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1 day ago

This was a quick down and back hike .8 miles each way. My dad and I took a long lunch break on a Friday for this route. going in the middle of the day made for easier parking and it wound up a perfect break from the work day!

Beautiful and varied views! Very exposed for maybe a third of the way so bring sun protection

Loved the scenic trail. Listen to everyone’s advice and go counter clockwise. You’ll see a lot of beauty sceneries and feel like you’ve just stepped into the tropical wilderness. It’s about 4 miles to get to the top and you come to a rest stop for bathrooms, water fountains, guest information center, and vending machines. We were glad we brought enough water because we were almost out of water by the time we got to the rest stop.The climb was tough, but possible and be prepared to climb a ladder or climb down one if you are going clockwise. Once you finish the 6-7 mile trail you can enjoy lunch at the local restaurant near the beach. Go early in the morning because the sun will shine down at ya around 12 and it’ll get pretty warm.

Trail starts off feeling all desert like and quickly changes to forest. Many small streams you'll have to cross. 2nd half of trail is currently closed to hazardous conditions, but still saw some people hiking it.

Actually a really cool hike. Started the hike with the Matt Davis trail and finished with the dipsea trail. Steep ravine was probably the best part of the hike you feel like you are in a different world. Over all very diverse scenery throughout the hike.

Beautiful hike! The steep section to get up to the ridge was a little difficult but so worth it! The views are amazing! Nice bench to sit on at the top and see the view!

13 days ago

Not too crowded for mid-day Sunday. Great hike if you want something quick with great views and a good mix of up hill/down hill. Seems like it’d be great for trail running too.

At first you go uphill for about 1/2 a mile and then you start heading downhill. You end up at a beach which is BEAUTIFUL! Coming back the road is steep, but not difficult.

14 days ago

Love this hike, and I’m biased because it’s where my husband proposed. ❤️

One of the most colorful hikes I’ve ever been on. Went around 1030 and finished around 2pm. The clouds hanging over the first part of the hike made the place feel pretty magical. I enjoyed the different sceneries offered with each part of the hike and even saw an owl. Love it!


Most part of the trail has shadows, therefore is suitable for summer. View is great!

Get there early! I went on a holiday weekend and didn’t arrive until 1 pm, parking was full. Ended up being able to pay for a spot at a camping site thanks to the good graces of some campers but otherwise would’ve missed out on the park. This hike is nice trip through the redwoods with a rewarding desert like summit. Nice workout at a quick pace but not super challenging. Took me 2 hours.

amazing hike with good views

Beautiful hike! A little of everything, redwoods, I’ve caught some great wild flowers, gorgeous views and a great workout!!

on Berry Creek Falls Loop

21 days ago

Bring water and look out for banana slugs! Great hike.

Going clockwise means steep climbs in the first mile. Everything else is smooth sailing.

Beautiful and diverse scenery, with elevation changes to keep things interesting. You get to walk through amazingly dense redwood forests, climb a wooden ladder, and (if going clockwise) the views open up as far as San Francisco on a clear day.

One of the best hikes i have been in a long time. Beautiful pacific ocean views, very well maintained and very amazing surprises(in a good way) during the hike with such a dense forest like atmosphere with fog and light drizzle, felt like as if i was in a rainforest. I would do this hike again and again. A day well spent with hike and relax at the beach. You can park your car at the Stinson beach park where the start/end points meet. We spotted whales while on the beach which was another best part of the trip. Beautiful weather, though it was cloudy yet was warm enough at the beach.
One suggestion: Please download the Alltrails mobile app and follow through the trail loop on the map, so that you don’t get lost from your path. It will help you a big time. To do this you don’t have to purchase the pro version or download maps. Even though you don’t have network it will still spot you on the map with a blue bubble(same like how google maps does). I have seen some people getting lost so wanted to share so that it will benefits others. Hope this helps.

Started early and by the time we reached it was around 7:15 am and cold. Very few cars were parked due to the cold I guess. Found initially little confusing where the trail started and took us some time to get on the trail. As per the review I read by lots of hikers we wanted to do the anti clock wise hike but came across a detour sign asking us the go on the clock wise direction. We ended up doing that and did not encounter any one until we reached the falls and decided to try the other side to get back to the parking when saw few people coming from the counter clockwise side of the trail. There was no issue with the trail not sure why they had put a detour sign. Took 5 1/2 hrs for us to finish the trail.

Great trail but the opening paragraph of the hike description is very misleading. It starts out by saying you can hike to the muir visitor center and then back to Stinson. This actually contradicts the map. If you followed what was written you would hike the trail to muir visitor center which is off the intended hiking trail and actually sent me up the dipsea trail vs steep ravine. No big deal as I got back on track but you need to rewrite the opening paragraph.

1 month ago

I love this easy hike ! The birding is really good I saw a blue heron here last week.
You can access several trailheads from here as well.

1 month ago

The trail as mapped is mostly on a road that a lot of horse riders also ride on. Though the area in general seems to have a lot of different trails to connect to and branch off of the road. We were there in August and passed about 8 horse riders on the trail throughout the day - aka we had to sidestep a good amount of manure.

The beach and higher views towards the end are more beautiful than the beginning. Overall it served as a good training trail.

So gorgeous! Tough hike but a good one!

Great hike, lots to see and really interesting topography. Way too much horse poop on the trail, though. About every couple hundred yards we had to dodge a fresh pile. I'll probably avoid horse-friendly trails in the future. I agree with another review that suggests taking the route counter-clockwise to avoid doing the long final climb without shade.

Awesome trail with variety of scenery.

I took the advice here and went early, parking lot at 8 and also took the trail counter clockwise
I only saw three peoples going down and lots of birds! At the falls it began to seem like a freeway but still very beautiful and cool on a hot day.
Took me a little over 4 1/2 hours - I’m older and moderately fit.
Would totally recommend this hike.
Also bring $10 cash if you get there before the park opens to pay for parking - I didn’t have change so then for $20 from me.

Gorgeous hike that offers a huge variety of scenery. We hiked this in reverse (a less popular choice) and it was amazing! Starting at the Matt Davis trailhead near the fire station, you hike mostly uphill to the Pantoll visitor center. The visitor center roughly marks the halfway point, and offers restrooms and a drinking fountain to refill your water bottle. Then you proceed to the steep ravine and dipsea trails, with great views of the ocean and a pleasant ocean breeze on the way back. Absolutely breathtaking!

hands down one of the most beautiful hikes I've been on, the prettiest part being Steep Ravine. when your walking through Redwoods with the babbling creek next to you it looks like the Forest of Endor. I'd suggest going In March-May, everything is greener then, but I went a couple weeks ago and it was still great. at a moderate pace finished in about 3 hours.

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