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Awesome hike!

Moderately difficult with a bit of climbing on the way up, especially the first half of the West Side Trail.

We went the day after a rainstorm, and things were pretty muddy, so we took the North Road back down for a safer descent with the children.

This trail was a challenge but I loved it! Took my best friend with me and we had so much fun! I just love climbing rocks and walking in trails!

The kids and I love this place! Not overly taxing, but a great time.. Kids love sliding on the big flat rocks!

7 days ago

This was marked by someone who has never hiked. I don’t have any other explanation. The first time I went around I got off trail about 4 times I had to backtrack and by the end lost the trail completely, ended up on someone’s driveway and took that out. I thought I could go the opposite way to see where I went wrong and instead ended up taking a big circle back to the parking lot.
I have been hiking for over 30 years and never had a more frustrating experience than this loop. The blue seems what you follow when you start and then the yellow comes out of nowhere. There are probably 50-100 trails that branch off for access from peoples homes.
I wanted to love this because it’s so close to home but it’s awful and I’ll only ever go back for kayaking.


walked this trail many times, easy to get to, easy to walk, great place to talk your dog.

The WWII Memorial trail was closed for environmental restoration as of July 26 2018

This trail was pretty nice but takes so long because it's not marked at all with lots of other mini trails in and around it. l spent most of my time looking at the app and backtracking. Unless you don't mind walking around and not knowing where you're going, you will like it, lol. There are roads all around and throughout but still no clue which way to go.

Best place on this planet

Nice wooded walk right in the city. Added the outer loop toward Boynton Park to add more length and elevation. Scenic, but streams and falls are all dry in the middle of this hot summer.

30 days ago

Fun area to explore with lots of rampart caves and ledges. The highlighted loop goes around the Chasm, but it’s definitely worth checking it out during your trip. We spent about a half hour checking out the caves, then did a little hiking. The trails in the area are very well marked and maintained. My one warning would be to avoid coming on weekends since it gets very crowded.

1 month ago

Far too many dogs off leash. Rules need to be followed whether you agree or not. I shouldn't be deprived of walking a beautiful trail because people can't follow a very simple rule.

Nice place to hike and exercise. Very scenic.

1 month ago

The trailhead from Cedar Hill Street is not easy to find. I went via the office building parking lot just across the street from Forest Street. If you drive around the parking lot behind Piedmont Plastics it's in a corner of the lot and you can just see the little trail head sign. The trail is lovely, but there is construction on one side of the loop, which is closed so you can only go out and back (take the trail to the right, the left hand trail is closed)- There's currently no loop. It winds through pretty meadows and there are nice views from the top of the hill. It is very quiet - I saw only one other dog-walker in my hour there on a Sunday morning. Trail is pretty easy, slow rises, but there are some rocky spots. Dogs love it; check for ticks after!

1 month ago

Excellent hike a bit strenuous the very first mile the trail is very well groomed but very steep! We (20s, 30s AMC Boston group) left at 10:00 am and were surprised to already reach the top of Wachusett at 10:40 however a lot more of the hike to go! Very good view from the top - rest of hike was easier but still a work out.

I'm glad we paid attention to alltrails map and to the over 10 different trail junctions! Everything was still fairly easy to follow - but be careful from Hardington to Windmills we kept going on Harrington and had to cycle back.

List of trails covered:
Bicentennial Trail
pine Hill Trail
Old Indian Trail
West Side Trail
Semuhenna Trail
Windmill Trail
Stage Coach Trail
Echo Lake Trail
Echo Lake Road
High Meadow
back to Bicentennial Trail

1 month ago

Very nice family hike! We especially enjoyed the Pine Forrest part. It took us 3 hours to do the loop including some time on the summit. The view from the top is great, definitely go! It is not hard, I would definitely rate it moderate. Much easier comparing to Monadnock summit, for example. Good luck!

1 month ago

The trail is scenic and its around 8 miles. Follow the yellow markings on trees as the trails are not marked well. Shoutout to the app the map and gps tracking helped us. There are too many mosquitoes, carry insect repellant and hiking gear.

Great trail. Completed 7/14/2018. Took Bicentennial to High Meadow Trail, cut across on Lower Link and up Harrington. Back down Mountain House and Bicentennial. Hardly anyone on the trail but quite a few people at the top. Not too challenging but just a couple of climbing parts to make it fun!

Great hike !!!!!!

we really enjoyed this hike. we got a little lost and ended up doing 7 miles. this hike offers a wide variety of settings - the summit trail, locks of rocks on the return trip, a beautiful meadow, and a pine forest. would recommend. it isn't easy, but its doable.

1 month ago

Pretty nice area. When I was there with my family we were the only ones there. Definitely bring bug spray it was pretty buggy when we were there. The trail is easy and family friendly.

Incredibly crowded late on a Sunday morning in July, and the summit is VERY crowded with noisy families due to a parking area near the top. Views are nice but not spectacular, obscured by towers and tourists. There’s a lot of up and down, a very indirect way to the top (but a nice workout with a few overlooks). I took the left fork at the beginning of this loop so I summited near the end of this hike... I think I would have been too annoyed with the circuitous route to finish had I gone the other way!

Solid hike with decent pitch, but would not consider it to be “hard.” Took two of us and two pups just under 2 hours

mountain biking
1 month ago

Intermediate to expert level riding. Easy on and off trails. No need to carry anything besides one bottle of water. Food and spare water can be kept in the vehicle for quick breaks and back on the trails. I consider this a great free gym for a short workout. Can’t always go to the very long trails especially after work or busy weekends. I tend to ride on Saturday and Sunday early morning for an hour or two. Then off to start the day doing other things.

1 month ago

This is a great time to spend your day:)
The trails can be from easy to moderately difficult or you can make it a little of everything. We love coming here.

This is a nice little hike but rating it as "hard" is downright silly. A good rule of thumb is that any hike less than 2,000 feet vertical elevation should be rated moderate as a maximum.

awesome trail been going for 13years, I walk with my dogs and ride my bike

always a pleasure. great look out rock

Disclaimer: the highlighted loop does not take you to the lime kiln/quarry. In order to reach these, you need to take the Bob Horton Trail. This can very was be done in combination with the highlight loop for a good easy hike.

Review: despite the confusion over where the kiln/quarry was, the hike was still very nice. The woods are very beautiful with hills and cool rock features. The trails are pretty well maintained, however they are not signed. Using the AllTrails tracker is recommended for direction. The quarry was pretty interesting, about 20 feet deep with a pond at the bottom. The kiln has spots on the side where the rock had melt patterns. Definitely one of the coolest spots in the area with an interesting history.

I love this place. So peaceful and the best hiking experience i have had.

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