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Ran a half marathon on this trail this weekend. Beautiful trial with LOTS of rolling hills. Be aware this trail is used by bikers and horses.

No snow on the trail. They haystack at the end is pretty dangerous, but the view up top is amazing. Tons of bugs at the top and around mile 3 the bugs start to pick-up.

limited parking, good for little children.

Once you get past the first mile, which is definitely the toughest part of the hike, the trail opens up to a beautiful wide path with views of the surrounding mountains. The trail is a little rough at some points with lots of loose rocks, but the views along the way make it worth it. Make sure to take the overgrown path right before you get to the cell tower and explore the little offshoots for an amazing view of Mount Rainer. Gorgeous area for such a little known trail in the area!

Amazing hike! It was beautiful and the views were stunning. Be ready for a narrow path for the first mile with lots of loose rocks. But man oh man is it a great hike to take with friends! Killer views and beautiful flora and fauna

1 month ago

In the beginning, it was flat. But then, you hit the John Wayne trail, and it's all uphill from there. There are certain parts where it feels like you are scaling the mountain. The trail is about a foot wide until you reach a fire road, where the width switches from super wide to about a foot. The path is very over grown, as it felt like sometimes we were making our own trail. Granted, we never encountered anyone else on the trail either. The hike took very experienced cross country runners 4 hours; and honestly it wasn't totally worth it. Yes, it is very pretty, but it is so difficult that the payout was not all that rewarding. Also, the trail is about 6.7 miles, not 5.9 (just warning). Very sketchy and not likely to do again.

Good gentle walk, but not much to see. We didn’t see any waterfalls and the trail ended on a gravel road under the crackling power lines.

The first mile of this trail is single track that is over grown with lots of thorns. Then this hike turns into fire roads for the final 3 miles. The route is actually a little over 8.5 miles round-trip. The 9.7 miles shown with the redline takes you for another 3/4 of mile on another over-grown single track with lots more thorns. Even on a rainy day, we did luck out with the views today, from the top. But overall this trail is just meh.

1 month ago

Many people on top today. Everyone took the rope on the 2nd gully. Snow on trail . . Some down trees over trail . . But no medium to hard hazards. Snow should be off trail by 7/14/18.

Simple and easy. Great for grandkids on about four

1 month ago

It’s a training trail! Except for two hikers near the parking lot, had the entire trail to myself. A snow bridge recently collapsed about a mile from the summit. Didn’t see a way around it. Still a fab hike in dense clouds.

boring hike but great summit scramble over exposed granite steeps.... also a great trail to run down, virtually no rocks or roots.

Done in April in a *very* light drizzle. The rain kept everyone off the trail so I had the entire mountain to myself, and the rain kept me cool during the relatively strenuous, constant uphill. There was still snow on the sides of the trail at that time. Would recommend doing this hike on cooler days.

This was the first hike of the year and reminded me why I should get off of the couch a bit more in the winter time. I like the fact that it's a "gradual" climb gaining a little over 2000 ft in about 4 miles. Don't get me wrong it still kicked my butt, but then again I'm not great shape. The first mile or so was a trail with dips and rises every now and again. Kept things interesting. After coming out into the first clearing there were great views of Rattlesnake Ledge and Mt Si. Going up a bit further we could actually see the Seattle Skyline off to the north.

The rest of the hike was a service road which was actually kind of nice as we could walk side by side and talk (more like strongly encourage each other to keep moving up the mountain). For those who like small victories to keep yourself going, watch out for the yellow power line makers as you continue up the service road past the second blue gate. To be honest towards the end I was wondering why I started such an adventure, but I would just look to the yellow marker and tell myself to get to that one, then rest and make it to the next one. Then before you know it your at the top. Yay!!

If you veer right at the top you'll find the power station. The views are pretty good, but there is a much better view. Before you turn the corner and see the station their will be an overgrown logging road on your left. It's a little hard to see and looks like just a small trail. Follow this path for a little bit and watch out for an even smaller train on your right. It slopes down onto a small ledge. If you walk out there you will see the beautiful valley and if it's clear there is a great view of Mt Rainier. It 's one of those moments that reminds me why I live in the PNW and put up with all the rain.

This hike was quite the workout but the views are well worth it.

2 months ago

We parked on the street where the "road ends" sign is. At that point for the first half hour or so, the trail has a handful of turn offs that aren't labeled, but as long as you keep going up, I think they all merge into the main trail. At the arrow, we followed it up, but next time I think I'll go straight and find out what's that way. We only ran into a handful of people over about 3hrs, so that's always a plus. A few other dogs on the trail off leash and all very friendly. I'll be going again for sure.

Great trail, still lots of snow after 3500 ft, few gullies crossing, long and steep traverse at the end, awesome scrambling to the top. Bring ice axe and spikes, at least now

2 months ago

A good starter hike to get in shape for backpacking. The incline is decently gradual so it’s not too tough. There are some good views and areas of sunshine. We didn’t pass many people at all, so we were able to have our dog off leash. If you keep your eyes open, you’ll see what looks like part of an ATV left to rust in the woods, along with a piece of scrap metal embedded in a tree.

on Zig Zag Trail

3 months ago

Good hike, pretty steep. Didn’t finish it this time so can’t speak of the view(s) on top. Soon as you get to the bridge, keep going straight UP.

Nice hike! The first mile kicked my ass- lots of up and down on the trail, like a dirt bike track. After that it's a steady climb, definitely a workout for those of us not entirely fit lol. The views today were great and we only saw a few people. I was fine with the fact that the trail was actually a service road. Great for dogs. Intermittent snow about half way up, spikes would be helpful.

I really liked the difficulty of the hike and that almost no one was there, even on a sunny, warm day. I can let my dog off and really enjoy myself. I only went up about 2.5 miles but it was a perfect first hike of the year. I will definitely return because of the difficulty, lack of people and close proximity to my home.
It was a little muddy but it rained several days in a row before I hiked.

The start was a little tricky to find, it’s across the street from the side you can park on right by a school bus sign. The hike itself was a breeze. Not too much elevation, on and off tree cover. Saw all of three other people despite there being quite a few cars parked. Overall very nice quick day hike.

the trail was easy to find with the picture of the gate already posted. The issue was there was no markings to follow. One trail followed along the stream and ended, the other trail went up to the bridge that didnt have any signs for zig zag. We went left and walked accross the bridge and say multiple rock climbers but the trail was a road. Some cool views but without the signs we didn't do the intended hike.

Awesome to get to on a mountain bike and do the various loops. Pipeline trail cuts through it like Main Street.

5 months ago

A pleasant walk through beautiful second growth forest. Beyond the canopy an Eagle could be seen soaring in lazy circles against a background of an azure sky. While the trail is well marked with connections to other routes to enjoy

very nice,quiet & clean. Trail head was a little hard to find at first...very small sign on side of road. parking is along the road to.

6 months ago

Some decent views along the way, then turns into a service road after about 2 miles. Too foggy to see anything from the view @ the top today.

trail running
6 months ago

a quick run , when the weather isnt pleasent

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