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trail running
2 days ago

I loved this trail... A little popular but for a good reason; it's Beautiful. ❤️

I did only run this and I have to admit that biking seems like it would prove testing.

As far as challenge, it's easy, flat and paved allowing you to easily admire the views.

I look forward to driving back from the Seattle area just to run this again.

This is not a trail it’s a sidewalk

Great trail near to the heart of downtown

12 days ago

Even on an overcast day the trail afforded very nice views, especially from the southern bend of Emerald Lake. I extended the hike over Yoho Pass (nothing special) and continued to Yoho Lake (isolated and very pretty) before turning back. Unless you really enjoy a long uphill in increasingly deep snow the work/view tradeoff for heading out to Yoho Lake probably isn't worth the effort at this point in the season.

13 days ago

Hiked today the trail was icy in spots after the early snows. The trail was muddy in other spots, but passable. There are numerous spots to take pictures of the scenery.

Quick out and back with a great view from the rock. Always a bit busy but trail goers keep the trail clean.

16 days ago

Super easy walk to a spectacular view. Could see it being really busy on a nice day

Very nice trail! And a great view!

26 days ago

We just did the hike around the lake as had a stroller and three year old in tow. Was beautiful and very quiet; we only saw a handful of people the whole way round even though there were a lot of tourists in the parking lot and on the bridge at the beginning taking photos.

This is definitely a touristy thing to do. It costs around $50 per person. I also wouldn't call it a trail. There is wooden pathways through the forest, some go up into the trees and others go along the forest floor. I didn't have an issue with crowds at I went on a Thursday morning. Grabbed a bus from Vancouver and it dropped us off couple minutes away. The bridge was pretty cool. It is a long suspension bridge. Having done it, I wouldn't feel the need to do it again, but if you can get there during a weekday, it's a pretty neat thing to see.

I’d say this trail is more moderate than easy. It would be easy for the fit seasoned hiker, so overall a more moderate-easy for the average joe. There are a large amount of stairs initially, then more nearer the middle and a ton near the end of the hike downwards which you then have to come up on your way back. The only downside is how heavily trafficked the trail is.

28 days ago

A short hike, most of which is pretty easy going. The first part of the trail is pretty boring but the falls make up for it. Suitable for all levels including kids.

Hike to the basin. Totally worth it.

1 month ago

Amazing. Very wooded trail & heavily forested.
Back-country Trail & NOT official, therefore not maintained !

Was pouring the whole way & had been raining last few days, so not the best time to visit perhaps for many. Muddy, large puddles, slippery, etc. But then having said that, on the bright side all the streams were boasting great roaring flows (& yes many streams to cross & lots of tree roots, large stones. Be careful sometimes the sturdy looking log/root/stone wobbles unexpectedly while the precarious looking one performs surprisingly stable !!).

I was doing the hike alone & then also rushed it coz started late. Gate closes 7pm.
Full return from Kennedy Falls took exactly 3.5 hrs BUT I would strongly recommend taking the time to do this. And that's the whole point anyways. Or else can be quite painful on joints and also dangerous. Typically 4.5 hrs would be reasonable.

---Proper foot wear---Proper foot wear---Proper foot wear--..........IS A MUST !!!

For rainy days need to be adequately prepared. Poncho worked best for me along with highly water-proof hiking boots. No real place to sit & picnic, etc. More like a full walk return hike with almost no stopping. Of course the falls at the end are completely worth it. However during drier times, might be possible to find a clearing or two enough to take rest but do need to carry a mat or something along to lay on the ground.

Definitely not for the casual hikers out there.
Need to be aware of surroundings & always on the look-out (mostly for correct foot placement but I've read in other reviews that Bear sightings have occurred).
Trail marking wise I would say not bad but not super easy either. Sometimes did have to look around for the next one. So better always to start early while daylight lasts. You really don't want to be caught in this place after dark.

Would do it again at the slightest chance !!

Love rollerblading here!!! Great for a run or a simple walk after work.

on Emerald Lake Trail

1 month ago

Really great trail! Parking lot is small so we had to park on side of the road but wasn’t too far. I took my 7 and 4 year old kids with me. We didn’t do the uphill part, but we did the trail that takes you all around the lake. It was 7.5 km and took us 2 hrs with stops for the kids to play by the lake, which you could do at 3 or 4 spots where the trail levels out to the lake. Easy walk, no major steep sections. Muddy in some parts, for sure. Lots of great views. Many people come to get a glimpse of the lake but few do the trail, making it relatively quiet along the way. Highly recommended.

Nice short hike , nice view up top .

Beautiful scenic ocean views, gorgeous huge trees and mossy forest. I loved it here and look forward to going back! Well behaved dogs are allowed to be off leash which is fantastic. It's steep in some parts but really well maintained.

The most beautiful trees, moss and water tides I have ever seen!

Easy and dog friendly

1 month ago

A short and easy hike. Not many hikes give you such a great reward at the end!

Be prepared to get drenched with spray if you get anywhere near the falls (I did it on a cold day, luckily the hike back isn’t long!)

beautiful beautiful beautiful

Wonderful place to be

Great hike along the lake !

on Soames Hill Loop

1 month ago

Great for cardio, nice view to sit and cool down.

Pacific Spirit Regional Park is huge. So many trails to explore. I walked the Sasamat, Clinton, Salish trails and back (about a 6.7 km loop) in a little less than 2 hours. It was a good route. Flat and safe for everyone. Will be back to check out the other trails.

beautiful short hike! in between with stairs and sometimes steep, but lovely through the woods and easy to walk. the view is amazing! it is a quite short hike so easy to hike in between a stop for ice cream and swimming in Gibson ;)

1 month ago

We did this trail in the end of June - and it was awesome! As soon as you get to the elevation gain there aren’t many people around :)
Once it goes up, it’s quite steep and after seeing the emerald glacier just keep going and going - way further than the route here displays and you will get rewarded with spectacular views. When we were there, there was still snow up from avalanches. Highly recommended!!

showed up later in the evening. still had many people but some areas were clear of crowds and you could appreciate the views and sounds. while it is a tourist trap, the views are beautiful.

1 month ago

Our local hike when living in Gibsons. Lovely views from the top. Nice little hike for a light sweat and a good view.

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