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I brought 2- 8 year old boys on this hike on the 1st day of summer vacation. It was a lot of work for them but well worth it. What a great day!!

The falls were amazing. My son enjoyed playing in the water. There were soooo many people though. Some allowed their kids to act badly which toom away from the experience (but it was beautiful).

What a great hike! My son and I climbed into the lower falls to enjoy the water. We weren't alone!!

1 month ago

Ranks as toughest and most scenic hikes of my life.

1 month ago

Beautiful trail in the snow! The falls were amazing with ice forming all around them. I recommend yak traks though, I was wearing my winter boots and found it slippery on the wooden walk way.

Excellent trail. Moderate to easy. The view from the fire tower was worth the climb up.

Absolutely breathtaking views with hoarfrost in the alpine zone. We went last weekend and temperatures were below freezing with windchill in the negative. Needless to say we did not linger at the top, and decided to forgo the loop for a less buffeting frigid experience.

Can imagine this being a hotspot in the summer due to waterfalls lining the trail. We prefer lonelier hikes and due to the ice and conditions we only saw a handful of hikers.

Easy hike minus the ice- but brutal if you’re not used to it. Most of the trail is quite literally stairs- best quad and butt workout we had in awhile- therefore awesome!!

Will come back but probably in spring or fall :)

A moderate to hard trek for the avid hiker. The waterfalls along the way distract you from the incline. The view above the alpine line is phenomenal, but it was VERY cold & windy. There was a good bit of ice on the trail towards the top as well. I look forward to repeating this hike in warmer weather.

Great views at the peak, you will certainly work to get there. Come prepared as the peak can be a good 30-40 degrees colder due to wind. Sometimes there is ice and snow near the top of the trail so proceed with caution.There are several waterfalls on the way up.

Enjoyed this hike. Steep going up but ladders & cable was anchored very well.

This was the first physical activity I had done in 6 months, upon walking..I was exhausted and felt like I was going to pass out, it is not an easy trail. But it was well worth it! Even after sunset and close to dark it was so stunning.
There are roots and small rocks scattered around, so it’s a good idea to bring sneakers with grippy soles or hiking boots. You definitely have to watch your step.

3 months ago

The only annoying part was the long dirt road to get to the trail head ! I was the only one hiking, and it was very peaceful. Although I started it later than most would recommend (4:15pm) in mid October I was back down at the car by 5:30pm. However, I did run most of the way down because I wanted to catch the sunset on my drive by Mount Blue State Park on the way out. Great hike overall. Stunning views at the top and very windy.

Loved this place! And so did my dog! It connects up with other trails. Definitely wear some good water-resistant foot gear!

Rocky with beautiful views!

3 months ago

perfect short easy hike for family and pets! beautiful waterfall!

First hiked it during the 80s and still love this beautiful short walk.

3 months ago

Very nice and beautiful

Stunning Views follow this fairly rigorous hike. Plenty of friendly folks on our way up and down the trail.

3 months ago

Great for kids and leashed dogs. Lots of great things to see along the way to the amazing falls!

on Screw Auger Falls

3 months ago

Lovely and interesting waterfall, but crowded. Nice stop for a rest after hiking.

3 months ago

Amazing views from the top between trees with wonderful fall foliage. Not a lot of space at the top for picnic, but we find a little one to enjoy the view. Very steep, but extensive and nice to hike. Lovely waterfall on the way back.

Unfortunately, it was an overcast day when I hiked this trail but I enjoyed it nonetheless. I recommend hiking the loop counterclockwise. I think I would have missed the memorial if I had hiked clockwise. If you combine this hike with French Mountain which is about 4 miles away in the only side of Maine 27, you'll end up hiking 2.5 miles with about 600 feet in elevation.

on Tumbledown Mountain Trail

3 months ago

While this app is helpful, the Maine Mountain Guide should be everyone’s go to for info before this hike to avoid any surprises. The Loop Trail is very strenuous and dangerous if wet. Having said that, my son and I did Loop Trail up, then the Brook Trail down, only because of the “Chimney” portion, and I think climbing up the metal rungs is easier than coming down. I would advise no dogs on the Loop Trail because of this spot, but that just my opinion.
Once you reach the Tumbledown Boulder (which you can’t miss) you start to gain most of your elevation. This is were it starts to get strenuous. It stays that way until you reach the “Chimney “ The blue blazes in spots were sometimes hard to locate but the beaten path helped guide us. Once past the Chimney, it levels off shortly, then it opens up to the metamorphic rock that you can see at the top, then eventually you can look down on Tumbledown Pond. This hike can get very crowded so we left the parking lot by 8:30 am, and were at the top by 11:30, seeing only 3 others. At the top there were a few people scattered about but didn’t feel crowded. After 1/2 hour or so taking in the beautiful views, we came down the Brook Trail. A lot of boulder scrambling at first, followed by some rocky and muddy spots, then what looked to be like a dry riverbed. Then it eventually turned into a tote road. We made it back by 1:10. 4 1/2 hrs round trip. Once back on the road, it was evident at how busy it can get with the amount of cars along the road.
Don’t let the elevation fool you. This is a very strenuous hike no matter the trail to the top. Read the guide, plan accordingly. Don’t just rely on this app as evidenced by others who were “surprised” at what they encountered. Also, have fun! This hike has amazing views!

Great Hike! We took Parker Ridge Trail up and came down Brook trail. Lots of cars at the parking lot, but only saw one group of hikers on Parker Ridge as they were coming down. Got to top, lots of people and dogs. Beautiful views. Roundtrip mileage with these two trails came out to 6.29 miles which is longer than the mileage noted on any trail info we had seen. It was a bit challenging at times because we had our dog with us. He did great and we've renamed him Mountain Goat!

3 months ago

Nice little trail with limited, but beautiful views to the north and west.

nature trips
3 months ago

Wonderful fall time walk. Going down to the gorge was very slippery but So beautiful. The dogs loved it.

3 months ago

Beautiful little hike, keep an eye out for the picnic table in the middle of the stream.

Not that difficult, with a great view. Just hang left when you’re starting out, it’s a quicker route to the top and the hike downhill after the summit is easier on the legs.

This is a stunning hike but make sure you've come properly prepared. It can be 70°- 80° at the trailhead and 40° at the summit. Hypothermia is a serious possibility if you are drenched in sweat and don't have the right clothing at the summit.

This trail is mostly stairs which can be extremely taxing.

There are several waterfalls and overlooks but it might be too cloudy to see anything.

Super tough
Great hike
Wasn’t expecting the ‘chimney’ with my dog
Carrying a 70 lb. lab up that wasn’t fun
He made it
Not super dog friendly unless you have a harness and a sling for your 4 legged friend
We used a sweatshirt as a sling. Loved the pond at summit - did this with two kids, 11∧13, and my husband. Will def go back

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