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Great hike! Lots of snow and ice, so definitely need micro spikes.

If you want to enjoy the sunset in a quiet place, you have to try it.

Short but steep. Beautiful view.

Great views of the city!

Great city view, try it night time...

Good short hike! Only took me around 35 minutes and I’m a beginner. A little steep on the way up but worth the view!

Fun little hike. Steep, but short. Cool history behind it and nice view of the city!

Great trail for a quick hike. Beautiful view of the Salt Lake Valley!

Good short warm up for the hiking season

A drive everyone should do once in their life for the view. Too many cars for hiking it. I started in Salt Lake, went to the top, then came down into Tooele.

Good hike, but it is steep and in early February there was a lot of ice and snow toward the top

1 month ago

lots of great trails to follow

pretty good hike there is snow and ice in top but ice cleat or micro spike will work prefect. great work out.

So that hike is only good for if you want to go up a steep steep mile! The falls aren’t even falls! We were freakin lied too. I was deceived by the pictures that are featured. Those aren’t the falls. The falls featured are called Bridal Veil Falls. The water is barely trickling down the rocks.

Whoa! Amazing climb! Very steep - mostly muddy and sludge today. Incredible view of the valley!!!

Jan. 27, 2018 hiking
Only need microspikes at the moment. It did get pretty windy towards the top so dress warmly. Pretty chill pace since I haven't hiked much the last few months and I developed a blister on my heel. 2 hours up, 1.5 down

Muddy muddy. Short, but rewarding.

1 month ago

I have been hiking here for 3 years now. It's pretty easy to get to from the intersection of 11th Ave and B street. The hike is basically of 2 portions. The first one is a little over 3 miles and ends at the water treatment plant. The road is wide and the trek is not very steep at all. The second portion is about 2.5 miles and it starts at the water treatment plant. It's covered in snow during winter. The road is narrower and some steep drop offs on the right while going up. Some portions are a little steep but very manageable. The third portion of this hike is a dirt road which starts when you reach the end of the 5.5 mile hike.There are signs to be aware of cougars and bears. I have done this only once and I must say it's a little spooky. The stream runs right next to the dirt road and there is hardly anyone on this road. I must have walked about 3 miles and turned back but you can go further.

Super steep but great views. Rock Sofa at the top is a must! Fun short hike. Watch out for rattle snakes

Love this hike!

A little muddy but other than that very good. Had to ditch my crampons about 4/5 of the way up because the snow got so sticky it was forming in big chunks on the spikes

2 months ago

So great to have a paved trail into a pretty canyon in the winter! We walked up past mile marker 2 and really enjoyed the icy creek and beautiful mountains—and the quiet so close to downtown! The kids (15, 11, 9, and 7) all said they want to come back and do this hike again during other seasons.

It was hard to run at first, as it was very steep. However after the first half I was able to jog the rest. Took about 1 hour and 45 minutes to summit and about 35 minutes to get back to my car.

It was a nice quick hike to beat the haze... really pretty cloud views. My puppy loved it and it wore him out

It seems there has been a lot of work done on this trail this year. Since our last visit a month ago, we noticed parts of the trail have been widened. It had recently rained, then dried out, so the trail had been remolded by footprints and the widening made the trail packed down a bit. We also noticed additional fencing on the hill itself. It doesn't look as natural as it did even several months ago.

road biking
3 months ago

great climb with easy access from downtown

Fun little trail that gives out a huge view of the city. We set foot on the trail for sunrise and was stunned that we were solo on the trail. Great site for magpies and deer.

Kinda boring to be honest. It’s almost winter time, so come by on a Saturday to walk through the construction to get to the hike. The creek is pretty, but the falls at the end are literally water trickling down rock slower than my fridge puts out drinking water.

Hiked the trail today with the dog. Had the area to myself and was able to get it in before the rain. Great views and not too steep.

Great Hike!

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