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Snowy/icy going up and VERY muddy going down, great views though

Great view

Beautiful day! Great moderately paced hike. Slightly rocky with elevation for a little way at the start. The views all around keep your eyes busy. Family and dog friendly. :)

My favorite trail. It’s like constant step ups. Wear hiking boots though.

I'm out of shape, but I was able to hike this with only a few short breaks. Keep your eyes and ears active! I'm fairly certain I heard a rattlesnake about one mile in. Also, the trails get muddy after it rains, so wear quality boots. Beautiful views along the entire hike, but especially once you reach the overlook portion. It took me less than one hour to reach the flatter portion of the hike, including breaks.

It’s a nice short easy hike. I take this route often on excursions up Timpanogos before the road opens to turn it into a loop. Up the road and down via salamander flat and pine hollow.

Not great for biking

Took my dogs on an “odd numbered day” which is when they’re allowed off leash and everyone we passed was friendly and all the dogs well behaved. And to respond to the guy that commented ab the dog poop bags; yes, dog owners bag the poop and leave it to the side of the trail to pick up on the way back since it’s an in and out trail and there are no trash bins besides at the trailhead. While I typically carry mine in my bag, it’s definitely not fun to smell poop coming from your bag the whole hike. But all the dog owners I saw were friendly and conscientious and all picked up the poop and I saw a few pick up the bags to throw away on their way out. Not a big deal to me as a dog owner as long as the bag is to the side and gets picked up eventually.

The trail is bad

We did this trail on a whim this afternoon. The weather was beautiful so there was a lot of traffic but it's a great workout with great views of the valley at the end.

Watch out for dog bags people leave on the trail. I don't get it but there they are.

great trail with great views. A little muddy from the runoff but nothing we couldn't handle. The last mile is flat and scenic, very worth it. Definitely will hike again

1 month ago

One of my all time favorite hikes in Utah valley. Be careful at the fork because it is very easy to miss.

1 month ago

Great hike. Went up today, it was over 60 degrees, so there was a lot of mud/slush..Was easier to walk off the trail in either deeper snow or dry leaves much of the time...As has been mentioned, stay to the left. After the 5th bridge I would say the fork comes up in 150 meters or so..The views are incredible from the top. Just wow. Saw deer when I entered the meadow area before the last turn up the last hill..A lot of snow in the upper part, but packed down nicely. Highly recommend poles especially for the descent..it was slippery and wet...and totally worth it..didn't see one person up or down after taking a left at the fork... going down required some balance and using the poles a lot as there is deep mud and slush in many parts...and yet I'd do it again..btw, my phone showed about 8 miles..took about 3.75 hours..

beautiful view! and great workout especially with the snow.

1 month ago

It was a nice, relaxing hike with the family. Great views with a blue sky at the end!

Great day for the hike! We wore our crampons, it helped with the switch backs, but once you get past the 1st mile it flattens out and you get to enjoy a nice view all the way to the look.

2 months ago

Catching up on some reviews, so recognize this was done early October. Got up early on a Sunday to start the trail at 5am in the dark. Used our headlamps for the first 1.5 hours or so. Got up in a little under 2 hours right as the sun was rising. Beautiful, clear view over the valley and behind the mountain. Heavy fog set in as we wer heading down, which was a really cool contrast against the bright colors of the fall leaves. Took just over 2 hours getting down since we stopped for so many pictures. Great hike, pretty steep at some parts, but worth the effort.

Love this hike! Moderate though not hard

Beautiful scenery. Steep in the beginning and evens out after the first mile.

We went on a sunset hike here tonight. The first 50 yards or so was a sheet of ice, and the rest just had some really muddy spots. Views along the ridge line were beautiful.

trail running
2 months ago

Very excellent, took 2:23 from my car to summit back to car. But don’t overdo it, ive given myself IT band syndrome from pushing too hard

Almost no ice or snow left right now and it's been perfect weather for hiking

Great hike! Minimal snow throughout the trail and at the top. Only wildlife spotted was one mule deer. God Bless.

This is one of my favorite local trails. I really enjoy the mix of rocky exposures, wooded areas, and open meadows along the way.

Short hike, very steep at first. Great view at the end. I went a couple of weeks ago and it was super muddy from the snow melting.

Most difficult part was the beginning and then it flattens out as you get to the overlook of the city. Overall, it was a decent hike with some pretty good scenery of the the mountains and city.

Just a little icy the first 100 yards then muddy/dry the rest of the way.

Like it. Wanna try the spring time..

Went right after a fresh snow and it was incredible. Beautiful views of the city, not too steep. I've been back since it's snowed and there are parts that are EXTREMELY icy. You have to wear crampons or at least hold on to branches for footing to get you up.

Great little hike.

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