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Death Valley Map
off road driving
3 days ago

Your passenger car (or Subaru) will NOT make it through here. Your stock SUV may not make it through here. There is one legit rock wall to climb over that you need a lot of ground clearance and good tires to provide traction.

off road driving
8 days ago

Racetrack Valley Road is a long, remote gravel road that travels from Ubehebe Crater to the Racetrack Playa through a part of Death Valley that few get to see. You will drive through mountain passes, a Joshua Tree forest, and sweeping desert valleys.

off road driving
8 days ago

entrance is a little long,like a pipeline road for about 8 miles but air down and you can handle the washboard at about 50mph making quick work of it. The rest of the trail is worth it. Great views thru black rock ending in a slot canyon not much wider than your vehicle for about 1.5 with walls above 100 feet. One way only.

off road driving
17 days ago

This is a ONE WAY/ ONE DIRECTION trail. Keep in mind that you must enter the way described in this map. This was not clear to me, I thought I could run it in either direction and lost a lot of time on my trip. Very beautiful trail though, high clearance and 4x4 recommended

Fun to drive through.

Amazing views. A high clearance vehicle should do this without issues.

Great fun. Easy, interesting and you can hike and walk as other people drive

off road driving
2 months ago

FANTASTIC drive. Im a solo female in my 2014 JK--a novice off road--and i did just fine, but I was concentrating deeply to make sure my tires werent sliced up on the rocks. Also, you have to mind the curves, not just the terrain. It takes about a 2.5 hours in total if you take your time and enjoy it. At an hour in, you begin switchbacking down and up multi-colored, jagged cliffs. This alone is worth the drive from pavement over uneven, rocky desert. Watch for Black-tailed Jackrabbits. The canyon itself is more dramatic than I'd expected and there are plenty of areas where you're the only thing fitting through. This was my 6th time to DV and I'm so thankful i was finally A) in the right kind of vehicle and B) there when it was open!

off road driving
3 months ago

Definitely need an off roaring vehicle! Or something at least with high clearance. Once you start there’s no turning around.
One of my favourite places to date. Lots of wildlife and places to stop and do small hikes around. The old town is super cool too. Some people drive though it quickly, but honestly take your time and soak everything in. It’s gorgeous

off road driving
5 months ago

Ready for fun! Road is rough for the first ten mile due to washboarding. Scenery is terrific, very memorable and photogenic. We drove it on an off day, day after Memorial Day. Only saw two hikers, no other vehicles. Like purges said, just stay in the tracks and all will be well!

off road driving
7 months ago

Great way to see Death Valley from off the paved main road which means no crowds of vehicles either slowing you or blocking your view. This time the road was in excellent condition to where any vehicle could make the whole road, however this has not been the case in the past. There are many spurs off this road to get into canyons or go to mines. We took the Warm Springs Canyon spur to the Geologist's Cabin (22 miles one way) and the Queen of Sheba Mine Road spur (4 miles one way). The Warm Springs Canyon spur gets very rough and rocky right about the time you get to Warm Springs Camp, some high clearance needed to continue on. The Queen of Sheba Mine Road spur is a jeep trail, super rocky, high clearance and some experience navigating your tires is a must.

off road driving
9 months ago

Off-road clearance recommended and not really fo cars.
note that the trail is often washboarded and that can really slow you down.
There are a couple of good trails you can explore further (and an alternative out) but those are for experienced off-road drivers only.

off road driving
Monday, October 02, 2017

West Side Road is a good way to experience the floor of Death Valley in relative seclusion. It also grants access to some areas you can't get to from the main paved road. The road is wide and easy, though rocky and heavily washboarded. However, the road is in Death Valley National Park, and traverses the valley floor where the park reaches its hottest temps, so be prepared to take care of yourself in the event of an emergency. There is no cell service, low likelihood of traffic coming by, and potentially dangerous temperatures many times of the year. Honestly, I wouldn't recommend any solo off-road exploration in the low elevations of DVNP during the summer months and definitely don't go without a lot of extra water just in case. The danger here comes not so much from the conditions of the road (as long as you're expecting a back country desert road), but the remoteness of the location and the extreme environment.

off road driving
Monday, October 02, 2017

A nice, short diversion, easy to drive when last I knew. The trail leads up to a narrow mountain canyon where you can get out and hike further if you'd like. We stopped pretty early on due to a dry fall, definitely be prepared for some boulder scrambling if you want to go further. We also couldn't find the mine ruins that are supposedly located here, but either way, the canyon has a lot of interesting rocks in vibrant colors, and you get a great view down into Death Valley from the parking spot at the top.

off road driving
Monday, August 28, 2017

Beautiful views, easy for the most part although in some areas it would definitely be better to have a high clearance 4x4. Leadfield mine and the petroglyphs are must stops.

off road driving
Friday, July 21, 2017

West Side Road allows you to drive right through the salt flats, it's a pretty cool experience. But please, STAY ON THE ROAD. Please be respectful of the natural beauty of the flats and don't be that guy and drive off the designated road.

The road transitions between sand and rock with a few washouts. While 4wd is recommended, it is not required. I would say high clearance is mandatory, and I recommend airing down your tires, going with a group, and bringing plenty of water. It was around 120 degrees when we went and we didn't see a single person out there, or a park ranger for that matter.

off road driving
Sunday, June 25, 2017

So many amazing parts to this drive. Each time you think it can't get better, it does. The end is just spectacular and so much fun to drive.

off road driving
Monday, May 29, 2017

Outstanding place! Couple sections on this drive and they are all unique in their own ways. Really need to experience it yourself, I don't want to spoil it for anyone. Fairly easy drive if you have the right vehicle, heck, saw a Camry half way through after a pretty hard drive. Make sure your vehicle is equipped with off roading shocks otherwise you just have to take it slow to avoid shock fade. Really don't need 4x4 however would make it a little easier on the switch backs. High clearance is also optional be there are some dips and wholes so expect some scrapes. Or just drive a rental like the Camry I saw and not care about all that.

We were there on Memorial Day weekend which is the hottest time of the year to go. It was over 100 degrees and miserable but the trade off is there's hardly anyone there.

The trail is one way only! Starts on the back side of Death Valley on the Nevada side.

off road driving
Thursday, April 20, 2017

Its a fun tail only one area that 4wd maybe needed. Once you get there spend some time in the ghost town. Be sure to go to the rim of the canyon great view.

on Titus Canyon Road

off road driving
Sunday, April 09, 2017

Easy Offroading. Great views!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

You can tell who's driving the rentals because they're flying down the road. It took awhile in my Tacoma and if you try this in a car(and we saw cars) be careful. But it's worth the trip.

Sunday, January 08, 2017

Drove in 4x4 Silverado, no problems. Fun scenic road.

off road driving
Monday, December 26, 2016

My Jeep Compass got shock oil leaked at the end of the road but managed to get back with careful driving. I've seen Mustang on the road as well. The south end of the lakebed has more interesting rocks. Amazing landscape.

off road driving
Thursday, September 08, 2016

Easy drive if your not shy of heights and drop offs. Go early and spend time hiking around and various points of interest.

Friday, September 02, 2016

The ending is a cute waterfall where you hang from a tree. Does get pretty dirty though. Amazing to see water stream like that in the middle of the desert

Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Tough drive, well worth it with the right vehicle, very unique feature if you can make it there

off road driving
Friday, June 03, 2016

This was a fun 4x4 drive to take my Jeep on. The road is not easy to spot from the main paved road, hence it is not well traveled and if you do encounter anyone else along the way, they are likely doing the same thing you are. Plenty of solitude with cool rock formations to look at along the way. The road is a bit rocky in a few spots but not anything extreme or crazy. Exploring the Inyo Mine ghost town way out there was pretty cool too. Fun drive :)

off road driving
Saturday, April 02, 2016

Beautiful once you get to the racetrack. Roads are freshly grated so the drive is slow going

off road driving
Friday, February 05, 2016

This drive is worth doing for the scenery. If you expect a 4x4 trail then you will be disappointed. The road is rocky and bumpy but if you stay on the tire tracks you will be fine. The road is mild enough to enjoy the vistas and not have to worry about serious obstacles. I didn't see any need to switch into 4 Wheel Drive on the road. Sit back and enjoy the amazing views. I look forward to doing this on a mountain bike.

off road driving
Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The narrows are beautiful!!

Definitely a worthwhile trip. The scenery is outstanding and its a great #4/5 (high easy/low moderate) road for a great intro to Death Valley. I took my FJ Cruiser through here in High-4 mode and it was easy-peasy. Saw some non-4x4 passenger vehicles struggling with the rockier portions of the road. Not sure how they made it past Leadfield as there were some serious holes in the rock portion that my FJ filled with 3/4 of a tire. I would have pretty ticked off if one of them had gotten stuck in front of me going down the grade. Its a one way road (for good reason) and it would have been a nightmare trying to go backwards on the trail.. very few opportunities for two cars to pass each other.

Expect soft sandy beds, rocky downgrades, big holes, and lots of rockfall.

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