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It’s a beautiful overlook. Steeper than you think but short. There’s street parking at the trailhead.

3 hours ago

We ended up picking a really hot day to do this one and it was a little miserable at parts; I'd like to come back on a cooler day, probably it'd get a better rating after that. Looking at other reviews, I guess we didn't make it past the first stage of the hike, but we were looking for something wheelchair accessible so we might not have been able to enjoy the nicer parts anyway. We did see some wildlife--birds and butterflies, mostly. Pretty high traffic, there were even cars driving on the trail.

off road driving
3 days ago

Amazing view of the mine and other areas. We did however see a mountain lion

3 days ago

Very good trail quality, but lots and lots of bees. Very little shade.

A bit short, but the view is fantastic.

good intense walk

It was a pretty boring trail until you hit the creek which was a lot more fun. Pretty view of bridal veil but nothing you can’t see from the highway. No one else on the trail which was nice. The stone couch was a nice place for a picnic.

Not bad hike to gain some elevation to watch the sunrise

This isn’t really a “hike” per say..but more of a nature walk. It is really pretty and you can venture off the paved path onto several other small dirt trails. We came across a bobcat and quite a few wild turkeys which was really cool. There’s not shade everywhere so it’s best to walk this earlier in the day.

STEEP!!! If you’re looking to gain as much elevation as possible within a short distance, look no further. The trail is ruthless on the ascent and descent if you choose to not do the loop. Save your knees and descend via the loop. Throughout the trail, you have a beautiful view of the city and an even better view from the top. Start early to beat the heat since there isn’t much shade. Overall, decent trail (besides all the snakes).

25 days ago

Loved it. Very easy hike even for a beginner like me. Parts of it are steep but I went up and down in like half an hour. Good for a nice workout.

Though we've walked this trail many times, this is the first time we stayed past dark. It's amazing to watch the city light up after dark. It may be a good place for stargazing too. Keep in mind in the summer, since it gets dark later to park in the right spot so you don't get ticket. After 10pm they issue parking tickets of $30. (Which rise all the way to $150 if not paid within a particular time period.)

Nice paved hike. Inclined at some areas but not bad

I thought the view was great but there was graffiti and trash all over. Kind of disappointing. And, while labeled easy, it’s a bit of a uphill and not easy for many.

28 days ago

Our favorite hike! It starts on a dirt road with a pretty intense uphill walk but opens up onto a creek running down the mountain. You can go as far as you want up the mountain following along the creek. It goes quite a ways! Nicely shaded in the afternoon.

29 days ago

Beautiful! You can use the paved road that goes into the park. There are shaded areas, especially as it starts out. However there were a lot of mosquitoes, gathered around along the creek and anywhere there was standing water. Sometimes they were in swarms and relentless. The bikers could easily zoom through, but, as I was on foot, I ran through them! I did not have mosquito repellent on, so next time, I will be sure to use some! Otherwise very pretty area and views of the canyon.

Easy hike to the top at Ensign Peak! Beautiful views! A bit rocky but somewhat easy to navigate. Also a fun place to watch planes take off in the distance. Beautiful view of The Great Salt Lake.

Great view of the Mine and some of the city. Trail isn’t hard but it’s bumpy and dusty. Lots of traffic on weekends. This is a “must do” for everyone who gets a new 4x4 in Salt Lake. Super easy

Usually it's pretty crowded. But a nice, quick, relatively easy hike to do after work with your dog.

It's a short hike. Lovely view of the valley and great spot to enjoy sunset/sunrise.
However, there is always someone up there.

off road driving
1 month ago

Wouldn't much care to hike this trail. It's clearly a road meant for vehicles. Very dusty so you'd be eating dirt if you were walking. Views from up top are pretty incredible. The pit mine is impressive, if somewhat guilt-inducing for what we humans have done to the Earth, but the modern city beyond was built with a lot of copper wire. Sort of like looking past the carcass of a slaughtered cow to a nice filet mignon dinner. But I digress...

Great drive and I highly recommend continuing on to Tooele or Heriman, depending on which direction you came in from. Both sides of the mountain are beautiful.

1 month ago

Went for an evening hike. Not a single soul but our group. First part is pretty steep, then turns into a walk along the stream. We crossed at several points, but that wasn't necessary. Saw a few snakes, so be aware of what's on the trail. Overall, nothing spectaculat, but still a nice getaway that avoids the crowds at other more popular trails.

Amazing view. First family hike in Utah. Teenager was first up and first down. My youngest was a little nervous on the last part of the trail before the top.

easy trail, beautiful view!

1 month ago

This trail is pretty lame up until you get to the creek. Before the creek its a pretty steep slant with the only good view being behind you of bridal veil falls. However, once you start going up the creek (following the little cairns along the way) you can see some pretty amazing smaller waterfalls and river formations.

Pretty creek at the top, but not really worth the effort put in to get there.

off road driving
1 month ago

Amazing view of the open pit mine

Short, steep, and not well shaded. Views of the city are GORGEOUS. Sunset or after dark are great times to go. Don’t expect to be alone. Took my 7 month old in a pack and he did great.

Holy hell this is steep. Are you crazy enough to hike this at noon on the day that reaches 100° I hope not. If you’re smarter than me and you to start early in the morning while there is more shade this trail has great views of the valley with occasional spots to stop in the shade at least that’s the first half mile. Stop in the shade and watch a white line and airplane slowly glide across the valley heading north to the airport. 4920-5576 ft. in 1mile.

I had to take approximately 50 breaks on the way up because of the constant ascent. Just straight up, up, up for 2-3 hours depending on your pace. Not to mention the zero shade that the trail offers (Approximately 10 trees with shade in total). The views are absolutely breath-taking though, from start to finish! I definitely recommend doing this early morning or late afternoon or on a day when the sun won't be beating down on you. And wear some good grip hiking shoes as the rubble can be quite slippery!

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