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We had no information on this trail prior to hiking. We happened upon it when Skyline drive was closed due to ice and snow. From Rt. 211 we started on the Buck Hollow trail. There are two streams which we had to hike over but there were large rocks to step into.
When we got in the fork of Buck Hollow and Buck Ridge we decided to go left and take Buck Ridge. Wow, the beginning was tough and challenging. Lots of steps. I don’t know how far we hiked. The trail was snow covered. We unfortunately weren’t able to make it all the way to Skyline Drive. At about the 2 hour mark, we turned around on Buck Ridge and returned to RT. 211. It only took an hour to get back down. We definitely could have used poles on the way back down. We saw deer tracks and another animal, which I assumed was a dog. Thankfully I didn’t see any bears!

Challenging, but enjoyable!

Wife and I hiked this route. It snowed the day before, so the melting snow made hiking a little treacherous, but not unmanageable. My only gripe was the trail was not marked showing the direction of split rock outlook. Once you know the colors of the trail markers, it's easy going. The trampled snow helped too. I'd do it again, just not when it was this late in the year.

A little bit of scrambling. Be kind to your knees. Don’t bring the little dogs. Good place for some bouldering. Nice view.

Best trail EVER.

Took us about 6 hours to complete this trip, including a 30min lunch break. During our trip, ice & snow were abundant which made navigating the trail challenging & quite dangerous. The views at the top are amazing & luckily we didn’t run into any bears!

First time hiking Old Rag on Veteran’s Day (Sunday 11/11). Arrived around 8am. Parking lot was pretty empty. My friend and I took the first few miles at a quick pace, passing families and the more leisurely hikers. Rock scrambles were challenging, required arm strength and strategic foot placement. At one point, a line formed at one of the trickier scrambles. Last 3 or so miles of the loop is a flat service road, slightly boring... until you get close enough to the stream near the end. Total time for 4.5 hours for us, even with some waiting in line. Would love to do again!

A great alternative to other nearby hikes off of Skyline drive. (Which was closed today!) We turned back at the more intense river crossing about a mile in, not wanting to get wet in the late fall, and had to navigate some pretty muddy parts, but still had a beautiful and well-marked little hike.

1 day ago

I don’t think this is hard at all. We went there after the first snow of 2018. It was very pretty at the cliff overlook.

A great hike with a rock scramble (from a crawl to a climb). It has switchbacks up the mountain until the rock scramble, then a nice descent with some hop in it until you get to a flat(er) road that leads back to the parking lot.

Beautiful overlooks throughout, challenging rock scrambles and a well maintained fire road on the way back

So I’m not opposed to fire road trails and this one is about half and half pretty rocky with lots of stream crossings. Be aware the All Trails map calls the entrance fire road Jinny Gray Road, but the trail markers and signs call it Kayseri Run Fire Road.

What an amazing trail

Backpacked this section last weekend. It was very rocky, muddy and there were lots of leaves on the ground which can hide some hazards and make your footing less stable. We had to detour at a water crossing which added almost a mile to our hike. This section has a couple significant inclines and declines also.

A little rocky, but overall a great hike for people and pups alike!

Amazing hike! The ascent isn't too bad until you get to the boulder scramble and then it gets a little challenging; definitely requires a little strength, agility and balance. Hiking footwear recommended. There were places where simple running shoes would have been less than desirable. All in all, once you get to the top, it couldn't be more worth it. One of the most rewarding experiences of my life to date.

This is my second time hiking this trail and its one of my favorites. I love the challenge. This is a difficult trail that involves climbing over, through, and down boulders. It’s not for the weak at heart, children, or dogs.

8 days ago

Can be very windy. We did it in the fall so some parts of the trail that were covered in leaves were hard to see. Slipped a few times. Otherwise it was a good hike. The stone fort was not what I expected, in a good way. Make sure you bring water and be ready for an uphill hike.

amazon hike! arrived 9am on a saturday and had to park in the neighboring lot for $10. GO EARLY. not only will you get to park in the normal lot but there will be wayyyy less people to wait behind when you get to the top rock scramble. we made it to the top in 1 hr 20 minutes but took almost 1-1.5 hrs to go through the rock scramble portion cause there were so many people, many of who do not hike often. however, even with the line it was so worth it and so fun. tests your strength to go through the scramble. walking down was easy.

Note: The reviewers that say this hike is easy are probably pretty strong hikers. This hike is not easy if you are not one. That said, it's easy for me.

BUT two good comparison hikes are on Maryland heights. If you struggle to do the lower Maryland heights trail, don't attempt this. The same goes for the upper Maryland heights trail. However if you have a little or no trouble with upper Maryland heights then you can probably do this one but it will be a challenge.

It was brutally cold today for this time of year with a very strong wind.
Lots of people on the trail today that probably shouldn't be. They were either inadequately dressed or struggling to go up the mountain.

Please make sure you know your limits.

Nice trail, but intersections of different trails are poorly marked (or not marked at all) and it's easy to miss turns. Simply following colored blazes can lead you astray because the colors are not distinctive. It's easy to confuse "pink" blazes with weathered "purple" blazes. A simple sign or marker at trail junctions would be a great improvement.

12 days ago

Went here on 11/3/18 and loved the trail. Most of the trail is uphill, however I don't think the rating of "hard" is accurate. I would say this trail is moderate, as most of it is doable for most. There were a ton of people there already by the time we arrived (10am), so the earlier you get there the better.

The view from the overlook is amazing and well worth the climb. The town of Harper's Ferry is fun walking through as well.

best hike ever

Careful with where you start at Jenkins Gap - there are 3 different starting routes, and if you pick the wrong one (the one in the middle), you’ll end up in a town.

If you stick to the course though, it’s a pretty easy hike. Took my dog on the 16+ mile journey, and she ended up with 10 ticks on her in November, so keep that in mind.

Also, walked within 10ft of a black bear. There are signs posted throughout the hike warning you about bears, so be ready.

** watch out for parking **

Great hike, but.....there is no legal parking. I was up there this weekend and a deputy was writing tickets for every car parked on the side of the road. Luckily he pulled up as I was parking and gave me the heads up. He didn’t seem to want to be there, but it was more as a result of residents complaining.

Parking under the power lines is illegal as well, but it’s private property and they won’t write tickets( but owner could tow).

Anywho, I’ve parked there several times in the past with no issue, so beware.

This was an amazing hike. Of course the highlight of the hike is the rock scramble and spectacular views! Started our Hike Saturday morning about 9:30am. The lot was full and we had to park in a private lot for $10. We did not get back to the truck until 6pm. The crowd and backups in the rock scramble slowed us down. Would love to do this hike on a weekday with no crowd. I am a short guy so that made it more difficult LOL. I have also done “Humpback Rock” and “MaCafee Knob”. This was definitely the most challenging.

Of all the hiking we do, this trail was WAY too crowded with oblivious people not paying attention or being considerate to those actually trying to take in the surrounding nature. Everyone goes for the iconic overlook photo (which of course, I did too), but there were way too many people to actually enjoy the view. This trail is rated as “hard” but I’ve done harder sections of the AT that are rated as “moderate” on this app. I feel the difficulty rating on this trail is a little off.

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