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8 days ago

Stunning snow hike with friends and dog. The sights were absolutely glorious when we hiked out of the cloud that took up the parking area. Great snow for either a hike or feel free to put on your snow shoes over a mile in. A+, would recommend to anyone looking for pristine views of Hood

Lots of up and down which we like. Beautiful views of the river. Easy enough for our 4 year old but not boring.

My girlfriend and I went on a beautiful day hike with plenty of sun and 40º+ weather. Overall, we enjoyed the hike. Here are some facts and opinions: You follow the Clackamas River most of the entire way, the sound is never far away. The road is about the same. Powerlines are also there to say hello several times throughout the way. The old growth groves are impressive and there are also a couple other tree groves that you'll go in and through along the way that make for nice variation. The hike is just moderate by any non-paved standard. There are several nice little falls along the way, with the big one at the end being the finale. They are nice and pretty, but definitely not "more impressive than Multnomah Falls".

We did find a few poo'bags but besides that it was appreciably trash free. Some mud on the trail, nothing crazy... but white tennis shoes will get a taste of the wild.

Overall, I recommend this hike as somewhere to go to explore and not be too picky about everything always being perfect.

Some overgrowth once you hit the power towers, love that you're walking right along the hillside often.
You get a clear view of The Narrows but once at the falls you don't got much of an area besides standing to look.
The best place is .3 before the falls when you cross the Creek on those rocks.
All in all good for those wanting to try more than 'easy' but in my experience the ending wasn't too grand.

Overall, not a bad hike at all. Pleasant meandering among old growth, great views of the Clackamas river, not too far from Portland yet not crowded...HOWEVER....the trail offers nothing truly spectacular, and about 1/3 of a mile of it is almost directly ON highway 224. The worst is the trash and sketchy tweaker cars parked at random trailheads along the way, waiting for you to leave your vehicle alone for several hours

Pictures do not do this waterfall justice! It’s beautiful and worth the long hike. It took about 4 hours to complete so to its distance but it was not a very strenuous hike. It had a couple hills but none too challenging for the everyday hiker. My girlfriend and I hiked it in mid winter and found that there were a couple more beautiful small waterfalls on the trail. Like a 4 in one hike! One of the most beautiful and our most favorite hikes of all. We’ve hiked many trails and seen many water falls and this is definitely one of our favorites because of the beautiful terrain and creeks and falls on the way in and the sheer beauty of the main falls. Absolutely stunning.

21 days ago

Lots of sledding close to the parking lot.
For snowshoeing I would suggest walking close to the river for the best experience!

Hiked it yesterday starting from the Indian Henry trailhead. As far as trails go...meh. It’s not nearly as challenging as stated above and I’m not in particularly good shape. No snow but tons of ice so be careful

The good: it’s not too far from Portland and easy to find. The old growth and views of the river are beautiful and there are some great camping spots.

The bad: it’s not too far from Portland. I went on New Year’s Day and ran into 7 people, but I’m guessing any other day of the year the place is overrun with Subaru man-bun instagramers. Also, the trail never veers very far from highway 224, So you’re always in ear shot of Kenny-ray and his big ass diesel Chevy tearin’ down the highway. Lastly, a lot of the hike is under high tension power lines.

Overall...it’s meh

Nice trail with a perfect amount of uphill climb, nothing too strenuous. Went in the middle of the day and only passed a couple of people. Trail was easy enough but icy patches and fallen trees added a nice challenge. The rocks were icy and slippery going over the creeks. This is appropriately rated as moderate. I didn’t find the views during the hike or falls at the end all that great.

My girlfriend and I have been on many hikes all across Oregon and this was definitely one of our favorites of them all! It took us 4 hours to complete the round trip. The main falls were stunning and one of the most beautiful waterfalls. The trail contained some beautiful views along with many other smaller waterfalls that made the 8 mile hike worth it!

This was a nice hike through the woods along the river. There was just a dusting of snow in certain spots.

The last 5 miles to the trail head is slow. A 4 wheel vehicle is needed. I would say it’s more of an overnight camping spot for the amount of work to get there.

Enjoyed this hike. Beautiful fall leaves this time of year!

Do not take children or dogs on this trail. Our dog had one mis-step on the narrow trail and slid and then tumbled into a ravine. He fell so far that we couldn't see him, and we thought he had been killed for sure. We got him out and were unbelievably lucky that he could walk himself back to the trailhead (and that we didn't get injured rescuing him). I have no proof, but I agree with other posters that this trail seemed longer than 7.3 miles.

2 months ago

Steep but up and down. Beautiful foliage.

Harder side of easy. It’s 80% hills, though none are too steep or too far up or too far down. If you’re looking for a ‘flat’ kind of easy, (I was thinking for my mom with arthritis) this ain’t it. The trail is really well maintained, no dangerous areas. The trailhead sign is hard to see but easier to see coming from the south (campground).

This was a beautiful hike! As others have stated, my only complaint is that you could see the road most of the time. Everything else was so beautiful that it didn’t really bother me. I definitely recommend going during the beginning of fall because it’s so beautiful when the leaves are starting to change and fog is dwelling around the trees. The waterfall was much bigger than I expected. Not very trafficked - even for a Saturday. We hung out at the waterfall for a good 30-45 min before people arrived.

It was 10 miles round trip to Pup Creek Falls from the Pup Creek trail head. Took me about 4 hours round trip which included fast walking and about 35 min of playing around at the falls. The trail does have some mileage markers which is nice. The falls has 3 tiers and I believe the second tier is accessible by climbing steep rocks. Overall, great hike and another beautiful PCNW waterfall.

Beautiful. Only downfall is you never get away from the road noise or power lines. Saw multiple camp spots along the river. Would recommend wearing hiking boats there are a lot of rocks on trail. There is a swimming hole above the first fall.

This is a beautiful easy to hike Clackamas River Trail.
The trail has enough elevation to make it worth while to wake up for and have a light workout without getting too exhausted by end of the day.
It is advisable to wear a pair of shoes with good traction and tracking polls are very highly recommended.
Have fun and enjoy every step of the hike.

This falls is well worth the hike!

If you do this from the campsite, which is where Google maps directed me to, it’s just over 8 miles, campsite to campsite. Pretty hike. Nice to hear the river. Not too many cars so I was rarely aware when I was near the road, which wasn’t often. Lots of ups and downs, old growth and new.

Such a blast! Hiked about a month ago towards the end of July. Moderately trafficked, very few people at the waterfall. You can scurry up to the mid-level pool of the waterfall for a dip in the water and/or go for a swim from the parking lot.

Such a blast! Moderately trafficked, very few people at the waterfall. You can scurry up to the mid-level pool of the waterfall for a dip in the water and/or go for a swim from the parking lot.

Beautiful hike, close to a road- but a quiet one, so noise was never an issue. Lots of lovely places to stop and eat lunch + nearly constant views of the Clackamas river. Many very small water crossings, never an issue- even in early spring. Trail is very narrow and close to cliff edges at points, but as long as you're paying attention to your footing their isn't a reason to be afraid. Falls has a small viewing area, which can be frustrating if there are groups of hikers.

a nice hike, though it is near a road so not as remote as I'd prefer. the waterfall is so worth it though!

So the directions take you to Riverside Camp ground which is fine and we started there, but there is a sign just before it’s a small wood sign on a tree and there is a parking lot so if your directions say 1 mile left start looking for the sign. Was a great hike for newbies definitely going back and did not see a waterfall

I will be going again but definitely not kid friendly. Next time I'll just take my aussie. It is worth it and beautiful. just not with clumsy kids or dogs. (i have a older aussie who did great and a young pit who did not! they have both done great on trails before this was just too long for my 1.5 year pup)

The falls are amazing! Very quiet trail...even on the weekend.

Saw a bunch of small snakes too

Was there 3-4 days ago and see I may have walked past another Murray. Nice hike the river was a needed with the hot weather.

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