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nice walk with our baby in the umbrella stroller. nice views too!

For passenger vehicle parking, try University Avenue near Guy West Bridge (zoom in on map to find where Guy West Bridge is located). And the side streets within the circle of University Avenue. Check street signs for time limit and confirm if any permits are required. Many spin-off dirt trails towards the river accessible by walkers and horses only. Dirt trails away from river accessible by all three users = hikers, bikers, horses.

Please respect other trail users. Please be wise and keep your dog on a leash. There's too much traffic on this section of the ART and you'd be heartbroken if another dog attacked your dog, or if a cyclist collided with your dog. Flexi-leashes are dangerous to cyclists and runners. You also don't know how your dog might respond to a horse. Some dogs go ballistic when they see a horse, which is dangerous to horseback riders. Keep your dog close to you. Thank you.

Perfect for dogs. Great for swimming with dogs. Came on a sunny Saturday in July and there were places where there were no people along the shore and we could swim without having to worry about our dogs disturbing other people and dogs. Excellent

Short and sweet hike for those looking for a low key jaunt. Pretty atmosphere.

I love this lake. Sweet tree you can jump out of right off the trail. Definitely will return.

loveeeeee since I was 11 years old

Quick and fun hike with a clear trail. Great views from the top, and a doable hike for a wide range of ages.

Great opportunity to enjoy a wide variety of floors and fauna.

Nice and easy, good relaxing stroll

Nice easy hike, mostly shaded. Saw deer and lots of birds.

Nice trail and puppy friendly. Only downfall was the difficulty in finding the entry to trail.

Nice trail, went yesterday around noon with a 12, 11, and 7 year old and it wasn’t too crowded with people. Lots of fishermen at the start. There was a lot of animal scat on the trail. Not sure what kind of animal, but lots of big piles of poop. Kids didn’t get tired until 2/3rds done so it was the perfect length and downhill walk almost all the way back.

Water views were gorgeous. I really recommend bringing a picnic lunch and leaving it in a cooler in your car. When you finish hiking, there’s some nice spots right off the side of the river where you can set up a little picnic.

Great gradual trail. Downhill start.

1 month ago

Nice and safe trail. Well marked and beautiful. It was a great way to spend a couple of hours on a gorgous day.

My family and I liked this trail felt safe and peaceful. Will come back to reach the top, we arrived a bit late.

Good quick hike.

Great quick hike. The last part is steep but the view is so worth it. Most parts of the trail are easy. There are some turns where it is not a 100% clear which direction to follow. Doesn't matter that much, most of them get you to the top. Download the map to be safe.

This is a delightful trail on a cool Spring day. It’s easy walking and the trail is wide. The views of the Tuolumne River gorge are wonderful and the wildflowers are numerous. A warning: The trail’s entrance is a bit hard to find.

2 months ago

We got lost on a few turns and had to use th app to check if we were on the right path. So more signs would be nice out there. It was a great combo of shade and sun. Closer to the top we took one way and saw other people take another way up, that was a bit confusing. The views at the top are spectacular. Made want to really go into the lake we were above.

Followed the directions which led me to a parking lot to URV which is the University Residence Village parking lot. So whoever posted the directions most likely lives there or goes to the university. Every space is marked Permit Parking or has a number and the entry gate says access to URV residents only.

I am sure there are other access points along the way but just didn’t have the energy to locate another entry point.

So if someone knows a more accessible-to-all access point, please point it out.

goid hike a bit a hill, some flat, rocks and tree cover

Mostly shaded hike with a few exposed areas. Youou pass a lot of bay trees, eucalyptus and redwoods. It makes for some lovely scents along the trail. There is a moderate uphill section in the middle, but ends with mostly downward slope. Great hike for exercise!

2 months ago

Great views! Did this hike as a family with my ten year old daughter, she loved it and the views of the lake. Found some small caves. Lots of poison oak. Can get a little steep before the very top. Also we saw a bald eagle in its nest!

Came with a group of 8. Parking fee is needed for this regional park. They do have plenty of parking and some bathrooms. I thought it was a beautiful trail with some very steep parts. Not sure I would consider this an ‘easy’ trail but more towards the high end of easy to moderate. Loved the beautiful trees surrounding the trails. Most of the trail is pretty wide but watch out for mountain bikers as they will go downhill pretty fast. It’s a very popular trail and people going on this trail are pretty friendly. I would come back again!

A fairly moderate trail-loop with some inclines that are manageable with regular comfortable walking shoes. It was a particularly warm day so the 6+ miles seems rather long. Overall, a nice trail, super easy to follow when you don't want to do too much planning or looking out for trail name sign posts!

2 months ago

great views, perfect spot for a picnic for an active family on Mother's Day!

Great trail to take the kids on! Fairly easy to follow and has some benches along the way if you need a rest.

2 months ago

Lots of super friendly dogs! We loved it. It took is two hours to hike counterclockwise with three adults and three pre-teens. Would’ve been ‘faster’ but we just had to stop and meet all the friendly pooches.
A very clean trail- only a few poo bags on the side and no actual dog ‘debris’ to be seen. Only a bit of horse droppings where we crossed to the horse trail.

Super easy hike with the kids!

I loved this hike and all it had to offer but, and one major BUT, it’s definitely not easy. The beginning is like a brisk walk in the park but the last half was literally like walking up 100 flights of stairs only to have to slide down half on my butt on the way back. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fit person and I love a good challenging hike, but I brought my family along and it’s didn’t exactly lend itself to a nice, peaceful, family style hike.

If you’re in for a good workout, this one is for you. Other than that, turn around at the spilt into redwood peak and call it a day!

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