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Nothing wrong but not too exciting either. A couple cool views of Golden but not much else during the winter.

Not my favorite hike at all. Still pretty, and nice - just so many other beautiful hikes to do in the area I would have rather done. Went 2nd weekend of December and wore spikes. Not necessary, but glad I had them. You can see the Coors plant for a lot of the hike which is not my thing at all. I like to be away from stuff, more quiet (or at least nature sounds) and different views. Nothing “wrong” with this hike, just not one I will ever do again, and wish I had not gone on. I think a lot of locals use it to walk their dogs. I can see how it would be great for that, just not one I was especially excited about as someone visiting and looking for more of a hike.

Nice hike! Not too difficult but beautiful views for it’s proximity to the city. Trail alternates right now between dirt/mud and snow/ice so bring crampons in your bag if you have them.

It was a nice hike hear the city! Very icy on parts so bring your spikes if you have them :)

Awesome trail, definitely excited to do it again when all the snow melts! Very, very slick at times and fell a few times. Definitely would recommend cramp ons if you go

Fun hike. It was a little sloshy after noon. Microspikes are fairly necessary.

A good balance between snow and dirt trail, easy to follow. Wear yacktrax.

did this yesterday (1/20) it was beautiful but so windy and cold at the top. I used my snowshoes up and spikes on the way down. the trail is packed enough that spikes and poles would be fine the whole way. great trail with nice views!

My favorite mt in Denver Metro although usually prefer from the housing area using Nightbird trail rather than Canyon because you have a great view of Downtowm Golden, Coors, and both North and South Table Mts...very rocky and medium steepness

5 days ago

Completed on 1/19 morning...snow is packed for the first mile then becomes a mix towards the top. We completed this just in our hiking boots but fell into the snow quite a bit at the top. Spikes, snowshoes, or poles would have been extremely helpful towards the top/summit. Extremely windy/cold at the top, if you can find cover behind a rock you will get great views of Mt Evans.

5 days ago

This trail is a gem not to long but the views is amazing. Today the trail was covered in snow but very passable and just a treat to hike in mid January. I did have my Yaktrax on for traction but probably did not need them with the amount of snow on the trail. It did cost $9 to get into the park and parking is hard to come by. I got there early 9 AM and did not have an issue.

Great for hiking in the snow! absolutely beautiful. Trafficked but not heavily. I will be back soon.

Completed 1/15. Pretty snowpacked with ice in some spots. Needed spikes almost the entire way. Beautiful winter hike!!

Great view, fun hike. There were some parts where I wished I had grips for a little extra traction in the snow but you can get by without them. I’ll definitely be going back when the weather has changed to see how the trail is then and maybe even while the snow is still around.

10 days ago

Great views along the way.

13 days ago

Beautiful views! Bring some micro spikes because the top has some pretty icy spots right now.

Few icy spots in the beginning so be careful but it’s worth it

perfect quick hike, and the views were great! microspikes were very helpful, and it is pretty windy at the top so bundle up!

Okay, the route I did isn't listed here, but this is the closest to it...I did Gregory Canyon to Long Canyon, then connected to Flagstaff and basically went off trail until I hit the Green Mountain West Ridge trail, then took that to the Green mountain summit. So stunning, peaceful, hardly anyone else on the trails.
I WILL say - the descent was ROUGH. I probably should have flipped my ascent and descent. I took EM Greenman down, which connected to Saddle Rock. Spikes and/or hiking poles are needed! seriously! I'm not one for fancy gear, but there were a few times where my trekking poles absolutely saved me from wiping out on the ice. Some steep parts of the trail are solid ice and I had to find other routes.
Bring layers and water and all that, enjoy and respect the beautiful medicine that is nature.

16 days ago

Completed this hike on 1/6/2018 and it was the perfect mid afternoon hike. Not too hard, not too easy in some parts but overall, one of the best day hikes close to the Denver area. The first mile or so will require spikes/yaktrax just to help with the slipping of the snow but the last half mile is not covered and does not require traction. It is always windy at the top so if you plan on spending time up there this time of year, go prepared with some layers. Had an excellent view of the sun setting above Mt. Evans and it probably got better as it continued to set. Parking was easy as there was a lot of it in the designated pull off.

Great hike! Beautiful views throughout this short hike near Boulder. Hop over to Instagram @2_Summit_Up or my website here2summitup.wordpress.com to see more pictures of this awesome adventure.

Fun hike with the pup

16 days ago

My first hike in Co. Easy trail and beautiful views! Fairly marked trail, not too much traffic too. Great place for pets too

Beautiful views! Great hike to bring the dogs with on a leash.

Nice hike, well marked trail for the most part, beautiful views at the top. doesn't take more than a couple hours to complete the full trip!

started from NCAR to get to the quarry, for a bigger guy like me it can be a bit of a climb but its well worth the view at the top!

First time hiking at Chautauqua so we just picked a trail at random, yowza! We headed up Amphitheater side, and came down the Gregory canyon side, with trails sprinkled in. The first good bit of the hike was up stairs of rock. Beautiful scenery though, and I can imagine in spring and summer how spectacular it will look! There was ice on the trail in spots, we used our spikes for a bit of. Definitely a good workout, my legs are still feeling like jelly! We got there around 10 and found street parking, when we left there was no parking anywhere. Higher up on the trail though it was not crowded at all. I'll be back for this one in the summer!

18 days ago

It's a good workout with great views. NOTE.... the driving directions via Google maps is NOT the best way to go. Check another map source before you start the car.

19 days ago

Went for a sunrise hike and it was spectacular. 14er views for 1/5 the mileage. Started hiking at the trailhead at 6:15 and made it to the top by 7:10, about 10 min before sunrise(by myself, allow more time for a larger group) I would definitely recommend the early start, the white cap mountains were a burnt red before the sun came up, absolutely beautiful. Snow packed still, yak tracks or snow spikes were a great help, would be slipping the whole way down without them. Expect to be the only party on the trail if you go for the sunrise. “Parking lot” is on the right and the trailhead is off the road into the trees on the left as your driving from Denver. 1

Fun bit of exploring. Read the signs about the historic hotel site . . . Colorado's history is fascinating.

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