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Brutal beauty! We are avid hikers and found this trail to be spectacular, yet difficult. The difficulty can be managed based on hiking objectives. We love diversity in terrain, rock formations, and wildlife. The huckleberry leg of the trail was spectacular in that respect. It's north facing and the vegetation was lush. The most important perspective is how nicely the huckleberry navigates the 4150 elevation gain. Yes, it's was still work, however unlike the Face leg climb or decent which requires you to visually pick every step in highly technical and rocky terrain, the Huckleberry allows you to keep your head up and enjoy the stunning 360 views all the time.

If you are in a hurry, or simply want to reach the Teton vista as the reward, you could choose to scale the face. I would never recommend it to friends unless they are technical hikers, have great lungs, and stamina. The first two miles of the Face are really rugged and steep. No exaggeration! We took it on the decent, and calculated every steep step in loose rock, and wish we hadn't given our climb on the Huck leg. Coming down the Face was treacherous and not worth any time saving given the sacrifice in visual enjoyment. Ironically, there's a sign at the base of the Face leg starting the intense incline, dangers, and recommends against it. For the objectives of hiking enthusiasts, I would concur.

Overall, this bike is among the best for hiking variety, beauty, Teton destination reward!

Beautiful hike. Lots of shade. Bring a jacket for the cave

The cave is even more impressive than you imagine. When we went, the wildflowers were stunning. Highly recommended.

7 days ago

Beautiful hike and quick to get to. Hiked up with my daughter on my back and she loved the scenery. I wish we would of started earlier in the day. Beautiful weather until we reached the lake where it was windy and I should of brought my daughter a sweatshirt. Tons of horseflys!

I'm not really sure how the original Trail got recorded on to All Trails but I logged 15.25 miles on that same route to go up to the upper Palisades lake so I think the trail details need to be updated. Aside from that it was a great Trail beautiful views little bit longer than I had hoped but I would do it again.

Love the Huckleberry ascent. Memorable changes on the way up - water, animals (early morning especially) shade, sun, flowers. Rewarding steep sessions and snow! Ridge section longer than expected but table mtn is a beautiful perch nestled under the Tetons. Complete with a friendly (and hungry) marmot to greet you when you get there!
Face Trail is pretty brutal going down , a few slips I must admit. Loved it.

As others have said, closer to 7 miles than the 5.3 stated here and elsewhere. Strongly recommend hiking poles for those going up to the cave - the last half-mile is a bit tricky. Beautiful and not crowded so well worth the drive.

12 days ago

Seemed shorter than 6 miles the sign post claims. Beautiful wildflowers along the trail. Dogs not required to be on leash so just be alert with your own dog. Lake was kind of low but still easy to get into and get your feet wet. Lots of bugs!

This was a beautiful hike. We came from 8000 feet in CO, so the lower altitude made it even easier. We hiked to the lake where my husband caught (and released) 30+ fish in an hour, then we hiked back. It started to rain and lightening mid afternoon, so keep an eye on the weather as there are some very exposed sections of the trail. This would also be a great trail running trail.

15 days ago

This hiking trail was a really fun one. It does provide a bit of a challenge, but it makes up for it. I only have four stars because there were so many people. It really slowed down our hike because we had to keep stepping off trail for others to get through. There also seems to be an issue with the fellow hikers not following rules by not keeping their dogs leashed (as it says right at the beginning to keep them leashed). This caused a lot of issues with the dogs running past us and almost knocking us over.

Awesome !!!

17 days ago

Beautiful hike! My dog loved the little lake!!

The hike itself is very pretty with tons of wild flowers.Heavily trafficked with many dogs not kept on leashes. Tons of flies and mosquitos making the hike unpleasant. Parking was near the bottom of the pass and congested.

Trail is challenging after an about 4 mile ride to the trailhead on an unpaved, rough road. We had 10 hikers go up to the cave and back (ages 12 - 52) and this hike from the trailhead is 8 plus miles in length round trip so the 5.3 distance is way off. This is definitely a moderate+ hike for the occasional hiker up and down with a 1700 feet elevation gain. The biting horse flys on the hike made it aggravating but did not move this down to a four star hike. Would definitely recommend this hike when in the Teton area.

Beautiful views. Lots of different scenery. Accessible.
Make sure you're in good shape - can be a challenge.

18 days ago

Lake was beautiful! Trail was not great at all. Our gps took us to the atv trail on the east side. Found out after our very dusty climb that there was better access to the lake on the north side. We ended up hiking closer to 3 miles.

19 days ago

Shorter than 6 miles unless I found the wrong lake. My GPS said it was around 4.6 miles. Easy and beautiful #muchlikemyself #justkidding

Definitely a 7 Mile hike! The cave is just wonderful. This is an absolute can't-miss!

Amazing hike, stunning views and cave, though definitely longer than the advertised length— I think it’s about 7-8 miles round trip.

very fun trail, wonderful vistas

Amazing hike! Absolutely beautiful. My gps tracked it at about 7.5 miles going up into the caves(not very far in the cave). When we did the hike, all the streams were dried up, so we didn't need any kind of water shoes...guess it just depends on how much rain there's been or what time of year it is. Also, if you want to explore the cave, bring headlamps & jackets! temperature felt like it dropped 30 degrees once we got in the cave. this is one of my faves!

23 days ago

I was fortunate enough to be able to do this hike with a group of great ladies. it did rain on and off the whole day. We put on our rain jackets and hiked on. The clouds hung over the mountains just enough to make the mountain look like it was in a mist. The fields of flowers were amazing. The colors were so vibrant.
We tracked the round trip mileage to the cave and back closer to 7 miles.

25 days ago

Very beautiful hike in mid-July. The wildflowers are abundant. They keep your interest along the entire trail which has a nice mix of tree cover and open meadows. The destination lake is nothing special compared to other mountain lakes - low water level at this time, uninteresting shore, and lots of mosquitoes. We walked 1/4 mile back down the trail to an open meadow with great views to have our planned lunch.

25 days ago

Went up and down the face. Coming down was definitely harder on the knees than going up. I would take the Huckleberry trail going down if I do this hike again.

Beautiful hike for all ages. Using the map on this app to show our location on the trail was great to show the kids how far they had made it and how much left to go was really helpful.

on Table Mountain Trail

26 days ago

I absolutely loved going on this hike a few days ago! I will never forget the amazing feeling I got when I reached the top! I went up the Face and down the Huckleberry trail but wished I would’ve gone down the Face. The view is just gorgeous; from the meadows and wild flowers to the view of the Grand Teton at the top of the hike. I would suggest bringing a light wind breaker for the top and I would love to do this hike again in my life!

28 days ago

We did this hike yesterday. We went up Face and it was brutal but worth it. The views were amazing! We went back down Huckleberry, but wished we would have gone back down Face. It just seemed to go on forever and ever. I recommend everyone do this hike at least once in their life. If you are worried about the difficulty of this hike, we took a bunch of 14 to 18 year old youth with us and even those who weren't physically fit made it to the top. Take it one step at a time and bring plenty of water and food. If you need to, there are rivers and streams you can filter water in.

28 days ago

Easily one of the best hikes I've ever done. Has a little bit of everything - forests, wildflower meadows, and holy cow the scenic vistas. I may come back and update this when I've explored the Teton area more thoroughly, but from what I've been told it's one of the best views of the Tetons you can find - I believe it, because the view was spectacular. People saying that Huckleberry had a rough winter are right, and I do recommend taking this app with you, as it helps make sure you stay on the trail in places it got buried or washed out with the avalanches. Totally doable though, and a nice contrast to the face trail - I did face on the way up, Huckleberry on the way down and thought it was a great system.

great trail for kids

Unbelievable hike!!! Did this yesterday with my family of five—three teenage boys. Reasonably challenging but doable for individuals that only hike periodically. Wildflowers were beautiful. Trails well-maintained. Views of the surrounding mountains, streams, and waterfall gorgeous. Last 1/2 mike challenging but worth it.

Long drive down a gravel road to get the trail head. No cell phone service on the trail so plan accordingly.

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