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1 day ago

I’d put this on the easier side of moderate, took the Indian trail up and The bridal trail down, just under 2 hours.

fun hike yesterday. a bit hazy but still beautiful at the top

Enjoyed the trail and the ledge trail that added an additional mile.

5 days ago

Beautiful trail. Very easy trail, hiked it with a 2 year old.


Beautiful view

I think this a moderate to hard trail. lots if trails to access different areas of the mountain side. Each has their own level of difficulty. well worth the effort for the views. Gorgeous!

nice hike Ringo loved it.

I found getting to the top challenging. Definitely worth the trip

12 days ago

Great place for a nature hike! I came across a Porcupine in the wooded area.

This trail was more challenging than I had expected. I hiked it alone and wish I had someone with me. I lost the trail twice near the top due to fewer blazes. The chimney was more of a challenge than I had anticipated as well. Again if I had someone with me it would have been easier. I would not recommend kids or dogs on this trail. Still a great hike though.

14 days ago

Outstanding hike, as good as it gets. Prepare to use all fours in spots. I completed this in early September. It was 75 and completely clear. I am so spoiled. It was tough on my knees, going up and coming down. The views are second to known. I went up the Hunt Trail and came back down the Abol Trail.

The views are well worth it!

Very memorable hike with my son and grandson. Tough in spots. Awesome views.

15 days ago

Local favorite. My dog enjoys this walk tremendously! Absolutely beautiful in all seasons.

15 days ago

Absolutely stunning. Long path prior to getting on the actual mountain. Worth it.

By far one of my favorite challenging trails in Maine.

Great hike wish I’d done it sooner

Great hike

Trail is not easy should be rated as moderate for sure. Steep in many areas. Went up the north trail and down the south trail. For sure the views were better on the south side. Trails need to be fixed in some areas where logging has been happening. Also trail is very thin in areas, in need of work.

This was a fantastic hike, but very challenging. You will see some amazing views and trails full of variety (stone, plant life, mushrooms, etc). But it was a difficult climb, sometimes almost vertical - and dangerous in places. Leave kids and pets at home and be very careful - I nearly bit it a couple times. The chimney is fun, but difficult to maneuver at 6' tall and 47 year old bones :)
The pond is very rewarding - so peaceful and beautiful. The trip down Brook trail was a little dull after the exciting ascent up Loop and the beauty of the pond, but still worth it. So be careful, but give this one a try.

19 days ago

This is a FULL day of hiking. Luckily the cloud cover was so thick that you couldn’t see 25 feet in front of you. That kept the July temps down (mid-90’s in town). I’m 49. I’ve recently done some notable hikes including Angels Landing. This was harder. My 20 y/o son concurs. The uphill is moderately difficult. The descent is unforgiving. Several ppl reversed course, went back up and took Abol down.

Bring extra food and water for this one. Expect every type of terrain it’s possible to see on the East Coast.

20 days ago

Very easy casual hike to the falls, good sized waterfall and gorgeous canyon and river.

Read the trail description before deciding on bringing dogs and kids. The trail is not well marked, but easy to follow. Even the most agile dogs will need help climbing the metal rungs in the chimney section. The difficult section is not very long but could be dangerous for children. With those caveats in mind it is a phenomenally fun hike with rewarding views, blueberries(in season) and a cool mountain lake for swimming or just viewing. The last 1.5 miles is just a dirt road walk from The Brook Trailhead back to the Loop trailhead so stash a bike or a car if you can.

23 days ago

Beautiful, but extremely challenging! The boulder scramble got me. Met guite a few thru hikers who were smiling the whole way up.

Great hike but not great views. would totally do it again.

This trail is well maintained and an easy hike for adults and kids. Wide and easy to follow. The waterfall is always fun to go see and you don’t have to go far in to get there.

24 days ago

very nice ok trail maintenance

Took the bridal trail up and down with two 15-pound dogs no problem. Beautiful view at the top.

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