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19 days ago

Love this trail. Great for all ages, just be careful with young children since it's on the edge of the escarpment. Beautiful views all the way through, starts with a loud waterfall and ends with a birds eye view of Dundas Valley. There are a couple side trails and are definitely worth taking if you have the time. Take caution during winter and after rainfalls as it can get muddy and slippery! As long as you're aware of your surroundings and being safe you will make it home happy and smiling.

22 days ago

This is a nice trail, very scenic with views of Tews falls, unfortunately the trail to Webster's falls has been cut off.

winter was in full swing, the road is not being plowed so be prepared for extra mileage. god bless the the ten people who broke the way Saturday. the old trail was not broken out and i like the switch backs on the new trail. toward the top if you leave the trail 3 feet deep. took us 5 hours up 2 hours and 10 minutes down. we met the group that maintained the trail thanks for your service. excellent day you know that you earned this one.

This was TOUGH! (Rating is accurate). My heart beat 100 miles a minute as it was all uphill! But I made it, glad I did. Had a great time with niece, nephews and neighbor! Glad I can say been there done that!

Great hike on a gorgeous day after leaves have almost entirely fallen. We went up on the new trail & down on the old one. Surprised that the snow increased from a dusting at the trailhead to as much as 3" midway up, but it was sunny & calm. Made for great photos at the snow-frosted summit overlooking the brown trees & blue lakes in the surrounding plains. The fire tower had 2" wind-blown frost crystals on the edges, but was not slippery. Does anyone have a reference for the old ski trails?

on Dundas Peak Trail

1 month ago

MAP is wrong. You need to drive to Tews fall parking. The map shows Webster falls parking. The trail is now private property. There is paid parking at Webster falls. Free parking at Tews falls.

TOO BUSY. Even on a weekday too crowded. The back side trail gets you to the same lookout point without the crowd. Nice fall views, but looking amongst various selfie takers.

old trail a 5 maybe new one a 3 light snow on top

Awesome trail, however, I recommend going counter-clockwise. We started the trail clockwise and reached the overlook fairly quickly. In my opinion, this was easily the biggest payoff and would have been best reserved for last. Also, once you pass the second bridge, the path can get somewhat confusing to follow as it intersects with a separate trail and isn't clearly defined. We ended up following this trail a bit until eventually running back into the white diamonds that mark the Minister Creek Trail. Overall still a great time!

2 months ago

One of the steepest hikes I’ve done in my lifetime! Very beautiful views from the top. Keep pushing yourself forward and you’ll be rewarded!

2 months ago

Spent the weekend and stayed 2 nights. Beautiful trail with plenty of camping areas. There were a lot of hikers this weekend taking advantage of the weather. I can see why it is easy to get confused at the north end with the North Country Trail. Going counter clockwise, just after the second bridge there is a very distinct trail in a visibly open area. That is the NCT! The Minister Creek trail is off to the right and not real easy to see. It looks more like a deer trail initially. Although it's a relatively small loop, staying 2 days was the best idea. We were relaxed and enjoyed 2 nights out in the tent.

2 months ago

Great trail, plenty of space to camp out throughout the trail and at the beginning. pretty flat up until the last part of the north trial to get to the overlook. Well maintained and a great hike overall.

One of the more isolated of the ADK firetowers, Lyon Mountain is a beautiful hike that offers expansive views of the ADK and into Canada. One of my very favorites.

It was our first hike of the season (did it in july during a heat wave) We climbed through the old trail (steeper and shorter) and did the RT in 4.5hrs with 45min at the summit. We have two kids (6 and 9) and two dogs. It is a very nice hike, The view is nice. Bring LOTS of water though.

Did the trail counter clockwise. I Loved the trail, throughout my wife and I kept saying this reminds me of....(insert cool place you’ve hiked). Older growth woods to Hemlock stands, through the blowdown areas to the creek that runs the through the north end. A couple creek crossings stepping on rocks and a couple bridges also. Are only mistake was with the poor trail markings. The North country trail cuts through the north end of loop ( make sure you don’t get on it by accident) Follow the white diamonds - they seem to disappear at times especially on the return leg. We got on the North country trail and added a couple accidental miles to hike, but we were hiking on a beautiful day, with plenty of time left in day-no biggie. Basically at the north end you caught it for just a short time. At the sign post that has been ripped off with the with the white diamond- look to your right. You have to look hard to see Minister trail. Someone wrote on actual trail marker pointing at it. (Kind of dog legs here. All kinds of camping at north end.

The new trail is very nice. I did the RT in 5 hours, with an hour of that on the top. This may be the only trail I've hiked where it took me the same amount of time to go down as to go up. Also, none of my activity trackers got this at 7.1 miles. My trackers varied from 8-8.4 miles, and I DID pause them when I got to the top. I wasn't able to find the USGS marker--anyone know where that is? I would probably rate this as moderate as it seems to compare well to the other fire tower hikes in this distance range, at least witht he new trail.


We took the new path up & down. Very gradual incline, no technical portions, the trail crew did an excellent job. We thought the old path would be barred, but it's there and accessible and we saw people use it. Took us 4hrs total, w/o the stay on top. Only 1 or 2 views going up - you really need to get to the top for the reward!

Pretty easy hike for the towers up this way but nice views at top especially on a blue bird day get out and enjoy this 1

3 months ago

5 Star as trail itself was very nice with a combo of moderate to easy. We followed the blue trail (Stermie Rd) counter clockwise to the red trail making a right turn to the Farm (farm referenced) on Cherry Road and returning to complete the loop at the parking area off Sternie Road. There is also a small purple loop on the west side to make the trip close to 6 miles. Had a nice hike with the dogs.

Warning: the access is very deceiving from the map and may have changed since others commented. First, the farm entrance on Cherry was blocked with a gate and electric fence. While a person could jump it, having two dogs was not our choice. We drove around the park looking for parking. All parking areas are "permit only, cars will be ticket or towed" (see town of Bloomfield for info). So you have 2 options, get a permit or risk the ticket...

Hiked this trail while visiting NY from Baltimore with my husband and 9 y/o son. We all loved the terrain - very different from what we are used to hiking. We hiked up the creek until we got to the bridge and hiked back down on the steep dirt trail. We absolutely loved climbing the waterfalls. I definitely recommend this one! Wear waterproof shoes with a good grip and take bug spray!

lovely... everytime

My Route: Took the right trail up to the top of the gorge, looped around and back down. so the gully was on our left at all times. THEN walked the water into the gully, up the rope and back down.

My Review: 9/10. Map at the parking lot is confusing and trails are not marked other than blue. It's also difficult to start as it's straight up immediately. However, the water/creek trail is beautiful and there are many photo ops. Also, minimal garbage along trails!

My Advice: Your feet & butt will get wet, plan accordingly. If you have difficulty climbing over logs, rocks, etc. this isn't for you. Don't forget to stop and look up from time to time. The feeling of being g wrapped up in a gully is awe-inspiring.

3 months ago

Le GPS m’a donné 10.2 km en faisant le sentier « long » aller-retour. Il existe une option « courte » plus escarpée. Belle randonnée malgré le peu de point de vue durant le trajet. Sentier bien indiqué. Le sommet est dégagé et on y trouve plusieurs surfaces aplanies permettant de dormir à la belle étoile, si la température le permet.

3 months ago

Great trail, well established and easy to follow. wide variety of vegetation.
Seemed at times it was all uphill but the views were well worth the work.

It will tax you legs and lungs. I'm planning on another hike soon.
Good camping areas on the north loop.
combines with the north country trail for a short time.

3 months ago

Enjoyed the hike following the red trail. It was just enough ruggedness to make the hike moderate in difficulty with slight elevation changes, narrow trails at times, muddy areas and uneven terrain. The intermittent views of the pond with flowering grass and a Mallard duck family were peaceful and worthwhile. My only recommendation and reason for holding back that 5th star in rating is be very aware of poison ivy. The trails were thick with it and at times we were literally inching around it when the trail was at its narrowest widths. If you are unfamiliar with what it looks like at all its growth stages then I'd recommend you educate yourself beforehand, it may save you from weeks of unpleasantness later.

4 months ago

Nice area to hike around! The middle and south loops are fantastic, but the north loop has areas that are extremely overgrown with numerous downed trees and erosion. Great campsites on the north loop.

4 months ago

great introductory hike for teaching our kids backpacking. There ages were 14, 11, 7, and 3. There are campsites at about the ¾ mi mark, and about the halfway point ( 3-3½ mi). Has plenty to keep it interesting for kids (Creeks, water, views, unique rock features) but not too long. Does have some cliffs/ledges to be aware of. Love this place!

It was ok. Pretty flat, not well maintained. Wouldn’t hike it again.

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