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OK, let me start by stating that my wife and I are in our 60’s. We accomplished the hike.

But this is not an “easy” hike for people our age....unless you do “a lot” of hiking. The elevation at the trailhead is around 10,500 feet!

It is a steady climb of 1.5 miles. The top has some fantastic views, but again, the altitude at the top is 11,700 feet!

If you come from anywhere near sea level, I would hesitate doing this until you get acclimated to the altitude.

But from a standpoint of views, it rates a 10!

The drive up there was beautiful with all the fall colors (September20th). Parking was no problem even at 9am.


It was a nice little hike definitely easy with beautiful pine trees everywhere.

Incredible hike with the family. Consistent incline but not particularly difficult. The hike through the trees opens up to an incredible 360 degree view at the top.
Highly recommend this trail!

2 days ago

Easy hike. Terrific overlooks. The feel of this Canyon is impressive. Weekends are packed. Arrive early or go during the week.

This trail might have some of the best views in Colorado. There's a lot of boulders in and along the trail. This will slow anyone who wishes to run it. I went with a family member who's not much of a hiker and it took three hours to finish. I'll be going back to get a new personal record.

great hike, good views. on a surface road for most of it, but the top is amazing.

Meh. Nicely built trail. Views at the top were pleasant. But the road-crossings made this feel like I wasn’t really off the beaten path. I never found the ladder?! And I didn’t find the trail to be nearly as hard as others describe. I carried poles but never even took them out of my backpack.

Quick hike

on Rattlesnake Gulch Trail

5 days ago

Awesome park

Fun hike! between mile markers 18 & 19 off squaw pass road. Beautiful views at top!

6 days ago

Beautiful views for a not-so-difficult hike! It gets a little steep so I'd say be careful bringing visitors here if they're not acclimated to the altitude. Pair this with Squaw Mountain for about 7 miles.

Great trail, but definitely a workout with lots of steep inclines and rocky terrain to climb up and over. We went clockwise starting on the Gregory Canyon trailhead in the parking lot and then meeting up with the Flagstaff trail. Saw some mule deer, but more importantly, heads up for bears! Not-so-little guy was greeting people at the parking lot towards later afternoon hours, so be aware. Also parking is very limited and there is a $5 fee if your not registered in Boulder or have a pass.

6 days ago

Beautiful, somewhat easy trail that provides you with great mountain views. If you're up for a longer hike, connect this to Chief Mountain!

Easy Hike, park on the side of the road. Hike has many exposed area and some shady areas. wear sunscreen. Summit is amazing. No bathrooms anywhere on this trail, plenty of nature

Nice hike not hard at all. Nice view

on Chief Mountain Trail

7 days ago

Do this trail!!! Such beautiful views for not much effort. The scrambling at the end is really fun!

Lots of rocks, good incline, did not get all the way to the top. My dog was not feeling so good. Pretty views. I think it would be better early in the morning watch the sun come up. Will do again for sure.

on Chief Mountain Trail

7 days ago

Lovely alpine foliage on the trail as well as the drive up. Would recommend as a summit option for anyone not used to the altitude like myself. I paused to catch my breath several times but managed to make my way up in 50 minutes with the steady, moderate incline (656ft/mile). Pretty crowded on a Friday late morning but most trails in Colorado seem to be that way. Enjoyed the scramble at the top, very windy! Stellar 360 views.

Beautiful scenery the whole way. Nice steady uphill climb. Moderate. One of my favorites!

I’ve done this trail twice now and it’s a favorite. It is easy to miss the trailhead because it’s not marked but watch for a long narrow, paved pull out and you shouldn’t miss it! The views from the top are beautiful especially with the leaves changing colors. Pockets of gold are all across the mountains. Trekking poles help as it is a pretty steady climb. The rock scramble at the top is fun!

10 days ago

It was an ok trail. I did this yesterday. Hard to find. Only parking is along side of road, so not the safest. This was a steady incline over mostly rocks the whole time. Wouldn’t really say this is easy though if you’re not in fairly decent shape. I struggled because of constant incline and navigating rocks. However my dogs loved it. The drive up was beautiful though with all the leaves changing.

Amazing views for being 20 min from Westminster. Even saw a rattler!

11 days ago

I arrived at 7:15 am on a Wednesday, I was the only one there. The trail is not obvious but if you scan the other side of the road you'll see it. Like others have said, its incline all the way but not a long hike. Saying its easy is relative though. The most difficult part is following the trail because at times you wonder where the trail goes. The top is a big out crop of rocks. Before you arrive at the top, the trail vanishes and you'll have to climb up the rocks. Going down from the top I had trouble finding the trail but this was my first time. I was all alone at the top, a special experience. There's definitely something magical at the top.

Awesome views from overlook, highly recommend this hike. It's pretty much uphill the whole way, but the view is worth it.

Love the view. Shaded hike for the most part, until the last maybe ten minutes or so. Beautiful views of all the smog

12 days ago

Nice hike with pretty views and close to Evergreen.

Lovely views, lots of other hikers. The trail itself isn't very challenging, but the elevation can be if you aren't used to it. The aspens are starting to change, which made the drive out and back very pretty.

Love the trail! I would go back there again

Really nice hike, though my Garmin clocked it at closer to 4.5 miles. Nice steep (ish) incline for the first couple miles, but the views are awesome. We went last Thursday in the afternoon and there were maybe 4 or 5 other people on the trail. Super close to town. Really convenient.

Trailhead comes up quick when you're driving up 6 in the canyon but plenty of parking. Weekend days alternate between allowing only mountain bikers and only hikers so when in doubt check beforehand so you know who's allowed there on what day. Easy switchbacks to get higher into the foothills with nice views of the canyon. Juniper loop up top is really easy and some nice mountain views on the back side.

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