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20 days ago

Awesome loop! Long Canyon is one of the most stunning ascents in the trinity Alps with granite peaks that tower over the trail. Lots of running water throughout the ascent. At the branch for the loop portion, went clockwise. The trail disappears at a few times but picked it back up quickly. Sweet views of the interior portion of trinity alps. Directions to the TH: head north on highway 3 north of trinity lake and take a left on a paved “Long Canyon Road.” Take a right on Canyon View Drive.

27 days ago

I hiked Weaver Saturday 11/10. Great trail. Nice easy day hike. I wish I started a little earlier though. I didn’t get to the trailhead until after 12:30pm. It would’ve been cool to have had more time to hangout at the lake. There is so much to see up there! The only reason this one didn’t get 5 stars from me is because the smoke from all the surrounding fires has left a thick haze

29 days ago

Hiked this trail 11/3/2018. Wonderful day hike. Started at 10 am, it was about 58 degrees. Took 1 hour 10 minutes for me to reach the lake. Steady uphill climb, with beautiful views along the way. Beautiful quiet lake. About 64 degrees by the time I reached the lake. Spent about 1 hour 30 minutes there. I did a little catch and release fly fishing....no luck, but it was a great time. Others at the lake had dogs who seemed to really enjoy the water! Hike down took about 1 hour. I can definitely see doing the loop trail as a 3-4 day backpacking trip.

1 month ago

This is a great day hike! It is not too steep or hard of a hike up to a rewarding view. Only took me 45 minutes to get to the lake where I sat and enjoyed Weaver, ate some lunch, and soaked in the sunshine. The hike back down was just as quick. I parked at the Fox Meadows trailhead. The road to get there wasn't terrible, but could be a little sketch for some. Honestly wishing I had started from Big Meadows trailhead to get a longer hike out of the deal but I didn't know they connected beforehand. Looking forward to doing the loop to Jennie sometime!

on Weaver Lake Trail

1 month ago

Lovely walk with stunning clear lake at the end. Went start of November so trail was very quite. Small incline all the way to the lake but not tough at all. The walk took us 4.5 hours but we stopped for a while (probs 45 mins) at the lake to relax and also walked round the lake. Round the lake there is no clear trail so have to climb over rocks through small bushes but isn’t too difficult. There are toilets at the trailhead and decent amount of parking

Definitely a favorite hike of mine!

1 month ago

Hiked up to Weaver lake, started at 10 am and got there at about 12pm. The hike it self is pretty easy. The trail is marked all the way. Beautiful sight of the lake as you reach the end of the trail. Trout were biting, did a bit of catch and release. It was the weekend so it started to get pretty crowded about 3pm. Would like to backpack around the lakes next time.

1 month ago

Easy trail and well marked. The lake is beautiful and plenty of trout to catch. Camping in the area was nice but was crowded for the weekend, it emptied out after Sunday night. Good trail for beginners with a gradual elevation gain the entire way to the lake. No bug problems either.

Poison oak. Lots of it. Brought the dog and I wish I hadn’t. Trail disappears after first crossing. Not for beginners and even though it is “dog-friendly” I highly DO NOT recommend bringing Fido.

nice little hard hike lol

Great loop hike. Recommend to anyone wanting just a few days in the woods. Bring a map. More turnoffs than I expected.

Planned for one night at Jennie and one at Weaver lake. Jennie lake was so beautiful, ended up staying both nights there. A little crowded due to labor day weekend but still enjoyed it. Plenty of campsites even when crowded.

Hammocked both nights under the stars. No mosquitos! Beautiful weather. Highs of 70s and lows in 40s.

Hike was moderate. Under 6 miles from fox meadow trailhead to Jennie. The forest road to trailhead is in bad shape. Go slow and stay away from the sides as the bushes are thorny and will scratch up your car.

Sawyer mini was enough for filtering water from the lake. There are fish. Saw them but didn't see any getting caught by at least 5 people trying to fish over the two days we were there.

Wow! What a trail. We split this up over three days and two nights, going counterclockwise around the loop and hitting Jennie Lake on the first day. Happy to report that when we hiked, we did not meet a SINGLE mosquito on the entire trail! Unprecedented. I’m a mosquito magnet, and I didn’t need any spray. The ranger said it was because the nights were finally getting cold enough. Anyway!

Jennie Lake was amazing, though a little busy thanks to the holiday weekend. If you’re continuing on to Weaver Lake after, make sure to stock up on water before you go. Water sources are few and far between, and we really only passed one on the 9 or so like trek to the next lake.

Weaver Lake was also stunningly beautiful, though also busy thanks to being only a few miles from the trailhead. It’s also very picked over, firewood-wise, so maybe start gathering on your way in!

3 months ago

Nice moderate hike to a gorgeous lake. We logged in 7.7 miles but we also walked around the entire lake. The elevation required a few rest stops on the way but it wasn’t anything too strenuous. Really glad we got to the trailhead at 7am. We had the trail to ourselves and enjoyed a quiet and peaceful lunch before heading back. But we encounter so many people on our way back to the trailhead and the parking area was full. Will do this one again! 9/1/2018.

Did a 3 night 4 day trip with my 12 year old and his friend and dad. We went from Jennie lake around to Weaver lake. The lakes are beautiful and pretty warm. On the weekend it was really busy but by Sunday the crowds had cleared out. Saw a good amount of trout in the lakes. Only 1 stream down by boulder creek was flowing. Plan your water accordingly.

3 months ago

Great quick little backpacking trip to Weaver Lake. Trail was moderately trafficked and relatively flat. There's a couple of steep spots but nothing tremendously difficult. Great views of the horizon at certain stops so be sure to take a break and enjoy the views! There was really only one small creek/water source on the trail until you reach the lake, so pack your water accordingly... the sun exposure can be pretty warm! Lake had a bunch of mosquitos but they didn't really bother much, but we made sure to pitch a tent a bit away from the lake just to be safe. Overall, I'd recommend it!

I definitely recommend this hike to anyone who wants to get out and get some miles under them. Did this as an older trip for our local Boy Scout troop. I took the suggestion of going counter clock wise on the loop, hitting Jennie Lake first. I highly recommend that, not only did we get a lot of the elevation out of the way but the first 6 miles is a great accomplishment on the first day. I was surprised about how many people were on the trail and at the lakes, but that didn't detour from the enjoyment of being there. Beautiful back country that is slipped in between to great parks. We spent a full day at Jennie Lake, before continuing. I highly recommend making the scramble up to the 9600 peak that over looks Jennie Lake. The third day was a quick 9 miles to Weaver Lake. Enjoyable dips in both were a great reward. Overall it was a great trip. Nine In, Nine Out!!!

Myself (26M) and my girlfriend (23F) did this beautiful loop in 2.5 days going counter clockwise stopping the first night at Jennie Lake and the second at weaver lake. I was a wilderness guide for 3 years and this was my girlfriends first backpacking trip ever so here are my two cents.

We decided to stay at the Big Meadow campground the night before to acclimate to the higher elevation and one thing I highly recommend if you decide to do this in the late summer is to bring water jugs in your car for that first night as the creek isn't running and the water is still and extremely dirty. I filtered the water and added iodine tablets for safety measures but as a 3 year guide that was some of the dirtiest water i've had to filter, luckily no gastrointestinal problems for either of us.

The weight of your packs are going to dictate a lot of how tough the inclines are. A net elevation gain of 3,000 feet with a 25lb pack on is pretty intense so if youre doing this with 25+lb bags like we did I would rate this more as moderate/hard. We are both active people, in shape outside of backpacking and we were both pretty sore after this hike (bring plenty of moleskin too to protect your feet from any hot spots/blisters from happening!). Keep in mind the distances listed are from the fox meadow trailhead NOT the Big Meadow trailhead, if you leave from big meadow it's another 3.2 miles total so roughly a 19mile loop instead of 16 mile. The drive in to the fox meadow trailhead is pretty bumpy so make sure you have a car that can handle bumpy non paved dirt roads.

The days were sunny and around 72 degrees, in the sun it was hot but there are plenty of shady spots to stop and relax. Make sure to have a shirt that can wick sweat, bring a hat, and baby powder to reduce chaffing (especially for the guys out there). The nighttime dropped to around 50 degrees. If you're a person who gets cold easily then bring a good jacket and some good night sweats/pants. My girlfriend gets cold really easily and has a 20 degree bag (more of a 40 degree bag) and had to wear her pants, long sleeve, down jacket, and beanie to bed even in a tent with a rain cover on for insulation. The camping spots at the lakes are pretty scarce with firewood but we managed to have one the first night at Jennie, so I would be prepared with a lantern or similiar in case you're too tired to hike out for wood. There are mosquitos (surprise surprise you're camping by water where they breed like rabbits) but long sleeve clothes with a 40% max deet will do the trick to keep them away at night.

The water sources were plentiful enough just make sure to fill up every time you cross one, the lakes were absolutely beautiful with hardly any campers during the monday-wednesday we went and the water was pristine. No sight of bears or snakes the whole trip and no problems with animals getting into our food (we used a bear canister), but you can also do bear hangs if you'd like. I highly recommend doing the loop to jennie then weaver, as the first two days are tough and the last day is a nice leisurely hike out. The first day to jennie was about 5-6 miles, the hike to weaver was about 9 miles and the hike out was about 2 miles.

Overall a great backpacking trip and would recommend to those who are decently in shape and would caution against bringing heavy packs as the inclines will make you pay for it.

by far my most favorite hike. trail was easy to follow and the climb to the top was well worth it. hike has a tons of rocks in case if you want to play "floor is lava". if you're facing the restroom trail head is to the left.

3 months ago

This trail is best hiked as an overnight backpacking trip! Doing it as a day hike would make for a very long day with lots of climbing. It's a great backpacking trip if you hike out to one of the lakes in the Four Lakes Loop and set up camp there for two nights. On the 2nd day of you trip, you can do a day hike around the loop and maybe climb up to the top of Siligo Peak. On the 3rd day, you can hike back out to your car at the trail head. Here is a guide I wrote to backpacking the Four Lakes Loops that includes pics, maps, and other info: https://backpackersreview.wordpress.com/trip-reports/four-lakes-loop/

My very first backpacking trip and it was great! We did the whole loop over a 3 day period. Started our hike from big meadows trailhead and spent first night at Jennie lake. Don’t believe whatever distances you have read here. They are woefully wrong. Jennie lake is 8 miles. The next length to weaver lake is 9.5. Finally the last leg back to the big meadows parking lot is 3.5. Total loop is 21 miles. Don’t know why this site can’t get their distances correct. Beautiful hike. Great weather. Lousy fishing at both lakes. Me thinks both lakes have been fished out this late in the summer. Always stock up on water wherever u come across it. Many streams are dry this time of year.

We had a wonderful time hiking this loop. We spent the first night at weaver lake and the next at Jennie lake. The water was clear and cool. Not to cold, perfect for swimming. The landscape was breathtaking. The hiking was a bit challenging, but moderate enough that I’m working on plans to take my youngest sister and some of her friends out to Jennie lakes for their first backpacking trip.

Loved this hike!!!

4 months ago

Great hike. Took my 6 year old daughter on her first backpacking trip. It was work, a steady uphill climb, but she made it just fine. We went up on Thursday and left Friday, a few other groups were there, but more were heading up on our way out. Fishing was tough, probably would have done better with flies. I would definitely recommend this hike.

4 months ago

Just lovely. My dog and I hiked this trail, starting from the horse corral at Big Meadow Trail head. The trail is quite exposed, with no clouds in the sky, which made for a warm incline. There are some shaded spots to rest along the way, that my dog took full advantage of. The trail itself is well maintained. When we arrived at the lake, we immediately dipped our toes in. The view is incredible! Shortly after we arrived, rain clouds rolled in, which was such a nice reprieve from the heat in Three Rivers. It probably took us a bit longer than other hikers considering my dog needed to stop at every shaded area in order to cool off a bit before trekking on, but the hike was super easy and enjoyable. I highly recommend wearing some sort of coverage, or re-applying sunscreen throughout the hike. The only place I got mildly burnt was by my backpack straps where my sweat cancelled out my sunscreen.

Did the out and back today. Trail disappears about 2 miles in when the trail drops down to meet the creek for the first time. Stay to the right of the main creek and look behind a small camp clearing. The trail resumes right behind a large tree and is hard to find. Once found the rest of the trail is very easy to follow and I got right to the river camp. Trail is mostly exposed to full sun so bring sunscreen. Second half of the trail is very narrow with steep drops at times. Would not recommend trail running or small children. Camps looked great and I took a long swim. Totally worth it.

4 months ago

Did this trail in 3 days 2 nights starting at Mission Peak and ending at Del Valle.


When? We did this hike yesterday (mid July), it was extremely hot and taxing. Very dry. Mid spring would be a better option.

Where? We started at Mission Peak which means we basically were climbing the entire way. When you start at Del Valle, the first ascent is extremely steep but you basically descend the rest of the way to MP. I would suggest starting from Del Valle.

Who? I suggest this trail to all ages over 13. This is really difficult physically and mentally at some points. Anyone younger I might assume would struggle. It says dogs are ok on a leash, but I would say not ok to bring a dog during summer. The trails, especially in the back country, are poorly maintained. There will be many stickers getting into your socks and their paws/fur.

Water? Bring an abundance or bring a stove. Although the map indicates potable water sources the three camps we stopped at to fill up did not have potable water. There was a relatively new sign on the water pipe saying it was untreated water and you must boil before drinking. Those campsites were School Camp in Sunol, Joes Horse Camp, and Maggie’s Half Acre. In addition to the misleading water sources also be advised that the water sources are not on the trail and are pretty far off. They are also down very steep hills.

Electricity and cell service? You’ll lose service once you get out of the Mission Peak area going into the trail. You won’t have any service the entire way until you hit the Del Valle trail systems. But then you’ll most likely lose service again in Del Valle itself. My suggestion would be to coordinate your pick-up location and time as precise as possible. The only electricity I was able to find was in Sunol on the backside of the Visitors Center building.

Wildlife? We encountered an abundance, especially in Sunol. Coyotes, raccoons, deer, vultures, Hawks, eagles, rabbits, rattle snakes, ground squirrels, free range cattle. Mosquitos and flies were especially abundant.

Food? Pack in and pack out. There are some places to throw trash away, so don’t worry about having to carry it for too long, you’ll eventually run into a campsite or rest stop with a trash can. But there will be absolutely no where to get food unless you get an Uber Eats to the MP trailhead. We under packed in terms of calories, therefore we were pretty sluggish at some points. So make sure you pack more calories than you usually eat in a day. We brought freeze dried meals that we bought from REI, boiled water with out propane camp stove, and enjoyed. We failed to bring a variety of other snacks however. I would also suggest bringing packets of powder Gatorade or similar, you’ll need the electrolytes.

Clothing? During mid July, I wore shorts the entire trip and was fine. My legs did get really dirty and I did get the occasional sticker but overall was ok. Next time I’ll bring pants for some of the deeper brush we went through. The nights get pretty cold even in the summer, so make sure to layer properly. We also brought lightweight hammocks, small sleeping bags, and roll up sleeping pads. Depending on where you decided to stop for the night there may or may not be trees convenient for putting up a hammock, or there may not be worthwhile ground for sleeping on.

Smoker? Don’t F’ing do it. California has enough wildfires. It’s strictly prohibited in all the parks anyway. However, we are all human and I’m sure it will be done. If that’s the case wait until you get next to a creek, water source, or in a campsite bathroom. Unless there’s a trash or a toilet, take your butt or roach with you.

I think this is all I can think of at the moment. I tried my best to record the trail as I did it, but like I mentioned the cellular signal was spotty and I was rationing battery life toward the middle of the hike. If there’s anything else you’d like to know please don’t hesitate to reach out.

- Josh

4 months ago

Did this as an overnight on 7/21-7/22. Barely any mosquitoes, even near the lakes.

We made camp at Upper Siligo Meadows because it was unclear whether there would be camping around the smaller lakes, and we wanted to avoid the crowds at Summit. There is a small creek near the sign marked "Siligo Meadows." After making camp, we slack-packed the loop, spending a couple hours at Summit Lake. Diamond Lake was breathtaking.

As other online resources suggest, do the loop clockwise. Not only does this provide the arguably better set of the views, this gets you going down the flatter portions and up the steeper portions of the trail. For example, some of the switchbacks on the loop are annoyingly flat and long - particularly between Diamond and Luella. The trail going up from Luella to Deer is much steeper.

Even though I had the impression this is a very popular area, we didn't see that many people. We passed a couple groups hiking up to Deer Pass and Summit Lake was crowded, but otherwise the trail was fairly empty. Five-star hike but with three-star hike crowds.

Note that the AllTrails estimate of 14 miles seems off. Other websites put the loop at 5.2 miles and the Long Canyon trail at 6 miles total, which would make it 17-18 miles.

3-Night Backpacking trip with kids in July 2018. Great scenery and the lakes were pretty (Jennie Lake had about 4 groups on Friday, Weaver Lake had 10 on Saturday). The small lake at the base of Shell Mountain is definitely worth the side track! Cut across Shell Mountain to avoid JO pass to weaver and reducing the length of the hike by a third. Moderate hiking, but try to get over Poop Out pass before 10 am, otherwise it's pretty hot and exposed. Bugs were present, but nothing a bit of Picaridin couldn't solve. Was not able to catch any trout.

Awesome hike. Beautiful views and big timber!!

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