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mountain biking
29 minutes ago

A few days after week long rains, and this trail was perfectly doable. A couple of soggy spots, but nothing bad. Pay attention to signage because it's easy to miss the Summit turnoff. Fun ride, did it with a 12 year old but I don't think my 10 year old could do it yet.

off trail
3 hours ago

Beautiful views and feels very relaxing,

Great hike! Lots of choices and not too strenuous. Bikers on the trails so have to share. Went off trail a bit to get close to Lake Hodges and rest a bit and enjoy the tranquility. Spotted a coyote 30 ft from us taking a drink by the shore. We spooked him and he ran off.

5 hours ago

It rocks. I was told there was a Starbucks at the top but there wasn’t, so I’m extremely disappointed

5 hours ago

Went after a good rain. Falls had more water than what I had heard. Good hike for city limits!

great hike.. all charged up for MLK Day..

13 hours ago

Great trail. Good loop around Lake Poway.

Liked how the trail was flat and had only a few small hills. loved how it allowed you to walk next to the stream time and time again and led to the waterfall. loved the hike :) but even though it was flat, it was long. be prepared to walk back the 3 mi to your car. we turned back at the waterfall. gates close at 5 and there is a $3 parking fee .

Not too difficult until the last half mile. It's a nice hike and doable with a dog. Pretty crowded though, but we didnt start as early as I would like.

I love this trail, but man, was it packed with people and dogs this morning! There was some sort of wilderness course taking place as well. Few puddles from the recent rain, but nothing to derail you.

It took us around 3 hours but we had a slower dog in tow, so we moved somewhat slowly and stopped frequently.

no shade
1 day ago

This trail is a bit brutal if the sun is out. There isn’t any shade and it’s about five miles of steep grade switch backs. However, do not give up! The payout is amazing, and I saw a few adorable sheep. Bring lots of water!

This trail comes to life if you hike just after a rain. The oak creek babbles it’s way to the San Diego River watershed. It’s quite a joy to see the small waterfalls in action.

2 days ago

Simply one of my very favorite places in San Diego. A gorgeous trail around the lake great for walking, jogging or biking. Go before sunset and the air is crisp and cool. I love the smell of the eucalyptus trees here!

a good exercise hike not so much for adventure due to it being paved the whole way up but overall a good workout! and great views

3 days ago

Please be aware that beyond Mirror Lake the trail is actually in avalanche terrain and not recommended in the winter!
Stay safe!

trail running
3 days ago

Great heart pumper to get your day going. Up and down in 38 minutes jogging/hiking. Trail running shoes help a lot with the rocky terrain. Dogs loved it! Only met 3 other people on a Friday morning. Pretty good for Mission trails which is always busy.

This trail was so steep! It was very hard, but the climb was worth the view!

Really enjoyed this trail. The actual “potato chip” was cool to see but surrounded by a ton of people. The trail in itself is I think the actual draw as it had great views and a nice amount of incline. Couldn’t find any bathrooms here but there are facilities four minutes up the road at the Iron Mt trailhead.

6 days ago

A decent little walk. Something to bring the relatives on that don’t hike much. Agnes Lake is beautiful but the teahouse can get packed up pretty quick. Go early if you can.

Beautiful view, easy to anyone!

7 days ago

We did this before sunset & it was really enjoyable from the top. It definitely can be busy, especially during the weekends, but it’s do-able. It was pretty easy. The incline wasn’t bad at all. Just watch footing for slippery rocks.

8 days ago

Love this short yet Steep hike. Beautiful views.

8 days ago

A good hike but crowded

8 days ago

Great hike with slight downhill grade to the very end. Follows the creek and crosses it a few times with small bridges. The narrow path was muddy and, in some places, was filled with water from that morning's rain. It's a tradeoff: a little mud and water-soaked areas, but you get to see the "waterfall" with more volume. If you want to continue to Horned Lizard Trail, take the west fork at the waterfall. The trail described here ends with a 'No Trespassing' sign to the west (blocking a connection to the fire road).

Did this hike on Sunday, January 13th 2019.

I’ll first start off by mentioning that you should pay no attention to those who say “you’re not really making the effort if you don’t hike the long way”. I’m calling all you out.
This was a good SOLID leg burning, heart pumping hike. This said after hiking down and back up out of Havasupai. Hats off to those I saw jogging it. Going to use this route to prepare for Whitney amongst others.
Do your research here. 1200’ over 2 miles = don’t be silly and try to take your kids up it after church on Sunday unless you know they can do it.

Great views await you at the top, from the Coronado Islands, Downtown, Cowles Mountain and up to Oceanside/Camp Pendleton even with the cackle of folks waiting, posing and trying to get that perfect photo on the “chip”. Would love to come up here to see some of those late summer sunsets.

If you are looking for a quiet, relaxing, back to nature hike, THIS IS NOT THE ONE. Go somewhere else to enjoy yourself and if you do decide to hike here and are looking for that, then don’t complain.

Dog owners: pick up your damn dog $h!t and haul it down with you. No one is going to do it for you, and as the signs say, there is no “poop fairy”. I was completely taken back by the lack of respect and endless baggies of crap tossed and conveniently placed for “pickup”. Respect the spot and the outdoors, or you might end up on the wrong side of a flying turd. Karma’s got her eye on you.

1st time hiking Kwaay Paay. Intense quick hike. Very steep. I surely had fun. Loved the stairs. I'll definitely do this more often. I usually hike Cowles mtn... love it, but it's always crowded unlike Kwaay. Saw only 7 people during my afternoon hike.


way to crowded! trail is ugly

11 days ago

great quick intense hike. part of the trails are narrow so be aware if you have your pup with you.

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