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One of my favorites

Very rocky and is more like 4.5 miles long. Trail markers are confusing.

Pretty good loop, especially considering its location. Lots of intersecting trails though and it can be tricky to know if you're actually following the route. Load the route into your recorder and follow that, double check yourself at the intersections. Also, the route that is currently posted (as of 8/12/17) actually does the loop twice. It's really closer to 4 miles with an elevation gain of about 500 feet.

rainy day was still nice

20 days ago

Nice trail to hike when it’s got since much of the trail is shaded. A few elevation changes added interest but not too challenging.

22 days ago

I love this park and know it pretty well. Some of the trails aren't marked very well but it's not an easy park to get lost in.

24 days ago

Too many bikers. Not a lot of scenery. Was a great trail to get the heart rate up but had to share with a lot bikers and runners. Went on a Saturday morning though so that may have had something to do with it.

on French Park

25 days ago

Trails are poorly marked once you’re on them. Lots of side trails and you don’t know which one to take. Evidently there are trails A-E. I started on E and somehow finished on A without one sign in between the start and finish! I also hiked D which was very enjoyable...saw 3 deer. It was actually marked pretty well. Depending on which trail you take, you could do some pretty serious hills that seem to never end!!

Trail was rated appropriately. There’s not a lot to look at though and there were only bikes on the trail. No other hikers. I wouldn’t recommend for hiking when there lots of other great trails in the area that are for hikers only.

Great urban trail, feels larger than it is. Trails can be very confusing but makes for a nice adventure.

Great hike. Can’t wait to do it again.

1 month ago

Just did the out and back along the valley trail after having completed the perimeter loop. Wide, gravel tail suitable for most anyone.

Nature Preserve
Experience the Feel of natural Eastern Woodlands before the Industrial Revolution

The trail that’s recorded here is only 4 miles not 7.

Super easy. Great for all ages and you can’t beat the views. Right alongside the river. People with stroller, runners and bikers all share the extra wide and winding concrete path.

3 months ago


Very pretty. Saw only 1 marker, got lost for an hour, kept coming to dead ends. The wooden steps are very hazardous, with all the dirt washed away, they are only obstacles, with huge nails sticking out and up. Very muddy in some places. Not good for handicapped dogs. The Park is beautiful, though, and I will be back to try a different trail sometime.

I love this place! It’s my go to hike! No where better in my eyes

4 months ago

Enjoyed this rustic, charming hike. Good hills and much to see. Good for kids and pets.

Love this place

Beautiful park
Lots of Old trees
Nice well marked trails

Great trail to run. Very difficult to run, lots of rocks and roots. Got lost a few times. This app was very useful to fin my way. Watch out for the stone steps.

6 months ago

I loved hiking here, it was definitely really muddy, but the trails are well marked and we only ran into a few other people. Great to have options for hiking while not having to drive too far! Not super challenging in terms of elevation, but still super fun!

I loved this little hike, I did a few loops around and made it into about 6.5 miles in all. Definitely some steep parts, but overall very easy. I agree that you can still hear the sounds of the road and trains, but that didn’t really bother me. I thought the paths were very well marked, and my dogs loved it!

6 months ago

Love this trail. Great in all seasons. Can get really wet though.

A good bit of the trail was cut off due to hunting, but the trail portion I was allowed to hike was beautiful if not a little muddy from recent rains.

6 months ago

Enjoyed Nice winter Hike
Cures Cabin Fever....

7 months ago

Enjoyed Winter hike
Cures Cabin Fever{*_*}

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