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1 day ago

Dimple & short. A bit of trash along the creek which sucks, and the trail is straight not a loop so you have to go back the way you came. Not bad for a residential hike

washed out
1 day ago

Still pretty washed out from last weeks rain but not impossible. Wear shoes you don’t mind getting muddy and gross and you’ll be fine!

As always I love this trail!

Very nice well maintained trail. We saw deer.

Nice trail; 9, 7, 5, and 70 year olds were able to hack it. The “ruins” were a plus, although my 9 yo realist asked, “We hiked all this way to look at some old bathrooms?”
Good ups and downs to work up a little sweat. Will return when foliage does.

12 days ago

I often visit this trail. You almost feel like you’re in real woods which is unlike a lot of urban trails. It isn’t paved and has lots of different terrain. It is so beautiful in the spring and summer with so many butterflies and flowers. Beautiful views in certain places. That being said, there is LOTS of bugs. I got a tick bite once. Bug spray is a must during the spring and summer

My first hiking trail and I loved it! It kicked my tail but I am out of shape and this trail has me addicted to hiking now.

16 days ago

Trail a day challenge 2019
Rainy and cold day so parts of the trail was a waterfall Always a good workout.... Under an hour and gets the blood pumping every time

Went out here before Christmas for a great Sunday morning hike. The trail is well maintained and marked. Offers some climbs and great views of the lake. I saw armadillo and deer. I’d definitely do this hike again.

New year's day 2019. it was a bit muddy in the valleys, but passable. Love this park.

Good joke. Did it with the dogs.

1 month ago

Trail still closed. Stupid clay soil

I'm guessing the hard rating is referring to biking it? no portion of the trail I saw was hard. It's a easy walk. I was looking for a workout not a stroll in the park. I ended the hike early after 2 miles. figured a treadmill was more beneficial to get my incline thrive.

Awesome gem not far from Fort Worth. Some ups and downs but nothing too tough. Did about 8.1 miles total just being caught up with how beautiful it looked.

We caught it all on video if you want a better look at the hike:


Few hills, although got lost several times the gps is not very accurate, trail is a bit confusing

mountain biking
1 month ago

Love it!!!

1 month ago

Tried to hike here today but trail is closed. FYI

I don’t think Julie road this trail 5 days ago. It is a colossal Mud Hole!!
Try again in June!

1 month ago

Nice trail that has improved significantly over the last few years. Trail has some pretty nice inclines and winds it's way through a fairly dense cedar brake. Crowds are definitely an issue when the weather is nice and especially on weekends. Avoid completely within 3-5 days following a moderate rainfall as the mud can make for a less than nice outing. TIP: Hike when the temps drop into the 20's and 30's and you will just about have the trail to yourself.

we enjoyed hiking. we'll go back to explore more!!

Loved it!

Attempted to try this trail today. Closed...not sure why. There is a sign that says they close when muddy. Hasn’t really rained in more than a week. Forced me to give a rating to post the comment. So I went neutral.

Close to Dallas, which is good. Not terribly exciting and lots of urban noise. Still, it’s a hike! A fair amount of trash along both trails we hiked.

2 months ago

Moderate, well marked and maintained trail with a few areas of climbing. Not overly crowded which makes for a peaceful hike. Beautiful views of Lake Worth. $5 entrance fee. Great trail!

Nice trail, well maintained narrow trails. Good views with lots of wildlife

It’s flat, boring, the trails aren’t well marked, and there’s quite a bit of trash. If you’re just looking for a place to walk your dog that isn’t the sidewalk on the side of a main road it’s fine.

2 months ago

For the Fort Worth area the refuge is the best option for nature hiking. The views are good (for DFW) and the trail is well maintained. The trail is about 70 percent covered when the trees have leaves. If you want a decent route with some elevation change this is the best option in the refuge. Ruins of an old summer camp lay in a few places but were made with natural rock and add a little touch of an old world.

On the downside, highway traffic is heard from all parts of this trail, edges the natural aspect out a bit for me. The local military base fly's a lot in the area and jet traffic is notably loud (I love fighter jets, but not on a hike). Ticks can be prevalent in the brush, permithicin or a bunch of DEET will suffice.

2 months ago

I started this trail at 9:30 am on a Tuesday in early November. The weather was excellent. Since my foot sometimes bothers me, I knew I could not do the entire length. So I selected to start where the trail crosses Shoreline Road. Headed south on the trail and within 5 minutes had some challenging terrain. I hiked for one mile and encountered three or four other sections that were steep or had built in steps. Some were made worse by mud and small streams of water on the trail; this area received lots of rain during the last six weeks. other than those, it was an easy hike.

As others have said, there are sections of defense forest right up to the trail edge and then sections with no trees but grasses closing in the trail. Especially the forest areas reminded me of what the earlier travelers on the Natchez Trail experienced. This trail does have a wilderness feel to it. I heard lots of wildlife and saw some hawks, butterflies, waterfowl, and tons of flying insects! so remember to use your bug repellent.

The only downside I experienced was the almost constant sounds from the nearby urban area. It's not far from Interstate 820 - so the sound of high speed traffic is pretty much a constant, although it often was almost covered by sound of wind blowing in the trees. And there's a military base not far away. During my 75 minutes of travel on the trail, I heard at least 8 military jets flying overhead. Other than that noise, it is an awesome nature area with beautiful views of canyons and ridges and Lake Worth.

I look forward to going back to do more hiking in Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge.

Great trails.

Probably one of the best trails I’ve hiked so far. Rough terrain with steep hills and lots of mud. Great view of the lake, beautiful scenery, and no trash was seen at all.

It is a very popular location, so expect to come into contact with others. Dogs not allowed, but we brought our dog with no problem. We also saw deer on the path two separate times roughly 10 yds ahead of us.

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