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3 hours ago

Amazing views. Well worth the hike. Tough rocky terrain at times. Great hike

We only went up for 3.5 miles from Javelina Picnic area but it took us a long time because we had to admire and photograph all the beautiful flowers and grasses along the trail, not to mention the view. It’s inexorably upward but there are plenty of switchbacks. There is no shade, but in mid-November, the exposure was reasonable with a wide brim hat and sunscreen. It is a delightful trail.

Awesome hike. Tough at times but not too bad. Great views.


Great hike!! Loved all the river crossings. Saw frogs, and enjoyed the views from the top. Beautiful photo opps along the way!

Fairly easy trail (if you're good on distance) and enjoyable hike with stunning destination. For those who wish to be more challenged, plenty of opportunities to navigate up the falls (though use caution, particularly when wet), while the rest of your party relaxes down below.

7 days ago

Nice wee stroll

Quick easy walk with beautiful scenery...

Great and easy trail.

Make sure u are at the falls before 1400 if u want to have enough fun for a swim.

9 days ago

Nice and easy trail. Great for all levels and a great warm-up trail before a harder hike. Amazing views going out and coming back. If you can, make sure to climb the unmaintained trail at the end to get some amazing pictures over the tree line.

Great little hike with my kiddos ! A couple hours is plenty to enjoy. I recommend.

Insanely beautiful views for such a short hike. Moderate bouldering, would not recommend bringing dogs. Recommended early morning on a week day to avoid local traffic.

The flocks have returned, so I parked in the overflow lot, ran a 5k up the tram road. Total mileage round-trip ended up being 17.4. East Fork was becoming overgrown. Had 2L in my CamelBak, wouldn't go so light again. Overall, amazing views and active water features.

12 days ago

great hike awesome views. decent elevation after the first mile.


Solid hike. Wanted to get a decent workout with a great view and that's what I got. I really enjoyed climbing over rocks and creating my own paths, if that's not your thing that's okay! No need to do the full 'trail', just hang out at the bottom and enjoy the water, the rocks, and the sunset like I did.

Love this trail because it alternates between flat and easy to rocky and difficult. Rather than the same terrain, you get a variety.

Nice quick hike if you just want to sit by a pool or do some light bouldering. Not a lot of trail options, but a good summer spot or place to take folks from out of town.

This trail has a variety of interesting vistas and interweaves along the creek bed, which when water levels are on the higher side, creates some fun little creek crossings. The pay off on this hike comes when you reach 7 falls (provided there is water at the falls). The falls are not visually impressive, but make a very chill setting. This is a great hike for hikers of a range of skill levels.

Great little hike, just went down to the water and back. If you only have a short time for a quick hike, this one has some beautiful scenery and water to play in.

Hot but beautiful hike. The area is so green because of the recent rains. And the pools were running and full and refreshing.

Good trail. Pools were full after all the oct rain

loved it and the pools are the best way to cool off from the heat

There's some gems in this canyon, but they're off the beaten path.

Dogs not allowed on this trail.

Easy hike, great views

Nice trail

26 days ago

My wife and hiked this trail and found it to be mostly easy with some rocky parts along the trail. I climbed about 2/3rds of the way up the mountain beyond the end of the maintained trail and captured some great shots back down the canyon.

loved it! 1st mile is easy! once the trail isnt maintained the views are even better if you can climb!

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