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Started up the M trail and continued to the summit via Hellgate Ridge. Fairly easy hike with some steep portions and beautiful views of downtown. Took me about 2.5 hours round trip as I'm not in the greatest shape. You'll definitely need spikes as all of the M is ice, hellgate ridge was a mix of blown snow and ice didn't find anything deeper than 6 inches. Overall a very nice hike.

8 days ago

One of favorite alpine lakes. It made for one epic snowshoe. Be prepared for technical shoeing, cold conditions and predators.

This is a review for WINTER at Stack Rock. This is an incredibly gorgeous and very challenging hike in wintertime. Going with my dog, I was a little concerned about the thousand foot elevation change and 8-mile round trip, but luckily I had snow shoes, and my dog brought a good attitude. I crossed paths with another group of who all had poles, and I’d say we both probably struggled equally with our different equipment. The steep uphills are no treat at any point, but that last incline to the top was simply brutal. However, I got out unscathed and probably weighing quite a bit less. Gorgeous vistas and silent as could be. Worth it if you are experienced and well prepared! Probably not best for deep season, but after a couple snowfalls, it was great.

12 days ago

Amazing area, good first backpacking trip hike/ location!

We did not make it all the way but the views were incredible in the canyon!

Amazing views. Steep start then a flat, visually stunning hike. This was an all-star hike.

22 days ago

Highly recommended! Gently rolling, well-marked trail right alongside this spectacularly beautiful lake--fantastic views on all parts of the trail. A bit of an uphill and rocky the last 1/3-1/2 mile as you make your way up to the Falls, but so worth it once you get up there. I went just after Labor Day and did not have issues with the mosquitoes as some have mentioned. You're in bear country, of course, so be smart and carry bear spray, make noise as you go and preferably, unlike me, do not hike alone--I saw no bears (or bear scat on the trail) on my hike. Would be a beautiful lake to kayak or canoe, also--pristine, clear and beautiful waters, gorgeous coves. Easy hike for just about everyone I would think (although steep toward the falls). I'll be taking this hike again!

Great hot springs with an incredible view. I hiked the trail with a pretty bad cold and was rewarded with perfect water temperatures and a beautiful sunset. There’s also some nice campsites just below the springs, so backpacking in is a good idea.

24 days ago

What a great ski lots of climb but the views reward the work and good turns abound.

highly suggest not going at night. best time to start is 10:30 unless you want to hike at night

fun and beautiful and relaxing

Note: Don’t make the mistake I did assuming the trail begins beyond the barrier at the end of the road. My pup and I followed through the snow until it dead-ended l, leaving us in shade, ice and surrounded by what appeared to be the fresh tracks of a very large wild animal.

The actual trailhead looks almost like a game trail up the side of the hill behind all the parked cars you’ll encounter at the end of the road (be careful parking so those there before you can get by on their way back down).

Once we figured out where we were, the trail was a beautiful collection of switchbacks making for an easy hike with a HUGE reward. The views from the top were indescribable. I wish it wouldn’t have been so busy (we had to wait our turn to navigate to the top of the rocks and the cliff for the views) but everyone was incredibly friendly and patient with one another.

Be careful meandering around on the rocks! It’s a long way down!

Can’t wait to experience this one again.

1 month ago

Great hike. Plenty of hikers even in November. Good trail for running or hiking.

Easy peasy hike with a awe inspiring, breath taking view at the end. Will do again.

Great adventure. Be prepared. The weather can change quickly. Best in late July - early September. Plan on 7-10 hours round trip.

Wow! First weekend in November and a perfect day to Hike. Last Mile had about 5 or 6 big switchbacks and took a little longer getting up that part, but so worth the view.

I don't usually review trails, but this one is pretty great! We went a little later, so it wasn't as busy. But we got to a point in the trail where a moose and her baby were on the trail. We had to wander off the trail but it was an awesome experience. The scenery is also beautiful. It's 4 miles but it's very casual.

1 month ago

Great hike. moderate is a fair rating based on a regular hiker. Good elevation gain but short distance. Good payoff for moderate effort. Both lower and and upper seemed to have nice campsites. No snow as of 10/24. Noticed the time changed to Mountain on our phones between lower and upper. Bringing the fishing pole next year.

1 month ago

Moderate wouldn't be the best way to describe this hike. There is a lot of different terrain which keeps it fun but theres a large area of rocky terrain that can be challenging to walk up (even though there is a slight path created) especially after fast incline with shakey legs! it is beautiful but bring spikes just in case anytime after October as it can get icy on a very narrow trail just at the top. One of the most beautiful and serene hikes I've done. Dogs should be leashed ALWAYS but on this trail we saw some un leashed dogs and it could be very dangerous for even well behaved pups.

Loved this hot spring!! I thought I was gonna die on the trail, especially towards the end, lol but I made it and it was totally worth it. My boyfriend and I did this in August- watched the sunset and hiked back with our flashlights. The stars were amazing.

1 month ago

10/27 - no snow on the trail or surrounding peaks. Well maintained and no obstructions on main route. Circumnavigation of the lake is possible but not well marked; steep, muddy and poor footing in places. The drive out through Murray and along the river was beautiful. Plan enough time for breakfast at Snake Pit or lunch and beers in Wallace.

1 month ago

Fun hike, good workout but not too difficult

Great hike in the valley with rigid mountains all around you.

A nice trail with switchbacks. You are rewarded with spectacular views when you break out of the trees and are on the ridge. There are about ten trees that have fallen across the trail, prepare to climb over or go around them.

1 month ago

I walk frequently but mostly flat or rolling hill, this walk was more then moderate for me. There are wonderful benches at all the switchbacks. Some are quite steep and I only made it up by resting contently at each one to allow my pulse to slow a bit! This walk inspired me to do more, the view was amazing and I sat on the M, enjoying a Birdseye view of Missoula. Going down was actually more stressful on my old joints! I just took my time.

This was one of my favorite backpacking hikes ever. We camped at Pearl and did a day hike to Dalton, well worth it. All of the lakes were gorgeous and the hike was moderate to Pearl, hard if you go onto Dalton because of the extra distance. I do not consider myself an avid hiker and more casual.

1 month ago

We backpacked in and camped at Upper Stevens Lake. Their were a couple very nice camping sites at both lakes. I would not consider myself an avid hiker and it was challenging but the moderate was accurate due to the short distance. I would highly recommend and on my top five places I've hiked.

This is a great trail. Easy directions to drive to the trailhead. Bathroom there. Plenty of parking. However...I would not consider it MODERATE. Any trail that you traverse a large rock shale slide should be hard. And should be mentioned. People hiking with dogs need to know this as well. There are also a lot of large root steps. I found this hike challenging and would definitely do it again but for my companion who does not hike a lot, it was not enjoyable. Beautiful lake at the top and gorgeous tamaracks in yellow right now.

By far one of my favorite trails in the area.

Gorgeous weather, a bit rocky, needed a jacket but overall a great hike with great friends.

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