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If you want a slow beginning and then a harder but beautiful end, take the trail in a clockwise direction, taking Gower gulch to Golden canyon.

Amazing views into the canyon and across the desert valley. Fantastic scenic drive coming from Furnace Creek Death Valley. Unfortunately we saw no fighter jets.

17 days ago

Very easy. We went right before sunrise. Absolutely beautiful. Highly recommend during sunrise.

22 days ago

Beautiful during winter.

We did this hike first thing in the morning, and had Gower Gulch to ourselves. Golden canyon was so crowded until you get to red cathedral then we had it to ourselves again! By the time we got back to our car at Zabriskie point that parking lot was packed. So go early and hang in there because the whole loop is awesome! It has a little bit of everything-rock scrambling, colorful rocks, high canyon walls, some flat easy walking as well as some ups and downs, and fantastic views!

I loved this hike because it was not crowded! We saw maybe 2 people during the very busy week after Christmas. The colors of the rocks change with the sunlight and shadows and I realized that the multi colored rocks are not isolated to the artist palette area! It was very windy at the top which made it challenging, yet all the more surreal. Definitely a hike that can make you feel small in the world!!

Hiked in April 2018. The sand dunes are another must see in DVNP. You feel like you are in another world. Walking in sand can be a challenge and the wind was fierce along the way. We were covered from head to toe with a layer of sand by the end of the hike. Bandanas and sunglasses were a must.

28 days ago

I was going to give this a 3-star review as there wasn’t much to see in the 2-mile hike in other than unspectacular canyon walls. The isolation, as mentioned by others, is nice but not a game changer in it of itself. What is a game changer is the view at the end overlooking Artist’s Drive. There’s a hiker-created trail past the official trail that goes another several hundred feet up the mountain. “That” view is spectacular. If you stop at the end of the trail marked on this map, you’ve probably did yourself a disservice.

scenic driving
1 month ago

Great scenic drive!

no hike needed to view this. the landscape is unlike anything I have ever seen before. worth a stop

1 month ago

the drive itself was boring and in my opinion (as the driver) not very scenic. the main attraction is the artist's palette. it's quick and easy though and def worth experiencing...I was hoping for more. maybe I missed something?

scenic driving
1 month ago

This is a paved one-way road you drive. If you don’t have much time to hike then definitely take this drive it is worth it. It is a multitude of different scenery, colours, geology, formations etc.... It changes so much take it slow and enjoy the 360 view. There are a few turnouts, you should take them and see what the short hikes have to offer. No turning around (one-way road) so take advantage! You won’t be disappointed.

1 month ago

Climb sand dunes is always fun. Easy access, and be careful with sun even in winter.

Not a hike but a great view

5 stars for a sunset view! After a long day of hiking this was a nice end of the day stroll

Great view! Your knees can get a little shaky when you have a fear of heights, but the view will make you forget the fear!

1 month ago

cool views. i didn't even go on the trail. i just parked at the viewpoint got out, took a few pics and took off afterwards because the temperature dropped down to like 40 degrees ( this was on the 12th and I wasnt dressed for that chilly, windy weather...the rest of the day was perfect, warm prob mid 70s). so overall, it was cool, I wish I had ventured out on the trail with the appropriate attire

1 month ago

high reward and payoff for a nealy nonexistent hike. amazing view

spent the morning on the dunes for the sunrise a couple weeks ago and ended up walking around aimlessly for longer and farther than I intended. got some cool pics while heading out to one of the bigger dunes in the distance. dunes look cool even when viewing from a distance

The road to the trail is closed for the next 5-6 months FYI. I didn't read about it anywhere beforehand so I was a little disappointed. you can still walk to it but it is like 9 miles total and I didnt have time for the extra hike

2 months ago

Be aware that the road leading to the trail head is currently closed. Walked a little over 2 miles from HWY 190 just to get to the trail head. As far as the hikes goes. Pretty basic - nothing that exciting. If you have time you'd be better off spending time in the dunes or badlands - Golden Canyon, just my opinion. The upside is that since the road is closed there is no one in the canyon. We only saw 4 people in about 3-4 hours;

Absolutely beautiful hike. Decent incline near Zabriski Point. if you dont want to have to start or end you hiking with the heavier incline I recommend starting at the Golden Canyon parking lot and hiking the loop around. The view from Red Cathedral is an absolute must see!

You can hike around as little or as long as you’d like. Interesting to see.

scenic driving
2 months ago

This is a one-way paved road through the canyons and overlooks of the Artist's Palette. It's a great route to get up close to some of the area's spectacular formations with little-to-no need to leave your vehicle, making this an excellent feature to check-out when temperatures are high. There are a few turnouts/overlooks where you stop for pictures along the route. Be sure to drive slowly through the loop, as the road is very twisty and passes through narrow canyons with little side-clearance.

Best place for sunrise in Death Valley. Really nice paved path and places to sit at the top to watch the sun come up.

Amazing walk among all the beauties of fall colors and amazing reflections

Gorgeous views especially in fall with all the colors.
Great easy hike for dogs

Not really a hike, just a short walk to the AMAZING viewpoint. Really pretty!

scenic driving
3 months ago

At just about sundown on a 129 degree day, we drove up Artist's Drive to Artist's Palette. As you drive along the one-way road you wonder if the walls will collapse on you. Quite an interesting set of rock and mineral formations along the drive. Must do in Death Valley NP.

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