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Denver March '17 Map

Some very steep drop offs if you are afraid of heights, which I am. I was able to do the whole thing but would not do it again or recommend to someone afraid of heights.

I loved all the different colors and scenery on this hike. Lots of different plants and flowers. The beginning of the trail was probably the hardest and strongest incline, after that it's fairly flat. There was some snow when I went and certain areas were kinda slippery so be mindful of the weather. Beautiful trail.

It was a nice hike, but be aware of the summit- it’s not very spectacular. There are nice views on the way up and on the first half of the loop (going clockwise) but not much to see at the top but burned trees. The trail was in good shape and we enjoyed the walk. It took us (a family of 4) just over 2 hours.

Decent short hike to a great view! Too many peope.

Great hike. Tough elevation gains but great views to reward you. A hike we will go back to for sure. Not too many people, trail was mostly dry with a little bit of mud and snow (no traction required). Don’t forget this is a Colorado state park and requires a day pass.

Gorgeous hike. Not too crowded. The trees aren’t too dense, so you get nice views along the way. Definitely worth the push to get to the peak, as the view is breathtaking. Took quite a long time to do the entire hike due to altitude gains.

It’s a beautiful Sunday so we expected it to be a little crowded and it was- but only for the first part of the trail. Once we hit the loop, we only ran into a few people throughout the hike. The views are amazing- especially once you get into the loop. It does get tight in places and there are quite a few rocky areas to navigate but overall it was a fun and interesting trail!

Awesome short day hike! It is a little rocky in some spots just as a heads up. Took about 2hours to complete.

Good gradual incline! Great views and not very heavy traffic!

I went on Thursday 4/12 at around noon. I really enjoyed this hike but we also had beautiful weather. Not far from Denver, parking lot was pretty full though. However, once on the trail I didn't see many people. Very scenic views of Golden. Was a relatively easy trail, I was going to do another loop but ran out of time. Took me about 2 hours and I took my time. Trail was marked pretty well except for a couple spots.

Crowded today. Steady hike up to the ruins. The views were good. I guess one can easily be spoiled by Colorado's other scenic vistas, but neat none the less if this is your first time. Patches of snow and ice on the trail; quickly melted by the afternoon.

Parking lot was completely full (1pm), had to park down the highway a bit on the side of the rode. Trail was in good condition, though, mostly dry. Long stretches where there was no one else on the trail with me, which was great. Beautiful views of Golden, Denver, and the mountains. Great afternoon hike only 30 minutes from my house.

Decent trail. A bit muddy at first this time of year but it dries up not far in. The trail is narrow with a lot of rocks. Nice sweeping views of the valleys below.

A quick hike to the fire tower. As of 3/31 the trail was covered with about 4 inches of snow but able to be hiked in tennis shoes.

It was very beautiful, but I have trouble breathing in high altitudes. I would defiantly recommend it. It was really hard, but I persevered and when I got to the top, it was breathtaking!

Moderate length and ability mostly single track trail. There is a range of open, forest, and rocky terrain. A few good picnic spots up top. The views of Golden and Denver are pretty nice, but can't compare to some of the truly 5 star hikes in this state.

18 days ago

not exactly easy going up because there was no flat area. going up was a bit challenging. the trail was beautiful; covered in a fresh snow. lots of unleashed dogs running around and pushed me. almost fell because of that. it was windy too, but a good trail overall.

I was just glad to see the trail was open this time of year. A lot of places in this area are closed due to the mud. Some of this trail was closed off due to the season, but it was still worth going. We liked that there was snow sporadically along the trail which made it a little more challenging with just sneakers on. I read reviews talking about the limited parking, but the gate keeper said that they let people know when it’s full which was comforting. We got lucky and got to park by the trail we wanted to go on, but you may not get as lucky as we did. Overall, we will definitely will be doing this one again to experience the entire trail during season.

19 days ago

This hike was great! With recent snow, the hike was 98% snow covered trail, but thankfully very little ice. Half of our group wore tennis shoes and shorts and they slipped a bit, but survived. If you have yaktraks or extra traction for shoes, bring it. Once through the trees, it got really windy and cold. We were greeted with blue skies and beautiful views at the top!

19 days ago

Great trail! Covered in thick snow: Yak Traks are a must. Trail is rated as easy but to me it’s more toward moderate. It’s very well marked which made it easy to follow but it’s a good climb.

Love this hike! I have two pugs and it’s perfect hike for them and myself as well. Great views and easy terrain.

20 days ago

Well packed snow through the initial wooded area with a few spots above tree line with ~6”. Totally doable without poles or spikes right now. Great 360 views from the top, but be ready for some wind. A few large boulders made for some easy wind shelters for stopping to snack. Parking is on the roadside near the ski lift for echo mountain (trailhead can be easy to miss if there aren’t other cars parked already). This hike would make a great introduction to a bit of altitude for a lowlander without being too long or strenuous.

A solid choice for a quick hike near the city. Trail was almost totally dry this weekend. Lots of runners, tons of dogs, many families. Seems like a good trail for almost anyone.

25 days ago

3/25 - hiked up Chief Mountain after doing Squaw Mountain. The trail was mostly packed ice/snow mix, but definitely starting to melt in places. I brought my spikes and they were needed, although I saw groups doing it without any traction. Beautiful day outside today and fantastic views from the summit - clear skies all around!

26 days ago

3/17/18 — Microspikes were necessary as it’s all snowpack and ice. Beautiful hike with a 360 view at the top. We got to the trailhead at 8am and there was only one person at the summit when we arrived. However, we passed a good amount of people on descent.

Beautiful views all the way up, 360 degree views from the top! There's a good amount of packed snow on the trail (was there on 3/24) so I recommend microspikes- they really came in handy.

Great views! Snow was pretty packed. Spikes needed.

26 days ago

Beautiful views all along the trail and the continental divide was gorgeous. A gradual incline all the way up, and a rocky trail which we loved.

This is a great little trail! The views at the summit are perfect. We had the summit to ourselves at 9am, but came across many others on the way down. Lots of unleashed dogs.

The snow was fairly well-packed, and we used microspikes, but didn't need poles.

This was a fun, quick hike that we paired with Chief Mountain. We didn't know about the shooting range, though, and that really sucked the fun out of it. The fire tower is very cool! There's some snow and icy patches as of 3/24, but nothing dangerous. I lost one of my Yak Trax on the way down without realizing it, hope someone can use it!

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