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Death Valley National Park Map
4 days ago

The bridge is only 500 meters away from the trailhead. Honestly, it's not a place surprising me.

A must see place in the park.

Very cool formation. Hike is actually short. You drive up a unpaved and park in a small parking lot.

This area is worth the time it takes to see. Hiked a little ways out past the rest of the people there. The pattern made by the Salt and the view of the entire valley is awesome. On your way back to the car be sure to find the sea level sign perched high above the road in the rock.

12 days ago

Its a very beautiful Trail thats why I give it 5 STARS....... BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Be for-warned this is a tourist trail everybody and there brother including Grandma will be on this with you. I left and came back at 5:00am to hike it alone but about 7 I started seeing people and it started to suck so I left and went to 20 Mule Canyon . See my review at 20 Mule

27 days ago


Wow there are a lot of people here—even at 6 am! The view is nice but not worth the crowds and loud people at sunrise.

Instead of watching sunset there, go do the Golden Canyon Hike this early (in the same badlands and canyon) and watch the sun rise up the ridges (its bright enough by 30 minutes before sunrise so you can see well)

Very cool spot!

Very interesting walk out on the flats. It was 92 degrees in early February so go in the Winter!!

Really interesting salt formations. The ground is covered in hard, sharp, and uneven formations. Hard to walk too far out from the parking area but well worth the stop.

Easy trail if want a quick jaunt from your car.

I really wanted to wander out into the salt flats, and this is the place to do it. Trail is really just a path most tourists take from the parking area. Thousands of people have worn the salt into what looks like a white road. But after a half mile the salt flats become more untouched and after a mile they become almost pristine. I kept walking until I couldn’t hear or see anyone behind me toward the parking area. This was about two miles out. The silence left my ears ringing and the ground become more interesting the further out I went. Be warned, even in February it was warm. It’s the lowest elevation in North America and obviously no shade or drinkable water.

This was such a lovely trail! It actually goes for about eight miles, I followed it for about three. The views are incredible on all sides. It was great to get a little perspective on the park, because as it’s roughly the size of connecticut, it can be difficult to conceptualize everything in your head. I would come back and do this hike again!

Fun hike, great places for photos.

1 month ago

Did the full hike from Zabriskie Point to Golden Canyon and back. Took 5hrs in total with the only strenuous part being the upwards hike towards the beginning of Golden Canyon (on the way back). Zabriskie Point offers a hike up to a picturesque view point. Another trail leads into Zabriskie where exploration is as free as can be. Very incredible formations, a museum of geological processes. Parts of the floor are cracked from scorching heat, rather fun to play around. The trail eventually leads to the badlands where the hike up the ridges give stunning views and one can navigate the ridges like intersected highways. This eventually leads to the Golden Valley, with the highlight being Manly Beacon and the Red Cathedral, beautiful natural structures of the desert. The eye adjust to the few shades of colors during the summer, creating an eccentric visual trip. A highlight of 2wd accessible Death Valley.

Went during the summer. Surreal salt floors that crack and form bigger, crazier patterns the more one walks out. The surrounding mountains add some majesty, with the wall of the mountain to the direction of the parking lot used to measure where one is at versus where sea level is via a nifty sign. Early, the shadow of the mountain added shade, but soon starts to recede as the day reaches afternoon. An iconic, must visit spot in Death Valley.

Short walk out to the lowest point and along some salt flats. Must see when in Death Valley. Great to say that I’ve been there!

I recommend this as a first stop before going to the valley floor. We stopped here in the evening and camped nearby. We then made several stops the next day starting with Badwater Basin. Great views from this easy trail! You can see people walking the salt flat of Badwater Basin over 5000 ft. below looking like ants. Across the valley looms telescope peak at 11,043. My kids ages 2, 7, 9, and 11 loved climbing around on the trail with the exception of our youngest who I kept in my backpack carrier most of the time.

2 months ago

Dogs are NOT allowed on any of the trails in the National Park. Service Animals are okay with identification. Dogs are allowed at camp sites as long as they are on leashes. Rangers do drive by very frequent. We didn’t want to risk it so we just didn’t bring them. Please keep this in mind. We saw that dogs were allowed from this app and felt awful when we read on trail head info and brochures from National Park that dogs weren’t allowed.

2 months ago

What a beautiful view even at 11pm at night can't wait to see it in the day

Scenic and interesting. Also a little weird. Not worth driving across the state for but definitely a well kept park land. Day pass is around $20. Definitely recommend stopping by here but don’t plan and spend more than an hour.

Super cool , and weird

2 months ago

Really calm easy trail

Great 1.0 mi early morning hike right after Badwater basin. The natural bride was very beautiful and so we're the canyon walls. The end of the how was worth the extra 0.2 miles up hill from the bridge

3 months ago

We stopped by the trail after completing the Golden Canyon hike and glad we did. It was quite neat to be able to visit the lowest point in North America.

As other ls have commented, it’s a little busier at the beginning of the trail, but if you make your way down the crowds thin out.

Just was up there recently and weather was perfect! Wrote a little trip report too. The trail is short, but it's cool to see this place, at least just once.

Nice and easy walk. It was amazing to see so much green vegetation in the desert.

Very short hike. Nice formation but nothing compared to Arches NP. Dogs are not allowed on trails as usual in NPs. I brought my dog because the app said they were allowed. Not true!

Great hike for anyone! Beautiful rock formations!

A must see for anyone's first visit to Death Valley. You can walk as far out into the salt flats as you want. There's usually a crowd but seeing the lowest point in North America is cool. Be sure to see the "Sea Level" sign on the rocks 282 ft. above you.

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