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My dog and I went for a short hike today. Trail was clean with plenty of parking. Great easy hike. We only went 1.7 miles out. Highly recommend for novices like me.

It was a good hike . I definitely saw some criminal types hanging around the parking lot so I didn’t venture super far from vehicle but fun all the same

Walked up the Erie Mountain Drive to trail 26 and took it. Branched off at trail 216 to go to the Mount Erie lookout. Walked the road all the way back down. Round trip, it was 5.7 km. Nice short hike. I'd say the trail is maybe moderate in difficulty..? We didn't have any trouble with it. Views from the top were incredible. We hit it on a sunny day with low-lying cloud below the lookout - just gorgeous!

Nice trails throughout. Parking lot has an awesome lookout point.

Deer creek road is closed about two miles in. You can drive to where it is closed, park, then walk from there. Or you can just park at the bottom and walk the whole way. It is about 9 miles round trip if you park at the bottom and hike to Kelcema lake. It's an easy - moderate hike. Decently groomed gravel road with a few wash outs. It is a slight incline on the way up, but pretty mild. Also, there was a decent amount of water on the road, so bring waterproof shoes or practice jumping across rocks.

Nice easy hike today with my dogs. Good fresh air and the views of the bay and farmland on the other side. 4.5 miles roundtrip. Park your car in designated parking next to the farm. No discovery pass needed. Bring extra layer or windbreaker if needed.

The trails are certainly five star, but I got back to my truck to find it had been broken into. I’ve hiked there six times now and the damage to my truck was $1200 so that comes to $200 a hike. My problem is, once again the Rangers have done absolutely nothing to catch the person doing this damage so it’s just not worth going there to me. If you decide to hike there be vigilant and keep an eye out for shady characters. The window repair place that repaired my vehicle said they’ve repaired several vehicles with damage from Little Mountain Park.

very easy hiking. nice afternoon hike

2 months ago

First intentional day hike/fish excursion. a family of four and a little pup went for a day hike (really to fish) 1 mile seemed perfect for our first together & hope to have many more. This hike is listed at Moderate and I would agree, from the trail head it was 3 quick switchbacks then onto a bit more level hike/walk, it was dry so this was relativiely an easy hike, although a couple of us were huffing an puffing because a) were out of shape b) were ex-smokers c) it was about 65 degrees. Overall a great hike. Once we got to Independence lake we stopped to fish, this was the clearest most blue water I'd ever laid eyes on and yes, there were fish in the lake. We got quite a few hits & double hits from the fish whom were chasing rooster tails/lures like candy but wouldn't take em. Great hike, we will definitely be back here and continue to explore this great Northwest we have in our backyards.

Nice offering of trails - different skill levels and inclines. Mountain bike trails make for easy hiking w/ switchbacks. Hiking only trails were a better workout w/ steeper inclines. Don’t use “Directions” provides thru this app - search by Little Mountain Park and park at top of road (or one of trailheads along the way). Bring lunch and eat at one of the two lookouts. If you want to park at bottom so you can climb first, park at Silver Arrow Bowmen archery range.

2 months ago

The road is still gone about 2.2 miles out from the actual hike. It’s a nice hike with a few blow outs in the road so plan for a lot longer than what it says.

2 months ago

parking wasn't bad. the trail was fairly easy at the beginning. starts to get a slight incline a bit later but overall was an easy and relaxing hike. The way back is worse though because its mostly up hill. Seeing the old kiln is cool and if you hike past that for a mile is the river which you can eventually go down to if you want. The path to the river is a bit narrow so be careful. I'd go again. I went during the week in the early afternoon.

trail running
3 months ago

I came to the mountain early (before the park was open) and used another entrance up the road. It has a lot of little trails to use with beautiful scenery. The top view is worth it. I was able to run most of it but near the top some of the trails got too steep to run. The main view is nice but if you follow the walking trail just left of the gazebo there is a nice rock to sit on and take in the view.

mountain biking
3 months ago

The mountain biking is closer to moderate than easy but doable for our whole family and really fun! Warning...it’s a bit confusing following the trails but getting lost isn’t a big deal since it’s just a series of intertwining loops and connector trails. Anacortes bike shop has a detailed map (even though no one at the shop has actually mountain biked there). Cranberry lake is a beautiful little lake!

Uphill but paths are nicely maintained. It takes about 30 minutes to get from the parking lot to the Sugarloaf viewpoint.

Hike really beautiful but a portion of trail overgrown, full if bandit trails which you can easily to get lost and some parts are dangerous. This hike made me almost uninstall this app.

forest road was pretty decent, car could make it up just go slow. trail was easy enough for kids and not too long. independent lake was gorgeous!! aqua blue. tried to make it to north lake but turned around half way. talked to a few people on the way up who said its easy to lose the trail best to download the map. we will be back to camp and go to north lake.

BEWARE!!! I parked for an hour and three minutes this afternoon and my window was busted when I got back to my car. Going to cost me hundreds of dollars for a shitty hike.

Took my daughter on this hike and it was doable for a 10-year old. The last part of the trail up to the top of Erie is a bit tricky for the less experienced. Also, as others have said, the trail system can be very confusing if you have not been on the trail before. Views were good, but not great because of smoke/haze.

Beautiful woodsy and easy hike! I loved the river spot! Sometimes you just don't want to climb 3,000 feet!

nice walk to the old kiln and nice good cold swim at the river! but warmer than lake 22

super easy. great with the kids

3 months ago

Great hike! Brought a couple of dogs and they loved it. Especially the extra hike to the water. It was pretty easy overall. Some parts are pretty narrow and we got eaten by mosquitos. But it was very pretty!

4 months ago

Nice hike for kiddos, peaceful and relaxing with a cool little river loop at the end of trail. Historical context of hike added bonus.

4 months ago

This is a flat easy trail. There is no protection from sun or wind. I felt baked even with 30 sunscreen 1 mile in. I recommend starting at the end and going the other way. There is parking at both trailheads.

Great for kids! My four year old walked (almost) the entire way. The kiln and old logging equipment were super interesting. The trail is well maintained and not difficult at all.

Great hike, good for kids too. A bit of a hill towards the end. A nice scenic trail!

Lots of elevation gain. Many options and view points.

Lots of trail choices, very well maintained, and great view!

One of my favorite hikes. The views you get are amazing. We were blessed with abundant sunshine today and it was breathtaking.
We started at the Rosario head trail and made our way to lighthouse point. We read the reviews saying that the north side of lighthouse point was dangerous and we thought we were avoiding it but we didn’t. We made it down an extremely steep bank to a rocky beach and ended up having to turn around and head back the way we came. AVOID THE NORTH END. It is definitely not safe. If we didn’t have so many little kids with us, we would have seriously considered swimming back to the main shore to avoid the going up the bank we came down. Even with that scary part of the hike we all loved it and would definitely do it again. All the kids loved it. We had around 20 kids in our group ranging from 1 to 12 and they all did great.

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