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12 hours ago

This hike did not disappoint. The 40 switchbacks were strenuous but worth it. The path is well maintained and I did not experience a lot of bugs, only one mosquito bite and I did not need to use bug spray. Bring your suite, the water in both lakes is perfect for swimming!

Great hike with amazing views! There were some patches of overgrowth but it’s not too bad. Pretty easy hike with 2 dogs and we didn’t see anyone else on the trail, which is hard to find around here.

Hiked this July 9th, trail in was clear but still a fair amount of snow at Rampart. The largest lake is still over half covered in snow/ice. Mesquites are out in force so take repellent. Warm during the day and not very cold at night. Water is crystal clear. I just absolutely love this place.

trail running
7 days ago

Gorgeous trail with so much to offer for those willing to make the long, slow drive up the 10-mile dirt road. Plus, everyone on trail was super friendly and followed proper trail etiquette.

Not a bad trail but be ready for a climb. Also, both lakes were still frozen over, but melting. There was plenty of snow from snow lake, onwards. Better have a map and compass, but it’s worth the view!

hiked Jun 17th, still a lot of snow towards the last mile of the trail. hard to see/locate the trail. have the map saved and bring bug repellent.

on Lake Dorothy Trail

10 days ago

Hiked on June 27. Loved this little hike. More stairs and up and down than I realized but lots lovely lush greenness, rushing water at the bridge, and surprisingly, not too many bugs. Three toilets along the lake and a few camping spots. To get up to the other lakes (Bear, Deer, Snoqualmie) you’ll have to cross the river at the far end of the lake, but it isn’t very deep.

One of the hardest hikes of I've been on. The snow makes the trail really hard to find, had to get out a compass and map to get redirected. the lake still has ice and snow on it on some areas. totally worth it, breath taking views.

16 days ago

Great trail for all ages and abilities, at the lake the trail splits off in many directions for you to either find your campsite or wander through someone else's if you just want to sit by the lake. there were a lot of people over the weekend, a few horseback riders, and many dogs off leash.

Did a day hike with my dog yesterday to check out the status on rampart ridge. Rachel Lake is completely snow free and beautiful. As you climb up the ridge above Rachel, it is packed with a good 3-5 feet of snow. Tread carefully since a lot of hollow spots sit on large rocks. The ridge has a few patches and majority of the rampart lakes are still frozen. The snow is melting quickly though so hopefully there will be more ideal camping up there in the next month. Great moderate rated day hike for a healthy person in my opinion.

Gorgeous views and not too difficult, nice campsites near the lake with fire pits. Road is gravel but I made it just fine in a low clearance sedan. Lots of bugs at the lakes so if you want to stay up there to camp BRING BUGSPRAY

Great hike. Lots of snow still at the top. Well worth the hike up.

I hiked this a couple of years ago in July. The hike to snow lake was on the low end of moderate but the continued 3 mike round trip to Gem Lake was more difficult. Quite the scramble but in the end worth the quite, pristine, and crystal clear water!

1 month ago

This is a great little backpacking spot away from the crowds of I-90 and Highway 2. We went on the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend, and only had one other person also camping at the big lake. The hike up is flat part of the way, until you get to switchbacks which give you a nice workout. The trail then levels out about a quarter mile from the little lake. Campsites have fire pits, which is great. Lakes are beautiful. Road to the trailhead can be driven by literally and car. I would say this is a perfect backpacking trip for beginners or anyone that just wants a simple weekend in the woods.

1 month ago

Weather and trail conditions were great! The upper lake was awesome and had some great campsites with fire rings. A few guys were fishing, but didn’t appear to catch anything. Switchbacks has pretty good elevation gain.

1 month ago

May 26 tried to backpack, trailhead was snowed in trail was inaccessible.

Originally we planned to hike Humpback Mountain but we missed the trailhead and ended up making our way to the Hansen Ridge Trail (Little Saint Helen). The trailhead is easy to find. Follow NF5510 to a dead end parking area with a gate. From the gate, follow the straight path on the gravel road for about a mile or less to the fork in the road: if you go straight, it's towards the Watershed; to the right is towards Hansen Ridge Trailhead. The Hansen trailhead is easy to spot, it's on the right side of the road right before a big gate. The entire walk was a nice easy stroll. There was snow on the ground but easy to walk on. The views were gorgeous and there were plenty of areas to stop, sit, and enjoy. There were a few other people on the trail with dogs. We didn't walk the entire route due to time restraints but a few people told us it's 8 miles RT back to the parking area. We had no problems with bugs. Also, there is no restroom at this hike.

1 month ago

Great moderate hike! The last two miles to the trailhead, a stream is running past the road. Not deep at all.

Road to Trail head still holding snow 1/4 mile from lot. Trail passable but covered in places to 5' but snowshoes not required. Made it from the watershed trail access to the northern (I-90) turn to the west but the snow was getting soft so turned there. Great views as usual, the main trailhead gate was shot up and open. If you see or hear shooting at the trailhead, call the King County Sheriff, this continues to be a problem along FS road 5510 despite a number of signs indicating this is a "Safety Corridor" and no shooting.....apparently some people don't care or can't read.

We just hiked to the lake and back. had snow on trail closer to the lake. light to moderate traffic. very nice day and good trail.

This was the best and worst hike ever. It was far, long, and tiring. The end view of the lake was breath taking and absolutely worth it. Be prepared to literally climb a mountain to get to the peak, the switch backs get very frustrating because there are sooooo many. The actual trail head for this is 4 miles from where you park your car. There are also signs warning you about potential bears, although we didn’t see any or see any tracks. There still is some snow up at the peak (may 20), so be careful walking on it so you don’t fall through. I definitely suggest this hike to someone who’s fit and experienced.

I should have said in my earlier post that this tree is about 2 miles from where the trailhead would be

Attempted this last week 5/10 and about a mile or so on the forest service road there is a large tree that is lying somewhat across the road. Possibly by driving way to the left will enable you to go under.

DO NOT TRY THIS HIKE IF YOUR NOT PREPARED , it's easy to loose track and it is a hard hike , got lost twice and turned back half way .
there are no humans along the way and it's pure forest packed with a lot and a lot of snow .
I will give it another try during summer time when there is more day light .

This hike probably deserves more stars in the summer as these lakes are quite beautiful. Its really hard to access the lake with snow shoes as there are many obstacles in the final stretch creating hazards. Its a great workout and it was a fun hike as well. We broke trail and burned some calories. I would drive a little further and do Lake Valhalla from Stevens Pass instead. Its about a mile longer each way but a better hike in my eyes.

question: is this a 9.2 mile hike from start to finish back to your car, or do you double the miles 9.2 mi in and 9.2 mi out??? thanks

Three years ago. This was my wife and I first time snowshoeing, what a trip! We want to go back during the spring to hike our path to see the difference between snow and trail. Most fun we have every had snowshoeing. Not recommended for a first timer, we were lucky during the winter time and were a couple of greenhorns as they come. Read up on area difficulty and know what your getting into. Awesome place to go!!

I would say that this hike would have been amazing had there been no snow but since there was snow that was about 2 ft deep in a lot of places, it made it extremely hard to complete. Should have turned back around towards the beginning but boyfriend and I thought it would be fine for us with just simple hiking boots and some layers on. We were wrong.

I agree with the other reviews. Beautiful, difficult, bug repellant is a must, force yourself to go the extra mile+ to the Rampart lakes, hiking poles would have been very helpful, especially on the way down (big, steep steps, rocky and or roots).
We went on a Monday and had a couple lakes to ourselves and shared the others with only 2-4 people. So tranquil and awesome. I love waterfalls and wildflowers and they were everywhere! Also, yes, its cold but you have to swim in one of the lakes.

8 months ago

Great, rocky hike! I went on Tuesday and arrived at 11:30. My dog and I made our way up to snow lake alright (dog + scrambles = struggle) but had a tough time on the descent towards the lake: beware of ice. Thank you to whomever did that!

We got to gem lake by around 2:30. Wasn't super impressed and if you're tired at snow lake, I would recommend just turning back. If you want a nice challenge definitely do the extra mile! I honestly would not have found just the hike to snow lake challenging, but the hike to gem lake was beautiful, confusing at times, and pretty challenging at the tail end! We got back to the car by 4:30 for a total of 5 hours. I took breaks infrequently and did not take long at either lake, but I was slowed down by my dog on the way back due to all the rocks.

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