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Easy loop with beautiful views, especially in the fall.

Great trail if you’re just looking to go for a quiet walk. Didn’t see many people, however that’s probably because there is not much to see. However it was relaxing, easy to follow, and the dog loved it!

2 months ago

Not well marked when you first get on the trail. You eventually find the trail though and it’s a pleasant walk.

nature trips
2 months ago

easy trail, walked this with 2 young children many times. nice representation of NH forest plants. nice loop which turns at an old stone foundation where you have great views of the lake. very busy on weekends. very buggy April through July. it's ok for an easy hike or serene walk. not much exercise if you're looking for a real hike.

nature trips
2 months ago

Good for small kids.

3 months ago

Question...there are named some trails marked at entrances on Rt 28 bypass...one is marked Brown's Island. Can anyone tell me how this trail is and if it is one of the Fire Road's listed on this map. Looking for good lake views for photography. thanks

perfect little hike for kids. and adults!

It's a beautiful area. Short trail. I have walked this trail many times, and I'm sure there will be many more trips there

Nice, lengthy walk that is very easy. I didn't give it a full 5 star because outside of the first (or last depending on which way you go) part of the hike, there are very limited views of the water. A little buggy on the back end of the pond but that is to be expected. Gradual hills, easy enough for all ages.

Poor directions to trail head. Lots of rail trail walking, better route for bikers.

Loved it!

trail running
3 months ago

Great trail for running in the shade, only a few small hills

beautiful trail, beautiful view, nice and easy

Walked the yellow trail and it was fun. Very buggy. Found one nice view of the lake and the rest was beautiful forest. I’d probably only do it again if I brought a bike.

One of the best trails in Southern New Hampshire and hardly ever any traffic on the trail because it's so secluded. Can sometimes be buggy on the backside of the pond but beautiful views and a fairly flat and well groomed trail. Great for dogs, kids, bikes, and jogging.

Great walking trail.

mountain biking
4 months ago

I have been riding these trails for 27 years and never get tired of them. There are intermediary trails for the casual rider and secondary and single tracks for the more adventurous rider. It also connects with other trails such as the Tower Hill trail and the FOMBA trails as well as others, so you can do many more miles throughout the system.

the trail has potential but I have attempted this trail 2 times now and both times it was very muddy and the trail was washed out and I had no choice but to turn back. The trail is mostly at flood level and there are multiple spots of large puddles that you have to attempt to navigate around. plenty of

Great trail, needs better markers!

what a nice place

Love the trail !!!

5 months ago

Map took us to a residential property with no trail markings. Kept driving on past forget it!

5 months ago

This trail is not well marked. We’ve been wandering these beautiful woods for an hour or so and the signs we’ve seen...don’t have arrows (not helpful!). I know this is at least 50% user error, but well marked trails and intersections, and maps at a scale large enough to read... would be very, very helpful! I’m with my own children and some of their friends, and they’re pretty disappointed that the boulder field seems to be nonexistent.

Great run with better scenery!

It was difficult to find the trail head (we ended up asking a local who directed us down Baker Rd) and hard to follow unmarked trails. In addition to unmarked trails, we found trails to be narrow and we came out with an absolutely extraordinary number of ticks. We do not recommend this trail.

mountain biking
6 months ago

Easy bike trail

Great trails. very easy Trails if you want to take an easy ride. It's nice to be around the water even though you're not allowed to go in it. And there are plenty of trails that go everywhere.

Very buggy. Shore line of the lake is beautiful. Tons of ticks!!!!

Easy lengthy stroll, fantastic scenery

Trail is flat, wide, and well marked. Fun hike to do with kids or inexperienced hikers.

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