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I would love to rate this trail but the lot was closed and I couldn’t try it. The gate was still locked at 9:00 a. m. while it was supposed to be open at 8:00. Disappointing.

best hiking for my family and friends!

14 days ago

Fun little hike

The 1/2 mile that I hiked was mostly 3+ inches of loose sand. then came the creek crossings that were not setup for those of us without horses. creek looked nice.

only one way. no markings.

This was one of the best hikes! Highly recommend it

Lake Skinner trail is not worth it. Cost too much to enter the lake for a parking lot hike.

I love this trail, especially in the Fall. I bring my labrador and we have a great time.

Pick up you dog s**t and trash you filthy animals. Don’t bring your aggressive dogs on trail; otherwise it is a nice stroll.

good one! good trail running

1 month ago

A good early morning workout hike. Not much shade, best in the fall/winter. Looks like great snake habitat in the summer. Trails are easy to follow and some veer off the main slightly for good views on the canyon. Somewhat littered from party people but not too bad. To reach the summit pile of boulders take some light scrambling. I'd recommend boots just because a twisted ankle would mean a tough hike out.

This is our go to for a quick dose of nature. I often come here to clear my head and get centered.i love this place. It’s beautiful after a heavy rain.

Not a bad trail. More of a nature walk than a hike. Sandy along the river bed. Several shallow crossings.

This rating is for the loop only which was just meh, but there are so many other amazing trails here that deserve a 4 and 5 star. This loop takes about 40 minutes at a medium pace. Not very difficult, has a few small inclines. I am not a fan of being surrounded by track homes and there was maybe 5-10 minutes of this loop where you can't see them. I ended up taking an offshoot trail that was gorgeous with beautiful oaks and boulders. I reccomend taking these trails instead. But, if you just want a quick walk/hike then the loop is a good idea.

Took the dog out for a Saturday morning walk and was pleasantly surprised by the amount of people out on this trail. The only negative would be the few rocky spots at the start, but once past that it is a nice easy stroll with multiple options to stop by the river. Will definitely be heading back in the future.

Pretty easy, hot, and dusty. It's a pretty shaded trail, so that definitely helps with the heat, but if you can get going early, I'd recommend it. Pretty average hike imo. Not bad, but also not amazing. The river is pretty! Take the app with you. It's easy to take a wrong turn.

Beautiful views from the top. Great place for bible study group to go do a prayer service at the foot of the cross!

A nice outdoor hike. Not intense at all but its easy to get lost. I had to use to app to follow the trail.

it was amazing

The kids and I enjoyed our hike here.

My family loves this trail !

Did this hike with my 3 grandkids. I took a backpack with drinks, and it was very hot. kids lived it, and the crosses were very touching. Was great to share it with them.

Beautiful quick trail to hike in the early morning or evening away from the heat.

3 months ago

I've been to this area many times with friends and just with my 3 sons. It can be challenging if you make it. I carried a sandbag in a backpack on one of my trips there. Definitely a challenge.

Fun place to take kids and dogs

Great family hike!

It was a beautiful scenery with lots of greenery & water. The hike was moderate I did it with my dog, puppy,& 2kids. Ok now the negative we picked up a TICK but luckily it didn't attach to anyone yet. So before you go out here put on your deterrent & protect your fur babies!!!!

Enjoyed this trail, scenery was beautiful

4 months ago

I only went to two of the crosses. Although I went at 6am before it got too hot out, I still found a challenge in the steepness in some areas. The top was beautiful, an the cross was so much bigger than I thought once I got to the top!!

First time here had a great time. Only went about half way in but I’m really overweight and out of shape and did 5 miles round trip pretty easily. Had a few swimming holes we swam in. Would do it again.

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