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Decent short hike to a great view! Too many peope.

Busy. Lots of bikes.

It was very beautiful, but I have trouble breathing in high altitudes. I would defiantly recommend it. It was really hard, but I persevered and when I got to the top, it was breathtaking!

My fourth time up and took another new trail. We made it to the waterfall, about 10 miles round trip. A few snowy parts but we were fine with just our hiking poles.

20 days ago

not exactly easy going up because there was no flat area. going up was a bit challenging. the trail was beautiful; covered in a fresh snow. lots of unleashed dogs running around and pushed me. almost fell because of that. it was windy too, but a good trail overall.

I've done these peaks numerous times over the last 45 yrs. I've taken a number of beginners. They are possibly the easiest 14ers, but they have beautiful views. I've read that some consider the southwest descent off Bross to be one of the most difficult descents off any 14er. As others have recommended, stay off the summit of Bross but you can get close enough to legitimately tick it off the list. Great way to get 4 in one day. An 8 am start is late.

21 days ago

This hike was great! With recent snow, the hike was 98% snow covered trail, but thankfully very little ice. Half of our group wore tennis shoes and shorts and they slipped a bit, but survived. If you have yaktraks or extra traction for shoes, bring it. Once through the trees, it got really windy and cold. We were greeted with blue skies and beautiful views at the top!

21 days ago

Great trail! Covered in thick snow: Yak Traks are a must. Trail is rated as easy but to me it’s more toward moderate. It’s very well marked which made it easy to follow but it’s a good climb.

22 days ago

Well packed snow through the initial wooded area with a few spots above tree line with ~6”. Totally doable without poles or spikes right now. Great 360 views from the top, but be ready for some wind. A few large boulders made for some easy wind shelters for stopping to snack. Parking is on the roadside near the ski lift for echo mountain (trailhead can be easy to miss if there aren’t other cars parked already). This hike would make a great introduction to a bit of altitude for a lowlander without being too long or strenuous.

27 days ago

3/25 - hiked up Chief Mountain after doing Squaw Mountain. The trail was mostly packed ice/snow mix, but definitely starting to melt in places. I brought my spikes and they were needed, although I saw groups doing it without any traction. Beautiful day outside today and fantastic views from the summit - clear skies all around!

Lot of snow. Had to hike in from County Hwy 8 about 2 miles due to snow on the road/ someone getting their Tahoe stuck right in the middle of the road. From Kite Lake there was between 6 inches and 3 feet of snow to walk through to get up Democrat. Was a challenging hike with the snow but the views and the weather was great.

28 days ago

3/17/18 — Microspikes were necessary as it’s all snowpack and ice. Beautiful hike with a 360 view at the top. We got to the trailhead at 8am and there was only one person at the summit when we arrived. However, we passed a good amount of people on descent.

Beautiful views all the way up, 360 degree views from the top! There's a good amount of packed snow on the trail (was there on 3/24) so I recommend microspikes- they really came in handy.

Great views! Snow was pretty packed. Spikes needed.

This is a great little trail! The views at the summit are perfect. We had the summit to ourselves at 9am, but came across many others on the way down. Lots of unleashed dogs.

The snow was fairly well-packed, and we used microspikes, but didn't need poles.

28 days ago

Great hike! Through the pines for most of the trip and then pop out above tree line for gorgeous views. Spikes or poles recommended.

Quick hike with awesome views! spikes/yaktrax recommended, summit has a very open 360 degree beautiful view as well!! Hike it regularly!

1 month ago

Great short hike with stunning views in every direction at the top. Packed snow most of the way 3/17, spikes a big help. Gorgeous day!

I would give this a moderate rating in the winter! Steep incline and icy at spots until you get to the top. Great views! I recommend for a short hike outside of the metro area

great trail with a steady incline pretty much the whole way up. I did this with my wife and two teen sons and enjoyed it very much. fantastic views once you break the treeline. it didnt seem to busy either.

Extremely well maintained trails, signs, and routes. Pick up a map on the way in (it's a state park so $7/day or $70/yr annual pass). The route here corresponds to: Staunton Ranch Trail, to Scout Line Trail, to Marmot Passage Trail, to Bugling Elk Trail, finishing on Staunton Ranch Trail again. If you have the sunlight, weather, and energy, tack on the Lion's Back Trail to Lion's Head (+3mi). Awesome views!

The meadowlark section of the trail is very very narrow, single file type trail with a steep cliff on the other side. Trail is also very rocky and uphill the vast majority of the time. When we went today 3/12, we finally got to the Plymouth section was pure ice, we couldn’t even make it down without slipping and had to go out and back through meadowlark again. It was a great hike though, views were great but would be better when the bushes and trees are blooming rather than barren. Excited to try again when it’s a bit less icy.

1 month ago

Hiked 3/8. Snow from the Moffat Tunnel mostly packed down first half. Lots of snow second half, recommend show shoes. We made it to the top without, with lots of post holing. About 2/3 into the hike, you come into an opening with 2-3 different paths, stay to the right, you will soon hike in between 2 sawed-off tree stumps, continue up hill through the small canyon to the lake! Amazing hike, beautiful trail! Ps Watch out for cross country skiers.

I went last week and the trail was fantastic... snowpacked at points but no need for extra traction beyond normal hiking boots... only saw 3 other ppl there on a Wednesday... fantastic trail and well maintained... I will definitely be returning!

This is one of my fave go-to hikes. I do some pretty tough hikes so I’ll be assigning degrees of difficulty to this. But the reason I love it so much is its proximity to Denver, relative ease for most skill levels, and possibly the best view of Colorado’s Front Range you’ll encounter. On a clear day you can see every 14er in the Front Range. Some extraordinarily clear skies this weekend and perfection for this hike. Right now the trail is packed snow with some ice. Traction is absolutely necessary but will create a better experience getting up and down both. Snow shoes are too much but micro spikes are perfect right now in this trail. Again, not required but you’ll have a better day both ways using them. At least until you get above tree line. Go up. Enjoy. Take some gorgeous photos. Reward on this hike for the effort is just hard to beat. Dig it.

Awesome day! Didn’t make it to heart lake because deep, soft snow led to postholing. Perhaps if we got an earlier start the snow would’ve been a bit better.. Decided to call it a day and turn around. Packed snow for the majority of the trail - micro spikes came in handy! All around great hike - will be back.

The access to the trail is at the lower area of the parking area.. think “parallel parking” on north side (uphill) of the road. It’s technically not a “Easy” Trail, where elderly and young kids can hike, there is incline all the way up the top and somewhat of a rock scramble at the top. But it’s a great view and hike. Snowpacked trail about 95 percent so I’d recommend microspikes just so you don’t have to worry about any slipping.

1 month ago

Great hike! As other reviewers have noted the trailhead is a little hard to find. But Google Maps got us there. The trail was completely snow-packed, so boots appropriate for that were essential. The views at the top are stunning! It’s not a hard hike - but it’s definitely a decent incline. I can’t wait to do it again.

Agree with reviewer Kevin. There are many trails to follow. Get a map and plan your route. I took the Mason creek trail to old mill to Staunton ranch to do about an 8 mile loop and it was all trees the entire way.Very peaceful with some uphill and a few switchbacks and not many people, but I was hoping for a Mountain View. It was icy in many spots but I didn’t use spikes and I was fine.

First off, Staunton has a number of options for all levels of hikers (or just walkers). This review isn’t specific to the route in the map of this post, and that’s because you can make your hike whatever you want.

A buddy and I ended up doing 17.85 miles at this park including 3 overlook locations and a waterfall. Get the map to the park and make a determination off how far and how difficult you want your hike to be. Just make sure you know how to read contour lines :-)

Almost no wildlife, but we went in March. Parking lot was crowded, but hardly saw anyone while hiking.

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