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24 minutes ago

Awesome views from the top! If you plan on hiking during the summer, start as early as possible.

Be sure to bring plenty of water and snacks with you but don’t overload yourself because this is a serious hike where every pound will be felt throughout the hike.

It was not that busy when we started out during a June 14th hike but on the way down we saw LOTS of people coming up during the midday sun.

Bring more water than you think you’re going to need. It was 95 by noon when I made it to the top. I had 5L on me and just about ran out at the top.

Parking at Stanford lot was not an option even at 7:30 in the morning. We used the alternate lot at Ohlone college. The hike got about 2.5 miles longer. Hardly any shade. No view either until got to the summit.
By the way, It was very crowded. Near the summit the trail was narrow you’ll have to maneuver for people resting as well as people on the opposite direction.

This was our best hike in Yosemite, for the non climbers it’s as rewarding as it gets.

For people leaving reviews saying it is very easy, I am guessing they are either extremely fit or didn’t do the whole trail. Many people we saw on the way in stopped at the initial dome/clearing and went back. It is not extremely clear and no sign denotes north dome that I saw, but make sure to keep going to the actual end dome.

It is deceptive after you get to the initial dome, from there you need to hike down to a little valley, and then ultimately go up again to get to the actual north dome. Going back up is what made the hike somewhat hard and definitely not a stroll in the park like some people have posted. Again if you just did the initial dome, yes it is easy.

5 days ago

Totally blown away by the views from the meadow to the top of the pass. This was fairly difficult for my second backpacking trip but it was well worth it.

be patience. the view from the top is rewarding. but on the way up from horse tsil is dry and nothing so be prepared. make sure to bring water cuz there is limited shade. it's a nice training trail.

you will experience different environment every 2 miles on the way to ten lakes. enjoy!

So pretty!! The waterfall is super small in October which is the only time I’ve done it but the fall colors in the leaves make up for it. the views from the top make it 100% worth it!

This one is a beast!!! It is beautiful, but challenging, so don't underestimate it. There are lots of switch backs and there is very little shade when you get to the top, so make sure you have plenty of water and sunscreen. Also, be aware that the falls dry up as early as July, so this trail is really better hiked in the Spring. There are a good number of hikers on this trail, but it is not overly packed. Make sure to bring snacks as well since this one is about six miles round trip.

My boyfriend and I hiked this trail in early Oct 2018. For fitness context, I am a mid twenty year old who goes to the gym 2-3 days a week and is active during my job and my boyfriend is in his early 30's and goes to the gym 4 days a week. We found this trail really great and got a nice workout in without feeling spent or crazy sore by the end. As people have mentioned, the bouldering is the main challenging part of this hike, but it's pretty short and surprisingly easy. For example, several dogs were able to do it. It took us from around 1:00-5:00 for the whole hike, but we stopped and explored the area around Cleo's Bath a bit. Also, the trail isn't incredibly well marked once you leave the pinecrest lake loop, so watch for the blue areas and stay with your group! We picked up a lost hiker on the way back to the lake so it definitely can happen. there was no place to get portable water along the trail but there was a flowing river so bring water or a filter. The only bathrooms were at the beginning of the trail.
Overall, a very beautiful hike for a wide variety of fitness levels.

Great hike, but don’t underestimate the challenge. In October the wind shoots up from the Valley and is cold. Short jump up so keep a light pack as every pound counts on the relentless switchbacks. This is a essential hike to add the your Yosemite inventory. Have fun.

9 days ago

Outstanding hike with amazing views and bit of a different perspective of the Valley. Do not expect an easy hike, the climb up for the first 3.8 miles on the “micro switch-backs” is a grind. We went 2 days ago so it was cool/cold. I took a recommended 5 liters of h2o, should have been 4 and dropped the weight. This hike is major “up” so watch your pack weight.

Once you get to Eagle Peak the 360 degree outlook is breathtaking, kickback, chill and enjoy the accomplishment. We left the Valley at 5:15 AM and made it up in 4 hours, having stopped at Upper Yosemite Falls.

On the way down 35% you can bomb down through the forest. Then you hit the granite staircase and the pace slows simply because of footing.

Great time. Three of us ranked this hike in term of difficulty as 1.) Half Dome 2.) Eagle Peak 3.) CR. Hope this helps - enjoy this must do hike.

Very pretty trail with mixed terrain (lots of rock stairs and some dirt trail). Gorgeous views!

On a very busy Saturday this was still very quiet - and amazing views from North Dome. As others suggested, definitely worth going up to the arch. Limited parking at 10:45

Scenery: 2
Views: 4
Difficulty: 4
Crowds: 5
Shade: 1

My 1-5 Rating Scale Comparisons for above:
5 for Scenery; Mcway Falls Julia Pfeiffer Burns SP
4.5 for Scenery: Berry Creek Falls Big Basin State Park
4 for Scenery: Steep Ravine Trail

5 for Views: Nimitz Trail Tilden Park
5 for Views: Ridge Trail San Bruno Mtn Park
4.5 for Views Montara Mtn Summit San Pedro County Park
4 for Views Rancho Canada Del Oro Bald Peaks trail

5 for Difficulty: Junipero Serra Peak
4 for Difficulty: Mount El Sombroso Loop Trail

Definitely a hard trail. All uphill with little shade. Took about an hour and fifteen minutes (with plenty of rests) to the peak. The views of the bay are amazing the whole way up.

14 days ago

very nice not to difficult to get to. kids can do this hike. as for the road to rough it is but don't listen to the GPS. take Crabtree rd the two intersect.

14 days ago

Beautiful, obviously, but obscenely busy.

I loved this hike because there were no people! It took me four hours round trip from porcupine creek parking lot and I saw maybe 5 people at some point. Great views. I was exhausted at the end but this is not a hard hike. Went on 10/1/18.

16 days ago

This was a nice out and back hike. At first it is lay and easy. Once you get to about a mile/mike and a half in, the trail gets hilly and a bit more challenging. Near the falls it gets a little tough o see the trail but once you’ve reached this point your basically at the falls. The falls weren’t as big as imagined they’d be but nonetheless is was a beautiful spot. There is a swimming hole there as well.

The views are excellent. We arrived before 5 pm on a Friday and hiked down from White Wolf TH for over 5 miles before resting for the night. The next day we hiked all the way past the Waterwheel Falls before looking for campsites. Along the route, there are some really nice places to stay for the night. On Sunday we hiked to Tuolumne Meadows and got a ride from a nice father and son team to the junction with White Wolf. The only regret is that AllTrails could not record most of the route. Once we descended into the forest, it lost GPS signal. So it only recorded the beginning and ending part of the whole trip!

very beautiful short hike. I just like to ask everyone to be very careful with the rocks, they are very slippery the closer u get to the water fall.

21 days ago

Ive backpacked all over the Sierra’s and this was one of the best overall trips!

The trail is very well maintained. That being said, the All Trails Pro app saved us a few times. First, along the granite part early in the trail, and secondly coming out of the lake area since there were a ton of trails up and down from the lake that didn’t lead to the actual trail. At all map checks, no matter the altitude or density of Forrest, the app showed us EXACTLY where we were and got us right back in trail without losing any time!

As far as the hike - wow...I would rate it moderately difficult. You’re scaling way more mountain than what I thought and the day ends with the most strenuous part of the hike. We started at about 10am and got to our lakeside campsite at about 4:30

The lake itself was spectacular! And trust me - I’ve camped at a lot of lakes. Yes - there are 6 other lakes to possibly explore and camp at, but the main lake was so huge that it was no problem finding a secluded private site. There were many developed camp sites created from pack groups along the south side, whereas most people camped in the obvious east side, so I recommend you explore that area for camping (make a left when you arrive at the lake and go down about half way+)

Lastly, you only need to go to the Big Oak Flat Information station to get a permit. It was easy and I was in and out of there in 10 minutes.

So enjoy!!

22 days ago

Views of Half Dome, Clouds Rest, and the valley are spectacular on top of North Dome. Long ways in getting there though, dry and dusty terrain, some long stretches without cover.

22 days ago

Lots of switchbacks for only a moderately better view of the valley past Columbia rock. Lots of flies that fly into your face. Waterfall is dry late September.

A shame there is no waterfall in September.

Beautiful! The pools and view and the top was well worth what for me was a challenging hike. The beginning is pretty steep but luckily for me the vast majority is steady and mild elevation gain.

Go super early to beat the heat and parking! Bring a decent amount of water to stay hydrated on your way up!

The pools are awesome at the top. Nature’s infinity pool!

Excellent hike but it is not 5 miles round trip! As is stated at the trail head it is 3.4 miles one way and based off my log I found this to be true. Definitely worth the hike, even tho the falls were dry when I went. While you’re up there you might as well do the extra mile to Yosemite Point to get the best views of the valley as well.

Windy and cooler up at the top, great photo op

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