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Beautiful, relatively taxing hike through the canyon with spectacular views. Entire hike is along the river. 6 miles to second bridge. Good morning hike if you’re up and about early, otherwise plan for 1/2 day hike - roughly 4-5 hours - if you go to second bridge.

This was my first solo hike in Colorado, and it was a decent one! Weather was phenomenal here in early November (high 50s and sunny). The initial ascent was a bit intimidating, with loose rocks and a decent amount of elevation gain at first. It then got gradually easier, especially towards the top. The traverse across the mountain was awesome too. I opted to descend parallel to the canyon, which made for a cool hike out.

This was a great trail to hike! I’m in town for work, had a day off, and loved spending it on this trail. The trail itself was in good shape, the people I encountered were friendly, and the views were 100% worth the trek. No dogs were on leashes, but they were all amazingly well trained. There were a lot of cyclists, but 95% were polite and careful around us. The one small group that wasn’t was a bit scary as they came around a hair pin turn a little too quickly for me to be able to get out of the way comfortably.

I’d recommend this trail and just suggest you watch the cyclists and the horse poop.

Lovely walk in the woods, gradual steepness. Highly recommend for a 1.5- 2 hour walk or trail run. Shaded so it stayed cool even though the sun was high. Bench at the top to rest and enjoy the scenic views. Can keep going up the colorado trail or turn back after Gudys Rest.

Nice trail! I would definitely do this one again. Just getting used to altitude. It was perfect for that. Lots of people on the trail for a Monday morning.

2 months ago

GORGEous trail. As long or short as you like (out & back). You run into fewer people the farther out you get. After you go up and up for a little while on some moderate switchbacks, you will descend down further into the gorge and will find access points to the river. Wonderful little lazy shady spots to enjoy from there up to the first bridge. Large boulders strewn throughout the river on which you can relax a while.

2 months ago

Loved this hike along the river. The water was so clear. We had the trail to ourselves and found a nice spot close to the first bridge where we stopped for lunch and dipped our toes in the water. There are good sized rocks and small boulders on most of the trail, so I would suggest good ankle supported boots. We turned around at the first bridge (3+ miles), which made a great day hike. Stopped at the Rusty Shovel on the way out for a brew. :-)

We hiked in about 6 miles, past twin bridges. Round trip, according to Map My Hike app, was 12.8 miles. Great views, with constant sound of water flow. There were lots of horse dung. we saw a couple with 5 horses walking back out. it was day after the Labor day so we didn't see any body else.

Great area and we were the only one on the trail on a Sunday. I didn't even know that was possible for the Durango area. There are a few delta's the trail is very poorly marked so your going to get off path due to all the alternate paths made by the cows. The other thing is where there are many cows blazing trails there is a huge amount of bullshi* all over the paths. The views and lack of traffic made it all worth it however. I don't know that I would rate it as hard maybe a moderate my 12 year old and Jack Russel made it easily.

Great hike with beautiful views the whole way. We made it to the first bridge which is a little over 3 miles and it made for a good day hike.

2 months ago

The trailhead is in the parking lot just outside the campgrounds. The trail skirts around the campground and starts again. The trail is well marked and traveled with a easy hike up a slight elevation gain. In places it will follow right along the river allowing you access to the water. We only went to Twin Bridges which was approximately 8 miles round trip. Beautiful scenery and an easy hike for all levels.

Only made it to the first major bridge that is about 3 miles in but it was an absolutely beautiful hike. Got caught in a hail storm for a couple of minutes but that didn’t ruin it for the family.

The first bridge is a good place to stop if you just want to do a short day hike. Hoping to do overnight camping in the trails later.

great covered trail with water nearby. lots of switchbacks. bench at the top to observe overlook.

Great hike. Beautiful stream filled with trout. Went on a Sunday, so saw lots of hikers and bikers. Bikers were incredibly polite and friendly. Many dogs, none of them leashed. A considerable amount of dog crap on the trail and many bags of crap left along the trail....which were there when we hiked up, and still there four hours later when we got down.

Love it!

mountain biking
2 months ago

This is mainly a mountain biking trail. Hikers and dogs should use caution. This is a lot of downhill terrain so mountain bikes are moving fast.

3 months ago

Trail from upper trailhead to Gudy’s rest, 6 miles RT. Generally easy. Good trail. Encountered deer & a few hikers, dogs & mountain bikers along the way. Shaded. Great views @ top.

3 months ago

I don’t think this is a hard trail. We did it on a Sunday morning. We passed 34 mountain bikers and nine hikers. A lot of shade, a good well marked trail. Took us 3 hours; about 9 miles total from the parking area and back. We went to the right. Counterclockwise was better with the bikers coming the other way.

8 miles of shaded trail. Lots of hikers, dogs, and bikers were on the trail. Gudy’s Rest was easy to find and the view was pretty.

Absolutely beautiful hike. The views of the canyon are sweeping and breathtaking. We didn’t make it to the bridge but saw some really great views after only hiking 2.5-3 miles in. There are parts of the creek that get pretty deep (5-6 feet) and you can swim easily. The elevation gain felt very minor.

The trailhead is located at the very end of the campgrounds but if you’re not using a campground for overnight camping you need to park at the beginning of the campground area and walk through the road leading to the campsites all the way to the end. You could also walk on the horse/hiking trail from the visitor parking area which eventually connects to the trailhead at the end of the campgrounds.

This was my favorite hike due to the leisurely pace, sweeping views, and how uncrowded it was (and we did ice lakes and highland mary lakes also).

This is a great hike along the creek with a minimal elevation increase over the first 2.5 miles up to the point where the switchbacks start. A majority of the trail has shade on it so even in the heat of the day, it is a comfortable hike. Also, this hike is great for someone acclimating to the elevation gain.

This is a popular hike due to its proximity to Durango and we saw quite a few people and dogs and bikes on the trail although it was not overly crowded on a Tuesday late morning.

gorgeous! my favorite hike

3 months ago

3.5 stars.

The Good: the quick rise from the stream bed to overlooking it at 40, 80, and 100 feet up; the conifer forest and wind whooshing through it; for me, the timing worked that I had the bench at Gudy’s Rest for 30 minutes to myself.; a Chimpumk; butterflies and the sound from the creek for most of the journey; 80% shaded; mountain bikers that were courteous; creek water to cool my head in before hearing back; amiable hikers, nude tots gleefully dipping in swimming holes; how easy it is to get to; “pay off” views at very top

The Meh: the creek bottom is perfumed by dog poo, especially on a hot day, the “heavily trafficked” amounted to about 50 people in a 4 hour span, going and coming

Logistics: clean pit toilet at trailhead; parked at lower; 8.7 miles is what I registered round trip from that location

Spectacular canyon views above the river for the first 3 miles. Up and down terrain in both directions makes for a more balanced hike out and return.

Beautiful day before the afternoon showers started to sneak in. Great views of downtown Durango, Bodo, and Nighthorse.

3 months ago

Great day hike. My GPS tracked 9.2 miles in total. We started up on the left loop which is less rocky with better forest cover.

3 months ago

Thwarted by thunderstorms (and a bear) at Spud Lake, I hoped to redeem my workout here. 90 degree day and a 345pm start wasn’t a good idea but I thought I’d go for it. Not super clear directions to find trailhead for an out-of-Towner. I parked in what I assumed to be right place amidst lots of no-parking-here-you’ll-get-towed signs on feeder road. I was the only car so that made me nervous. Then I saw signs with red letters “10am-2pm daily” that also made me fret—was it during winter only? Was it every day? Was this why I was the only car in the lot on a weekend?

I am too compliant —didn’t go much further than the steep initial scramble and turned around for fear of a ticket or something.

Back in the parking lot a local pulled up and clarified the 10 AM - 2 PM is only during the migration season—which is not now.

I’ll re-attempt at a later date with trekking polls, a hiking partner, and a 630am start.

Starts out with a nice climb but worth it on the way back!

Very nice hike, I made it to the 3rd bridge. Few trees down blocking path.

pretty shady and a stream nearby for 90% of walk so really good one for dogs. pretty easy. took 2.5 hrs with some jogging but also some dog stream play.

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