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Easy trail! A little bit harder, but manageable, if you go all the way up and around to the falls. Make sure to hike along the right side of the first waterfall you come to and keep going. The second waterfall is the 50ft one about an 1/8 of a mile further.

I shot a bunch of video on this trail and compiled it into a vlog, called trail mix. This is episode 3!
You can check it out here: https://youtu.be/-5Acb-3FSm8

PS: Here's a playlist to bring with you, inspired by this trail: http://sptfy.com/1US5

Happy hiking!

Eric eyelove

It was a great day. The trail was gorgeous. The falls were fun. Loved it all

awesome brings me back to my love days

Quite a breath taking hike. Part one is to the dawn mine and there are some parts that get a little technical. No bikes or horses gonna make it.. Foot hiking only. Part two is to the Lowe mountain raod firebreak. This part opf the trail zig zags right up the side of the mountain. You gotta be in good shape to make this hike Up to the mount lowe railway firebreak. It's all downhill from there.....

on Old Mount Baldy Trail

2 days ago

Hiked from Mt. Baldy Lodge to the summit via Bear Canyon Trail on 4/16/18. Although I am an experienced hiker, this was one of the more challenging hikes I've ever done, probably due to the elevation gain of nearly 6,000 feet over 6.4 miles, and then suffering that a second time on the descent. By the time I got back to the lodge, I felt like I needed bilateral knee replacements, a shower, a hot meal, and a warm bed. Thankfully, I stayed in the Mt. Baldy Lodge the night before (so I was acclimated and well-rested) and the night after (so I got everything I needed except the knee replacements). Behold, IPA and Tylenol!

I left the trail head around 8am, just behind the church parking lot. It was about 60 degrees. The first mile or so was on a paved road, followed by a nice stint in the woods. After that, there was about 2 miles of grueling uphill switchbacks that almost caused me to give up because the loose gravel sucked! Eventually, I hit about the 4-mile mark, and I kept repeating to myself, "You didn't come this far to only come this far!" Onward, through bouts of gusty wind, a nerve-wracking precipice with steep drop-offs on both sides, and the occasional clear view all the way down to the Los Angeles valley. By the time I made it to the summit, it was almost 2pm, and it was freezing! I saw only one other person at the summit, and he was wearing such heavy gloves that I felt mildly jealous. We sat together for a time, talking about our routes and enjoying the intermittent clear views. The clouds would roll in, we would hunker down behind the manmade rock walls scattered about the summit, and then the clouds would roll away, and we could see for miles and miles. It was a special feeling.

The hike back down took almost half as long, so I returned to the village before sunset around 7pm. Be forewarned, the signs at the Visitor Center claim that the Bear Canyon Trail is only 8 hours roundtrip. I think that's true if you don't stop to catch your breath or enjoy the views at the top. Give yourself about 10-12 hours and take some warm clothing for the summit. All in all, it's worth it.

2 days ago

One of my favorite hikes I’ve ever been on! Of course I love graffiti and abandoned places full of mystery so... with a nice mix of beautiful nature that’s not too overcrowded when you go off the main paths! Can’t wait to come back

Great Hike (13-14 APR 2018). My GPS showed 21 total miles round trip... We stayed on the trail. I think that the switchbacks have been extended. Friday on ascent we only saw 3 other people. Saturday, on our decent we saw about 40 hikers on their way up. Used only trekking poles.

Beautiful hike

The views are beautiful. Loose gravel and No shade. Take plenty of water. Also, Lots of trials within this trial. So it’s easy to get off the track. But worth the hike.

Worth the climb! Amazing views from every angle! Great workout!

An incredible hike through the quintessential wooded mountains. I tracked it at just under 8 miles. The last 1.25 miles to the peak are the hardest. We made it up and back to the parking lot in about 5 hrs with plenty of short rest breaks & lunch at the top. Weather was ideal at around upper 50s with a subtle yet steady breeze. Bring at least 3L of water, poles (the trail gets pretty narrow & there was unmelted snow), & 10 essentials.

4 days ago

Super easy walking trail and open space for kids to explore

Very fun, there’s a lot of switchbacks, but not as bad as can really be. There were some leftover snow patches that made me a bit nervous, but other than that, not too shabby.

Enjoy this hike every time! Kids love it and so does the dog. Nice to have a trail both can go on.

LOST a light blue Patagonia nano puff pullover today, Sunday, 4/15/18 just before noon somewhere between the Icehouse saddle and Cucamonga peak. It fell from a pocket in my pack. I assume someone picked it up, as it was nowhere to be found on the way back down the mountain. If found, please text or call (818)522-2140.

The boys (husky mixes) and I finally made this hike today. Gorgeous views & rock formations; I took so many photos of the boys standing on the rocks and looking off into the distance.
I average 3-5 miles daily with some elevation on run days and I really felt like this was a challenging hike; we took about 3 hours including breaks for water & photos and a long walk back to the first parking lot. Next time, I’ll park much closer to the trailhead. I couldn’t believe the number of people we encountered running this trail! I also was amazed at the number of kids doing this hike!
I brought 4 liters of water and we went through most of it- though I’m pretty sure I leaked as my pack & back were soaked when we reached the top. Thankfully, I had 2 separate bladders and the second was full for our trip down. Had just enough at the end to fill the boys’ bowls one last time and the stinkers didn’t even want it!
We started at 7:45 and managed to have much shade up until probably the last mile or so on the way down. We did not see any snakes, but the boys found a few lizards.
There were enough people that I felt safe as a solo female but, surprisingly, not near as many people I expected having read about this hike online. We did not stop for a chip photo, as we were solo. Like others, we saw some drones up at the top and heard an occasional speaker.
We didn’t come across any aggressive or unleashed dogs.
We found people we encountered to be polite, if not downright friendly. The boys got a few pets & ear scratches from new friends. We tried really hard to give way in narrow spots and others did the same.
We’ll definitely be back.

Beautiful and relaxing. It’s definitely an easy hike. Great for kids and dog friendly. Saw a couple of quails running on the trail for a while. So close to Malibu Seafood for after hike lunch.

on Beaudry Loop

4 days ago

Perfect climb and great views. a bit too much for 11 and under. I'd rate it an easy hard hike or a hard moderate.
we did this hike on a moderately warm spring day. started at 8:30am. that was almost too late (for the entire loop).
did it in 2.25 hours with little stopping. bugs were out.

4 days ago

This was a great hike! Nice view and a great workout.

Great family hike,lots of trails. The scenery is beautiful, weather was 79 degrees. The kids enjoyed climbing the rocks., easy hiking unless you’re climbing to the top of the rocks. Enjoyed the drive there.

Great place gorgeous views

4 days ago

Not sure if I need to add to the big review pile for this trail, but why not. It lives up to the hype and the access is easy. I would say this is an excellent trail for beginning backpackers who want to experience the Sierra Nevada at its best.

It is popular for a reason, but the presence of people dwindle the further up you go, and there are options to expand beyond this trail (such as Agassiz Col which I attempted but failed, a successful failure I must say).

Why does the summary on this trail's description say it "features a lake"? As a matter of fact, it features so many lakes the namers half-assedly named them numbers. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5...!

Stellar hike with amazing vistas! Several ways to summit depending on your altheticism. It has the right amount of friendly folks, with the right amount of socialized dogs! You will be challenged, but it's worth every bit of sweat! It's A Must Do!

Easy hike , good for kids and nice waterfall at the end. Can climb the hill next to falls if you are up to it. Be careful of loose rocks.

Hiked April 18th. As others stated this is a tough uphill climb and difficult downhill due to the loose rock and gravel on the steep slope. Less traffic on this route. Beautiful views after the first couple miles. Better views than the backbone-ski hut trail. Recommend this for others who have already done the busy Manker routes and looking for something more challenging. Don't underestimate this route.

Definitely tough trek and well worth it! Be careful not to miss the trailhead on the left of the mill less than 1/2 mile from parking. Last marker reads summit camp straight, Vivian creek right. Go straight towards summit camp and you’re there. Got up and down yesterday 4/13/18 without yak tracks or micro spikes. Couple of patches of snow/ice less than 6-10 feet on trail. Hope you enjoy as much as I did.

Hiked to the summit Thursday, April 12, 2018 on a beautiful clear day. Three of us went up Winter Creek Trail to the top and then down Sturtevant trail and connected with Gabrileno Trail (meets this trail at the Sturtevant campsite) back to Chantry Flats. The full loop was 13.75 miles of which the last 1/2 mile was a fairly steep (albeit on a paved road) climb which was a bit of a kick in the teeth after going that distance and being an Illinois flat lander!

At first having reached the summit I was like “I wouldn’t rate this a hard climb” but after finishing the full loop I would concur that it is a hard level hike due to the length and unless you are used to hiking long distances don’t take it lightly.

Great views from the “bench” which you reach at about the 5 mile point on the way up. We could see all the way to the coast and great perspective of Los Angeles.

This was our first of the Six pack we hope to achieve over the next couple years while our son goes to school out in SoCal!

Great time of year to go I guess as we had no gnats or flies (which apparently are a big issue on the hike later in the summer).

good hike but parking is terrible and always too many people. views are fantastic.

5 days ago

This is the trail you want to utilize if you're looking to avoid the Hollywood hikers using Icehouse and Devil's Backbone. Beautiful views and many parts of this hike are quite pleasant despite the large elevation gain. Be extremely careful going down. Lots of loose rock to send you down the mountain if you aren't careful.

Amazing trail and great workout!

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