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Good hike almost 4 miles. Always like seeing the falls. First time taking this trail.

Good views and hills. Hard to believe your only an hour from Columbus.

Great hiking trail, very well maintained and beautiful views, always something new to discover. My wife and I hike from Hells Hollow parking lot to McConnell's mills and back. I don't recommend hiking it in the winter, can be very dangerous. Early spring is usually muddy and U have a couple of small run off creeks to cross over.

12 days ago

This is a beautiful trail. My son (8) and I always choose the Gorge because it is definitely one of the prettiest hiking areas near us. We started going when my son was only 5, and he could keep up and handle it then. It definitely is a little tricky in some spots tho. The rock formations are amazing. You have to walk through two rocks that are split apart and that’s really cool for a kid (and me) to do. There is a huge rock that sticks out over the walking path and you are able to go underneath it and there are teeny tiny waterfalls that you can see coming off that rock in the warmer weather. It definitely worth taking a look at it!!! A lot of great pictures and memories were made there

Gorgeous trail! I went this past Monday when the ice melted and there was a big rain so the waterfalls were full and awe inspiring. Not crowded yet but still muddy make sure you have hiking shoes while the weather is changing. One of the most beautiful hikes I’ve ever been on!

Nive variety of elevation, easy to navigate, really beautiful! Not too difficult as there's stairs at the steeper parts. Can definitely get muddy depending on the weather.

Lovely day out for my very first solo hike! Challenging trail at times, especially on some of the hills. Pretty muddy after the heavy rain we got, but absolutely beautiful and just the right amount of uphill vs. flat to make it a challenge, but not extremely difficult. Will be returning on a drier day for sure!

This is a very strenuous challenge. Along the river was beautiful. Some of the small waterfalls were pretty. We went when the trail was snow covered in the morning & it warmed up to mid 40’s. Parts were extremely muddy & other parts were snow covered with ice underneath & very slick. I’m glad we did it but I would definitely wait for good weather. Lots of scrambling over rocks along the river. Prepare, plan ahead if you do the entire trail. It’s a long haul. I only recorded the second half on the way back from the bridge. Ended up being 12 miles & took us a total of 6 hours & 15 minutes of moving time.

1 month ago

Winter sights are pretty cool. A lot of large icecicles. BEWARE*** I went today and all the trails are frozen with at least a inch of solid ice. I slid into the water 4 times and there is nothing to stop the slide once you start. Luckily there was not a large dropoff where I slid. The ice makes it very slow moving because you need to attack certain spots with strategy when it is cliff+ice+downhill. If you are brave you can do it in an hour and a half but you will be wet from the melting ice and the guarantee you will slide into the water. Good luck!

Beautiful scenery! I hiked this trail this summer and for the annual winter hike and it is amazing!

I have spent a lot of my time in this park. I had many classes on these trails as a student at Hocking College and just spent the weekend there for the winter hike.

What can I say other then thank you for keeping this park open! My family loved it. We did every trail and then stayed in the cabins witch were above our Epxt and we will be back!

Loved it! It was all I could do to keep my kids out of the water. What a great park and nice hike. The water falls were so awesome.

Very scenic. Rock formations, waterfalls. Various terrain. Very busy on weekends. Much quieter during the week.

Beautiful in the winter- even the frozen falls!

Love this place. Good amount of climbing once you get back to the orange and blue loops.

Nice hike with a couple of steep hills both up and down. One nice view with a few big rock formations. Walk along a river for a portion. Very quiet in the winter!

Amazing scenery and a great hike to do with your best friend

3 months ago

Second review. 12/3/17. 45 and sunny. Hike with Fred, Gayle,Allan. Started at Glen hill top, parked at vfw. Took that across rd to lower trail Gorge trail by falls, up stairs, to upper trail for
Return -total trip 3:7 miles. Ignores closed signs and had to be very careful on some rocks where trail is gone. Wouldn’t recommend on icy or snowy days until repaired.

3 months ago

I really enjoyed this trail. We did the difficult section and it was not terribly difficult compared to some of the other hiking that we have done, but it was a little bit of a challenge and truly the best part of the trail.

Great hike.. be sure to check out the falls! They are beautiful. This hike has a lot of hills and at some spots the path is alil rocky and a narrow! I will be doing that hike again!

Well marked trail with some strenuous climbs

4 months ago

I did the full 11 miles. I don't know that I'd categorize it as "hard" except for length. This path takes you through a couple of gravel parking lots, and old gravel service roads. It's really good for a long day hike, because there are also several bathroom stops along the way, and you get to hit three sites. There are a couple of difficult spots near the water features where the sandstone gets wet and slippery, and there's not a great grip. Those are the most challenging parts.

This is a gorgeous trail, and the sight and sound of the Slippery Rock Creek is wonderful. I would agree with the rating of difficult even though the climbing was only moderately hard. The terrain is very rough; you are dealing with constant rocks and roots and in November at least, slippery and muddy spots. I went only 9.5 miles total in and back, but due to bad knees and a herniated disk in my back, I was struggling the last couple of miles! Took me 5 hours to go from the Mill to almost Hell’s Run and back again. Highly recommended for more serious hikers.

I very nice hike. At times it was demanding, with some long climbs! This definitely was a moderate to hard hike for me-just like I like them! Beauty all around and well taken care of. Only got in 8.5 miles, but will do it again soon!!!

quiet, a little steep in places, just enough you know you are hiking. covered bridge next to parking lot.

Pretty views, nice picture stop near the waterfall, well marked. Decent challenge - lots of hills and steps to keep the hike interesting

It’s AMAZING and quit beautiful at the same time

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