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Delaware Gap Trail and Camp Map

Great local trail. lots of things to see, some challenging spots but miderate overall. The landscape of the forest is forever changed due to the winter storms...literally thousands of trees down. Great job NPS Trail Crew on clearing the trees from the trails!

Great for all!

Did the 7.5mile loop starting from the educational center going clockwise. Quite a few up and downs which made this trail a good workout but nothing I would consider in the difficult level. Nothing much to see other than a viewpoint and the waterfalls which are located on a short spur. The view is nothing spectacular but the waterfalls were very nice, especially with all the rain we've been getting. I imagine the falls get pretty busy given the shorter 3.5mi loop available. I did this hike during a rain storm and had the trails and falls mostly to myself on a mid morning Saturday.

Falls were astounding—amazing noise & power of water. Huge amount of work planking and railing the trail and the great views of the falls make it worth the cost. Fascinating to see the brown (tannins?) water on the main stream, but a clear one feeding it. Great diversity of mushrooms!

easy 5 and something km. easy to track the red labels on the trees. beautiful waterfalls across the path.

We went at a perfect time and i took some awesome pics so it was pretty cool!!

Nice trail. More peaceful at the lakes furthest from the trailhead. My traveling companions liked swimming in the lake, as did my golden retriever. Not very challenging, a few more gentle rises and descents. Would definitely do this one again.

22 days ago

Great moderate trail with some steep inclines throughout. View of the falls and mountains are great. Very well marked. I’d recommend stopping by the PEEC (visitors center) as well.

27 days ago

Yes, the river bridge south of Watergate Park was washed away some years ago in a storm, so be aware of that. The trail just south of there is very overgrown, it's not impassable but wear gallons of tick juice if you go.
Just south of Millbrook Village is one of the best parts of this hike IMO,, alongside the stream is a charming old schoolhouse, I'm sure hikers here have seen that, [this following posting won't make your day] but hidden away on a hill just behind there is an appallingly neglected cemetery.
The small headstones seem to be mostly children's and the carvings are almost unreadable now. One said, "born 1834, died 1834". The whole Millbrook Village area is understaffed aiui and needs work, but I'd like to join some effort to clean it up a little.

It rained off and on during our hike, and since it was raining today (and rained the previous day) there was lots of water flowing and very few people. Nice.

Yes, you have to pay for admission, but the boardwalks give you access to some otherwise inaccessible views inside the gorge. Lots of trees fell as a result of the nor’ easter last March. Privately owned Bushkill Falls is open and NPS Dingmans Falls and George W. Childs are both still closed.

Not as great as the reviews say, the waterfall was weak and after the waterfall there’s pretty much nothing else to see for the remaining 5miles. It lacks any scenic views for a hike that climbs 1.3k feet. It’s too challenging for the amount of views on the trail, and the road leading up to the trail entrance is terrible. I will def not be going back.

29 days ago

Really nice trail- we took our time, hiking a little over 2 hours on this route. We stopped to admire one scenic overlook and one waterfall along this trail. The trail is very clearly marked in orange, and you can tell they have worked really hard to clear the paths secondary to the storms they had over this past winter and spring! Terrain was a steep incline at times with some stairs but very good hiking at a moderate difficulty level. We came on a Saturday afternoon so there were some other groups on the trail but not very crowded at all. Would recommend stopping by the PEEC (Pocono Environmental Educational Center) first in order to see if there are any additional trails you would like to add on to this one and make a full day out of it!

Beautiful waterfall. Steep stairs to get to the top, one or two areas to rest on the way up. Our dog had a tough time with the stairs. Views of the falls from the top are nice. We planned to do a hike and went maybe 30 minutes past the falls before seeing a black bear on the trail ahead of us, just before the trail split into the loop, so we ended up heading back earlier than planned. It was busy around the falls but very quiet on the trail (this was a weekday — maybe it’s busier on weekends!) we didn’t pass any other hikers until we were almost back to the falls. Hope to try the full hike again soon! Trail seemed great.

Great quick loop!

Due to the Spring storms in the area, the 1st mile section was closed off due to fallen trees. We did slip through and managed to move around the tress, but that section is not unused or taken care of, so it is overgrown. You do need repellent as there are a lot of mosquitos and ticks. Once through the 1st mile the trail opened up and was very nice up to the falls. We stopped there and turned around because the trail past the falls was strewn with fallen trees.

Please open the trail. Closed for repairs

the waterfall is nice
the hike itself is high effort, low reward

1 month ago

Beautiful and sort of easy. Well maintained. Need to pay to get in ($14.5). Def come back

Nice scenic walk with beautiful waterfalls along the trails. It is a little congested but was an enjoyable walk. A lot of great photo opportunities.

Beautiful waterfalls, very easy hike. great for beginners and great scenic views. sucks you have to cough up 15 for it though...

Great horse trail. I’m anxious for the Park Service to open it up again.

Good workout but garbage views

1 month ago

Too busy for my liking, tons of people including a bunch of children running around. The hike was ok, though Crater lake was also very busy with people blasting music. Basically if you're looking for seclusion go elsewhere.

challenging great hike.

1 month ago

A ton of downed trees that they clearly have worked hard and long to make the trail accessible. My Golden and I went on July 4 and only saw one other family at the end of this trail. Horseflies were out looking to annoy people near the pond, they are only covering the pond area fortunately.

Waterfalls are beautiful and the boardwalk give you a great view of them. There are different trail options depending on your skill/physical abilities. My son and I walked the red trail in 1.5 hours. The price is a bit steep as mentioned in other post but if you’re looking for something different to do, I would recommend it.

entry price was a little steep... easy enough to do with 3 and 5 year olds. beautiful waterfalls.

One of the best one

Great trail!

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