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3 days ago

This is a nice not too difficult trail for a Saturday morning. Some up and down but not too much - just enough to make you feel like you’re on a real hike. Norris Lake is beautiful and much of the trail winds around the shore with pleasant views. Trails are well marked and well maintained, with only a few muddy patches (this may be different after a hard rain!) There’s a campsite about 1.5 miles in, and options for a longer or shorter hike . This was my first real walk of the season, and it was a good way to ease back into hiking.

Nice part is there are several side trails. Trail markings could be better at times. Overall, it was good cardio!

23 days ago

Nice trail that is well kept. We hiked with 3 boys ages 6-9 and they had no problems. We started around 9am and didn’t see anyone else until we got to the top - nice and peaceful! It took us about 90 minutes to hike up.

1 month ago

Enjoyable hike. They a number of types of trails mixed. Clean and well kelp.

This was a great hike with great rock formations and the water fall

2 months ago

Easy. Well marked & maintained. About 4.2 mi with spurs to Needle Arch & Slave Falls. Really nice hike with superb geology & water. Needle Arch very cool. Slave Falls is spectacular. Recommend going after a recent rain.

trail running
2 months ago

Well-maintained paved trail. Gradual inclines near the bridge and the UT buildings. Not a difficult short run, but multiple laps or runs above 8 miles probably deserves a moderate rating. People I came across seemed very friendly.

Did not have a good signs or directions but thankfully the bikers there were nice and showed us the way so we had a great time.

Great easy trail with beautiful lake/river views. I love the option to hike different difficulties and change up the scenery. Normally I dislike trails with multiple trails all attached, but these were clear and not all over the place.

Directions from alltrails app are not correct. Entrance is prior to where it has you turn.

Also please note there is a leash law in TN. I encountered 2 off-leash dogs on this trail. It’s one thing if your dog obeys all commands even while distracted, it’s another if your dog runs up to my often time unfriendly and protective leashed dog and puts all of us, including my child, in danger. USE A DANG LEASH... PLEASE!

2 months ago

Nice hike, we cheated and came back to the car on the road.

This is a moderate trail . In many places it's very narrow. If you follow the entire trail it's quite an incline, not an easy trail by no means. My fitbit said we climbed 52 flights of stairs when we completed the loop. The views were amazing and the hike was very much enjoyed.

Great trail; wonderful in the spring to see wildflowers.

3 months ago

Easy to moderate trail. Beautiful views of the lake! Park is very clean and well maintained.

went by myself though and did not feel safe since it was pretty secluded. tons of trails

Great view of TN river and the wealthy peoples houses
Nice easy trail

Great variation but I only do it in winter months because of abundance poison ivy.

5 months ago

Easy hiking trail with enough elevation to create interest. Thanksgiving Day trek with great views.

This is an EASY trail. It's not a "Moderate" trail. It really isn't even a trail as it is almost completely paved. The incline is gradual, and I didn't feel even a tiny bit taxed to walked the whole path.

The parking lot is large but a little uncomfortable to get out of since traffic is moving at 50mph+ and curving with sight-lines impeded. The path has some nice views of beautiful houses, the lake, and some nice UT buildings.
It's very clean. I believe the UT golf team trains next to it. The other people I met on the trail were very friendly.

6 months ago

Nice well kept trail. A lot of history with 3 old cemeteries you will come across. I hiked all the way out to the old trading post monument and back. Not alot of great views but great for a history lesson.

Lovely hike. Would have been better without broken glass on the trail. Also, not really a loop.

Pretty water views and no litter make this little park a nice place to visit. There were only a few people when we were there, -all of them fishing. The entrance is hidden, so of you've not been before, it will creep up on you. Also of note, there are actually 2 entrances-- one north, one south of the bridge, and both have parking.

7 months ago

Very easy to hike with your entire family.

7 months ago

This is a nice comfortable trail where changes in elevation can be added in by taking side trails. One of the main trails that runs nearby is for mountain bikes only. I actually ran down part of that trail, and it would be amazing for biking. By adding that section of trail into the overall path, I got an excellent change in elevation and added quite a bit of distance as it connects to trails that are lower down the mountain.

Awesome ... nice trails for beginner and expert , once you get into the mountain ain't matter if you are beginner or expert ... take the challenge and you will make it.

This is a good cardio hike since the trail is up and down the entire way. Views are nice and I love that it's dog friendly. This is a great option if you want to get in the woods but don't necessarily want to drive very far. I do wish there with more trail markers since there are many splits.

Nice hike up in the forest. Not many things to see but a quite hike overall.

This trail is absolutely awful! I've done many trails but never have I encountered so many spider webs I turned around after half a mile. It was a shame because it has very pretty views it just wasn't worth running into spider webs every ten feet.

This is my favorite "short trail." The elevation gives you a decent workout without beating you to death

9 months ago

The trail was very thin past the split, and there looked to be a good bit of poison ivy along the sides.

9 months ago

Beautiful hike along the river. Well-marked and easy to follow. Disappointed that there was not a good area to get out and swim.

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