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Simply beautiful!!! Bring microspikes.

the best running views and waterfalls if your going for miles

the trail was easy to find with the picture of the gate already posted. The issue was there was no markings to follow. One trail followed along the stream and ended, the other trail went up to the bridge that didnt have any signs for zig zag. We went left and walked accross the bridge and say multiple rock climbers but the trail was a road. Some cool views but without the signs we didn't do the intended hike.

Hard but worth it

Great trail - steep but worth the climb. Microspikes are a must now, poles would have been nice too. Definitely a little windy up in the boulder field, but totally doable.

Old trail up. Great workout. Packed snow in a trail too narrow for snowshoes. Summit is snow covered rocks and boulders so can’t use snowshoes there either. A bit icy towards the top, I had yaktrax but I wish I’d had microspikes. Ok the new rail down, seems long with lots of switchbacks. My favorite hike in the PNW so far.

1 month ago

I went in November and trail didn't have snow till half way up.we didn't have right shoes or microspike but we able to go the top and great view!

Road to the trail head is closed for the season at Heather Lake trail head, be prepared to hike an additional 5 miles up the road to Mt pilchuck’s trail head.

1 month ago

Went up the old trail. Rain all the way, snow at the top. A semi whiteout at the summit. But the workout was great.

1 month ago

One of my husband's and I's favorites!

Completed this tail on the 31st of January. It was snowing but the absolutely amazing. The snow was stable so we were able to walk on it without sinking.

Recommended winter hiking trail.. just be armored with the proper hiking gears and snack..

Icy, windy. I should have brought face protection for the exposed hills.
Traction important. I fell through snow in several places. Not many people on this day.

Definitely a intense hike, tried to do a sunrise but took longer than planned to get to the top. Went up new trail and down old. And boy are my knees sore from going down old trail! Fair warning!
But the view at the top! Well worth it! No need for spikes at the moment.

Awesome hike! Old trail is a beast and new trail down was perfect on the knees. Put on microspikes right after the boulder field.

2 months ago

This trail was not clearly marked so we walked around the parking lot a little to find where it started. If you head out of the parking lot, across the main street and head to the east a little (just a few east of the creek/river) you'll see a yellow gate. That's the start of the trail. The first fork, we went left (up the stairs) and made our way up to the bridge. We didn't realize that you essentially do a U turn to the right and up and we walked along the bridges for awhile instead. We saw the trail going up when we were heading back down. Someone had carved some bark out of a tree to try to mark the trail but unless you're looking for it, it's not really noticeable. Beyond that, we didn't go up as it was already late. I will have to try this again another day.

2 months ago

Nice view but small view point and trees block view little

I couldn't neccessarily find the De Leo Wall trail because tho it was marked on the map, there was no "you are here" point. Also, none of the trails were marked De Leo Wall.
However, this was a fun little hub of interconnected trails.

A must do on a hike bucket list. Old trail both ways.

Definitely hardest thing I have done in a long time but so worth it! I didn’t have show spikes or else it would have been much easier so prepare for weather better than I did! Took quite a few hours but I could have stayed at the top forever.

Great work out & views. Typically take 2.5 mile shortcut (old trail) up and 5.0 mile (new trail) down. All season trail. Recommend bringing spikes during winter.

2 months ago

Loved this hike. Did this in July and forgot to log it.. The Mrs, the teen and even my trusted Chocolate lab made the trip.. Great 360 degree view

koo koo machoo

3 months ago

Went over the summer, and the hike was eclipsed by how buggy it was. Very pretty, though.

3 months ago

It’s definitely worth to go to the top! Amazing view!

This is great for running and getting in those beautiful Washington views when you get the miles in.

Well went hiking. They closed the trail head and I had to start all the way from heather lake. Snow was crazy but I wanted to do it. I had to stop at the 2 mile mark because my party got too tired. I am going to do this again.

25NOV17 Hike, great weather & views. Snow startling between ~3,000-3,500 feet. Ok without spikes, bit “greasy” in spots coming down. Poles & spikes recommended. You can do it in trail running shoes apparently, as some were doing but that seems a recipe for cold, wet feet. Fire tower covered in ice, last bit to the ladder & the ladder itself a bit slick but ok without spikes if you are careful. Love this hike, will be doing it in all seasons.

a vehicle pass is required

Nice walk in the fall, even after rain. The road is still not that wet. One thing to remember is the viewpoint is nothing but a small platform with little view to Renton direction thru trees. And if you continue after the view point, make sure you do not turn right into a way to local community. Always check GPS for right turns.

Awesome trail.

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