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Finally did the full loop.
Started at NTH
Went white to Blue
Very nice walk.
The day after a rain, all the streams were
lovely and falls were roaring.

Will do again.

My favorite loop in the park! I do this one weekly with my dogs and an occasional kid/wife. Very serene and pretty walking the narrow trail among the pine trees along the ridge on yellow heading towards the glen. The yellow trail down into the glen can be difficult, especially after a rain slickens the groundcover, but the glen is a nice, cozy oasis in the woods for sure. The white trail leading back to the North Trailhead is much less hilly, although, watch your footing leaving the glen on white trail along the creek. It is a bit rocky and precarious for a short while until you get onto the flat, level trail. It is especially nice not having to dive off the trail as mountain bikers fly by - they shouldn’t be on this trail at all.

1 month ago

Peaceful. Only on elevation change. You can continue in white or yellow trails if you want to go farther.

Great park in the city, good for all skill levels.

about half way through you can pick up Grace's Gap trail also. we did that and came back to same form and continued the rest of the miners trail.

"Back in my day, sonny (in the Golden 90s), this was definitely the teenage party spot!"

As a fan of military history, this trail was awesome. Nice, casual walk, interspersed with historical monuments and plaques

Did a partial of this today.
Started at NTH
Took red road to red/white connector.
White to Orange connector.
Orange to Blue
Back to NTH.
(Aprox. 7.5 miles)
Great scenery and variety.

Great time with my wife this morning up the Blue across the Red and down the White. Not too hot today but still crazy humid. Was in the shade the entire time.

I really like this park.
The overlook at the quarry is a big draw, but the sunrise thru the trees on the Orange trail is spectacular.(Sunrays & spiderwebs)

I normally do the White to Yellow then loop back for 6 miles or.......if Im feeling frisky, White to Yellow to Orange. There are really only 4 uphills on Orange but be ready.

Being from Birmingham makes this hike even better. I can still enjoy nature while also being close to home! The trail is filled with flowers and unique creatures! The quarry view is gorgeous but my favorite view is the one of downtown. Super cool.

Great hike - more like 4.5 miles though. Beautiful scenery with the streams and bridges. Definitely a do over.

Some easy and flat trails, and some that are more of a “hike”. Good variety for running,walking or hiking. Very shady too!

The blue trail is my favorite at Oak Mountain. No bikers whizzing by makes this a beautiful, peaceful hike. I will do it again!

Good loop. Nice adjacent streams. Once you are on Group Camp Road look for closed gate to parking lot. Seven Bridges Trail is just before gate but isn’t marked. Watch for bikes on this trail.

Great hike with lots of options for scenic side-treks and amazing overlooks. If you start at the north end you’ll wind up at Peavine Falls as your halfway point. Not as majestic as I’d hoped for but the variety of scenery made up for the less than stellar waterfall and the fact that the waterfall is a bit busy with families since there is a parking lot near the falls.

Great for kids and a nice ‘entry level’ hike.

Actually a really nice and interesting walk. I was hesitant, but so glad we went. Really nice bathrooms was a big plus!

Great Hike, lots of trail options to go as long and as far as you want. Hiking with group of Boy Scouts and Siblings, the trail was good for all ages.

Great trail! Take Possum Loop to circle the quarry to see several great overlooks and to access the quarry itself.

Short, quiet and beautiful. The dog liked it too! Fresh water pumps throughout

8 months ago

The first part offered little shade since most of the trees had been cut down. The hike itself is easy, but the trail isn’t marked. We saw quite a bit of garbage, particularly broken glass. The 2 waterfalls are beautiful, though. The trail between the first waterfall and the second is overgrown, and we found ticks on us. While we were there, we saw a group rappelling down the first waterfall , and that looked fun!

A wonderful park with well marked and maintained trails. Neat little attractions such as the Tree House and Grace’s Gap are scattered throughout and the views are amazing. There are many historical artifacts in the park and some signage denoting the history. If you become a member you can take a guided history tour where you’ll hear numerous interesting stories from a local historian. I haven’t done the zip line adventure but know many who have that thoroughly enjoyed it.

An uphill trek begins from the North Trailhead. Once on the ridge, you'll be treated with gorgeous scenic views. Don't miss King's Chair, Eagle's Nest and other views from the ridge. Will definitely be back.

9 months ago

Enjoyed the hike. Pretty stout terrain. Definitely moderate. Not for beginners unless you enjoy being super sore.

on Red Mountain Park

9 months ago

Loved this trail. not only was the scenery gorgeous but the history with this park was interesting.

Hike to the falls is easy, mostly on a gravel road and not incredibly scenic. The falls itself is beautiful but unfortunately covered in ugly graffiti.

10 months ago

Easy walk to falls. Follow the trail to the right (as you are looking over the falls) to reach the bottom. Use trail to access the area underneath the falls, then continue to follow trail until you reach the second falls. You can exit on the opposite side of the second falls and follow old logging road back to original falls. Fun, easy hike.

This was a beautiful hike. I loved the waterfall! I used the map in this app to track where I was on the trail. I’m not sure I would have known where to go without it, so I’m glad that feature is available. When you get to the top of the falls, turn right and then make your way down after you go down the trail a bit further. Once at the bottom of the falls, if you cross over the creek and follow it down stream a bit until it curves around to the left, you can turn left at that curve and follow that upstream to another smaller waterfall that’s beautiful and very peaceful. This one is marked kid friendly. I wouldn’t take my small kids with me (ages 4 and 5). Older kids would be ok. It’s a little tricky getting down to the falls and back up to the trail if you’re inexperienced or for littles. Overall, beautiful, short hike and totally worth it.

10 months ago

Great Trail. Super Easy or super boring depending on how you look at it, well the first part anyway. you take a don't path that leads to the top of the falls.once at the top you'll notice a little stream, don't cross over if you wanna get down to the bottom ( and believe me you will want to go.) The top of the falls is quite senic with a couple good spots. To get down to the bottom take a right at the top and not the LEFT, to the right is easier to get down there area few small paths that take you down the side into the canyon. Once down it's pretty spectacular to see a 90 foot drop. We went this past weekend and even saw it frozen down at the bottom. It is well worth the trip and can add another to the list.

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