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Beautiful trail. Steep sections but totally do able. Views are amazing.

on Lone Lake Trail

19 hours ago

Great trail! My friend & I day hiked in with our dogs. The colors are so beautiful right now. the hike starts off with a decent incline and levels off to a big open valley before a final smaller incline up to the lake. There's an option to hike to the upper lake as well. There is also a waterfall about 1.5 miles in if you go off the beaten path. Nice Idaho gem.

This is a treasure place close to city where provides numerous benefits in order to escape from the busy noise city. You can find a hidden magic place if you want to explore with curiosity. It’s likely good for any season and you can do a good exercise in the fresh air instead of getting gym membership. Save money but boosting our spirit and body! Enjoyable several natural things throughout the pathway.

Very nice hike with beautiful views of the
Lake!! Trail was pretty well maintained dirt trail and grade was definitely manageable.

on Tubbs Hill

1 day ago

Fun hike. Places for Tucker (our dog) to play in the water.

1 day ago

Good hike. The kids, dog and I had fun.

2 days ago

Fabulous day of hiking. lots of terrain variations. easy enough.

Great hike for a park in town!

Slightly aggressive if you go off the main to save some time. Lower lake is clear and cold with nice views.

Beautiful hike! Very well maintained trail. Very peaceful. Cedar Grove was a nice rest point. I always try to select trails with water near by for my dog to cool off. This is perfect with a stream running along the trail. I will definitely be going back in the next week or two. No parking fee right now as it is the off season for the lake goers. Best I've hiked in awhile.

3 days ago

Fun hike, and easy! I just did it and am only 6 weeks post partum!

Great short hike, disappointing waterfall but still nice to see

Amazing Overlooks! Would recommend going on a clear blue sky day.

5 days ago

lots of fun. Beautiful view.

Awesome hike. Must do.
Keep dogs on leash and pick up your dog Sh**

7 days ago

Good hike. Great views. I agree with the previous reviews - it is not worth it to hike around the lake. I reached the lake quicker than I anticipated... It’s a little less than 2 miles to get up to the lake.

7 days ago

Did this trail as an overnight. Saw a few other hikers and Hunters. Everyone was very polite and had great trail etiquette.
The hike itself is a constant incline so if anyone you are going with isn't in decent shape it will be strenuous and potentially slow going. The views are totally worth it a highly recommend. There is a bear box provided which was very appreciated. At the lake there are limited options for pitching a tent so get there first if it's a popular weekend.

9 days ago

Three of us and a dog hiked to the lake in the late afternoon and had a great hike with lots of shade. Arriving at the lake we found only one fairly level spot to put a small tent. We dropped packs and boiled some lake water. I set off with the dog to scout around the lake for a more level spot to pitch a tent. On the opposite side I did find a level spot just big enough to put two small 2 person tents side by side. We did not see anyone on the trail on the way and had the lake to ourselves all night. The wind was really crazy all night long. Did not have any trouble with bugs near the lake at all. Was awakened by my dog growling at something outside the tent. I made some noise and calmed the dog down and went back to sleep......no further problems. Don't know what it was, but it left. Hiked out in the 8 am time and encountered 2 separate hikers on the trail out. Hiking boots that FIT CORRECTLY are a MUST on this trail or the toes will take a beating on the decent out. This was another great hike to an alpine lake I highly recommend. We went on Labor Day weekend and still had the lake to ourselves all night!

Beautiful hike. Very well maintained trail. Had a little FuzzNgrub at the lakeshore. Definitely going back!

on Revett Lake

10 days ago

Amazing trail really beautiful lake great todo if you have kids

I thought this was a great little hike! We went on labor day. My husband and I brought our almost three year old- who insisted on hiking a good portion of the trail, and our 16 month old. It was a good distance, we were tired by the time we got to the lake but it really wasn't bad at all especially considering I was wearing a chunky baby! There were a few areas with water over the trail but not bad at all- we didn't get wet or muddy.

We drove all the way to the trailhead but the road was definitely rough. Follow the directions, go past the chairlift on the backside of lookout, up a really rocky area, you'll see a sign for st. Regis lakes, cross over a little stream and its a short drive to the trailhead.

Overall, it was a lovely little hike. Wish we could have made it to the upper lake but we got a bit of a late start. There were a few little camping spots but like others have said, there's not a ton of room around the lake.

11 days ago

Hiked this trail with a friend on August 29th. The main trail to the lake was fantastic; beautiful and green. There was a little bit of water flow on the waterfall. We attempted to hike around the lake (starting out on the left hand side, couldn't find the path on the right side), but there is not much of a trail. We were climbing over trees and trying to stay away from the steep hillside. When we got halfway around the lake we asked a couple fishing if there was a better trail and they said that it would be best to turn around and go back the way we came. Pretty sure there was a cougar in one of the bushes on our way back, didn't see one but heard a low guttural growling. Not sure how long it had been tracking us, but sounded an air horn and it must of scared it off. Didn't have any problems. Aside from the trail not being great around the lake, the experience was great and the lake was very beautiful. Would go again.

13 days ago


Left the Iller Creek trailhead at 6:00pm, perfect time to arrive at the top for the sunset vista, which was brilliant with the hazy smoke and lined with jet lines. When we arrived at the granite outcroppings lit purple like an Instagram purple from the alpine glow.

2 guys were rappelling down, a few other solo walkers journeyed by and said hi.

We hardly needed our headlamps on the way down (at first) because of the skyline of Spokane Valley, (mainly Sprague). The cicadas were in chorus on either side of the trail. We arrived at our car around 8:00 in total darkness and there were still 4 more vehicles in the parking lot.

I have done this trail many times, both hiking and mountain biking. It is beautiful.

13 days ago

Read the reviews & hit the trail on Friday 8/31/18 with my small terrier. Great visas, clean trails & nice people. Had a wonderful time & plan to return next month.

on Tubbs Hill

13 days ago

Great trail, very scenic! Enjoyed the trail and enjoyed that it was not busy! Will return!

Hiked on 8/4/2018

This is a great place for beginners to hike rain or shine. It was a bit of a challenge for my two gamer children 11/16 yo. The falls are beautiful year round and are best viewed in the spring or after a good rain fall.

Arrive early this is a popular location. The lot was full by the time I made it back to the trailhead.

A discover pass will take care of your parking fee or pay by cc at the trailhead.

Beautiful hike on a dirt trail surrounded by forest. Mostly up hill, but so worth it. Benches along the way for breathe catching and pictures. A nice covered picnic area at the top overlooking the water and mountains covered in trees. Went on a holiday weekend and the people traffic wasn't bad. Lots of happy pups out there on leashes too Parking can be a little tough. It's a small lot. Over all great! Do it!

trail running
14 days ago

I love this run! it’s a loop so, you can come from the front or the back. if you run, you should be done within 30min or so. You will be ok with regular running shoes. i wouldn’t recommend to go there right after a rain or next day. It can be very muddy or you can slip on rocks.

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