks Trail - just the right distance, hard but not too hard, and a great mix of sun and shade. But most of all it was the wildflowers. Oh the wildflowers. Just breathtaking.

7 days ago

This easy to follow trail is good for the kids and a quick get away when time doesn’t allow for something longer. The flowers are in full bloom and the trees offer plenty of shade no matter what time of day you go. Be sure to carry plenty of bug spray as the flies are no respecter of sweaty flesh.

We truly loved this Trail. It was beautiful. once we made our way to the falls, it was easy to walk through the shallow or parts of the Little River to be able to see all sides. Highly recommended.

We hiked this trail all the way up to the waterfall last Sunday with our two dogs and 4 year old son. The first part with the switchbacks is just sand and not covered at all so our dogs definitely struggled through that on the way up and back. Once you drop into the canyon it is covered for the most part with fairly easy access to the water where our dogs cooled off. There are some areas that made us a little nervous with tow dogs and a child but everyone did great. We clocked it at right around 6 miles up and back, but we also took a wrong turn on the way back down. The waterfall was beautiful and our son had a blast playing in the water at the top. I would definitely say take snacks or a lunch and enjoy the waterfall while you rest. Also take water! We thought we had enough and definitely could have used more. We did encounter areas that had a substantial amount of wasps but walking right through them was no problem and they didn’t bother us. Also saw one rattle snake on the way up but he was off to the side and moving away from us with no issues.

8 days ago

Who doesn't like a good morning exercise hike to sit in the living room and enjoy the view!

It's a fairly steep climb with only a decent view at the top. Parts of the trail were pretty, though. We went around 9am mid-June and didn't see many other people.

I’ve done this hike several times and love it. Went today and there were quite a bit of wasps throughout the trail. Thought I’d leave a review for people who may have kids that are easily spooked. However, from my experience this is not the norm.

Vey easy hike, until you get to the falls. If you want to hike to the top, plan to get your feet wet. Totally worth the effort, it's even great for kids!

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