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I've been using this hike to gauge my fitness. From the parking lot under the 340 bridge to the overlook, it took me 1:06..

The trail the app took us on was extremely challenging by horseback - borderline dangerous. Thank goodness we had good horses! Wouldn’t recommend riding in the wintertime as the trail was frozen solid at the highest points of the path. Several really slippery, rocky, mountainous areas where we dismounted & lead our horses. No doubt a beautiful hike but wouldn’t recommend for horses.

Nice easy trail! Beautiful at the top!

1 month ago

Good trail, but the actual length is closer to 10 miles. We hiked counter clockwise, which put the biggest waterfall near the end of the hike. The trail is easy to follow, but the markings are confusing.

Just moved to Virginia and wanted a nice first hike in the state, I’m used to doing longer, strenuous hikes in NC so I was worried about this being too easy since it’s a moderate trail. It was actually a great trail with just enough challenge, rocky and ice/snow in February but still beautiful. View is absolutely worth it, I bought a park pass so I can keep exploring this area.

nice views but gps threw me off and only got to AT post and turned around.. I would have kept going now that I know it was the right way..

This is a great hike, but the initial ascent is a challenge. Once you are past that, you are fine.

A word of advice: the trail IS well marked. Just don't take the red trail on the way to split rock, take it on the way back. You can continue up on the white blazed Appalachian trail until you come to a fork: you have to go left or right.

Go left. If you go right you will end up at Keys gap way up the road.

Once you go left, the trail is blue blazed, the color signifying it's a trail to an overlook on the Appalachian trail. The trail is easy with a general slow incline downward. A ways down the path the red trail meets the blue trail. Ignore it and keep going straight. There will be some decent overlooks on the left side of the trail. Check them out. Once the blue trail heads sharply downward, you know you are getting close to the overlook.

On the return trip, hit up the red trail on your right. It's MUCH easier and obvious to find on the overlook side than the ascent.

There is no great mystery to hiking this hike. Just follow the white blazes up, turn left at the fork, and follow the blue blazes. It's not hard.

My first time back to the Shenandoah’s in more than 20 years and the Mary’s Rock summit did not disappoint. Fun hike, and the view at the top was literally breathtaking. It was possibly a combination of beauty and the fact that the wind chill was -10, but breathtaking nonetheless. A hike my kids would love in the summer. Can’t wait to go back.

2 months ago

This is a really nice hike because it is not too difficult and has a little bit of everything - several river crossings and water fall areas as well as a few great views. Most of the trail is thin and goes through a tunnel of woods. Its very rocky and very slippery when the leaves are down. We went counter-clockwise. Many trails connect with this one and the blazes switch from blue to yellow and then back to blue. It’s a little confusing, but with the app it’s fine. I look forward to checking it out in the spring.

Great hike, but I visited in late fall when the leaves were off the trees and the water levels were low. The falls were impressive but definitely need to see them at high water level or when it's frozen this winter.

The hike clocked in at 9 miles according to my friends gps watch. We took the counterclockwise route which was a gradual to somewhat strenuously uphill hike for the first third, maybe the second third spent on the ridge line walking somewhat level, then a steep decline over the last 1/3 of the route.

Trail is not marked well. There are plenty of blazes along the trail to mark the path, but knowing which ones to follow is the confusing part. We parked off of Shenandoah Street in the public parking lot (which we found out costs $10 to park in). Our 6 mile hike turned into a 10 mile one as we followed the white blazes on the trees. The trail starts with white blazes, however, apparently you’re supposed to take a left when you see the orange blazes instead of continuing to follow the white ones. We didn’t see any signs to tell you this, nor are there any signs along the trail. Once we did find the correct path, we were very pleased with the view. Now that I know which way to go, I’d do the hike again. It is steep, so don’t be expecting an easy hike.

3 months ago

Beautiful hike. We did the loop CCW from Thompson Hollow Rd. Densely wooded, scenic streams, historic stone walls, and amazing waterfalls. Climbs for most of first half. Very rocky near waterfalls. Well marked and maintained.

The view from Split Rock is worth the trip. We decided to head out early, before sun up, which afforded us some amazing pics of the sunrise. It had the added bonus having the trail not be busy. The initial ascent is moderately difficult for someone like me who does not hike as much as he would like. The actual orange trail was easy to find at this time and opposed to some other reviews. I'm assuming they corrected the issue. I would warn that about 0.2 miles before the actual orange trail there are several trees off to the left with orange ribbon. I don't know if it serves another purpose, remnants of the original trail, or an unsafe "joke" by some near do well hikers. Hopefully someone will fix that. Also, keep in mind that many trees have lichens on them that can appear like the faded white or blue blazes that are a part of the trail as well. All in all we managed 2.5mph with full packs which I was very happy with and came away with some great pictures.

Loved this trail. Only went to the summit, so out and back was under four miles.

Overall, a really great hike in mid-October. The leaves make the descent a little slippery and uneven but as long as you are attentive it shouldn't be an issue.

Have done this hike multiple times now but on our most recent outing we took a different route. We entered from Shenandoah National Park(route above) which decreased the distance to around a six mile hike instead of 11. The first three miles are straight down to falls and overlook. It hadn't rained in awhile and the river was bone dry with the waterfall. The view was still great but we came for the waterfall. It made for a very long 3 mile hike back up and out.

great trail, I was there today for hike with my dog and we both enjoyed it. the leaves are making the trail a bit more slippery, it's very rocky so use good shoes. the views are beautiful!

Nice in/out hike. Obviously the first half is all uphill, but not too steep. The view from the top is awesome. On the day we hiked it, the clouds were down in the valleys and hollows so it made for some great views. It felt like we were looking out an airplane window.

The trail is really rocky, so wear good shoes, preferably hiking boots.

We got there early so not many people, but on the way back to the car at 11am, there was a non-stop flow of people headed up the trail.

Absolutely beautiful. Very easy trail, well marked. Only 1 overlook but the landscape along the way was stunning with the fall leaf colors. By far one of my favorites

This is a nice trail with some great views, especially from the top of Mary's Rock. The trail goes uphill about 1.8 miles from the Panorama parking lot to Mary's Rock. From there, we headed further south to the Bird's Nest Shelter before heading back to the parking lot. We did about 7 miles of the 9.6 mile out-and-back mapped out here.

Overall this hike was nice but not marked very well at all. A 6.6 mile hike turned into 10 because even with gps I got lost and turned around several times. Parked in the lot at Harpers Ferry, had to pay 10.00 for parking. It is a 1.5 to the actual trail. First 1.5 on trail was steep then tapered off. I usually hike Maryland Heights so it was nice getting a different view.

5 months ago

We did this on a Sunday. Not too many other people out. We did start clockwise and that did make the hike more challenging. Our Fitbit watches clocked this at about 9 miles round trip from the truck and about 200 flights of stairs. We did see a couple of bears in the large brush. Pretty views and a good workout.

Wonderful view from Split Rock. Also quite surprised with the two rocks along the trail that look like very out of place along the way to split rock. It was almost as impressive as the view from the top.

Fun hike with decent views east down the Potomac. Also pick up a little of the Appalachain Trail, it was fun to see the through hikers.

We just completed this trail earlier today. We started on the blue trail (laurel prong) and made our way to hazeltop/the AT. We set up camp on laurel prong which was lovely. The area is lightly trafficked and near a water source which was great. The trail itself is fairly easy. Going from Laurel Prong to the AT is harder due to the uphill climb, but it was not too strenuous. If you're looking to go camping or take a nice hike, this is a great place to do it!

Fun hike. Enjoyed the walk across the bridge over the Shenandoah and it's also part of the Appalachian Trail. You wind down under the bridge and then start heading up for awhile. It's a good climb but without much to look at. I did it with my chocolate lab and we reached the overlook in about an hour and a half. Great views from up there, a very solid payoff rewarding your efforts.

Not my favorite -- terrible bugs. But the overlook is still really neat so I think if you are in the area, it is worth a trek!

The overlooks are amazing.

7 months ago

Down then up! Decent hike that allows you to run early on the downhill and then a steady climb coming back. I got stuck in a rain shower but the canopy of the trees keeps you almost completely dry. The streams were dry and the falls were just a trickle that wet the walls so not very scenic for august hike. I figured it would be dry. Some of the climbs are long and steep so be prepared to grind it out.

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